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Floods in Kostanjevica / Slovenia

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With huge delay I’m publishing pictures from floods that were happening last weekend in Kostanjevica, Slovenia. Also our Toyota 4×4 stuck in the water. This Toyota is actually a heavy duty proper terrain machine. It’s engine is waterproof, air is sucked from the pipe on the roof level and the engine was keep on going even if water was at window level. We had to stop because exhaustion gases were starting to get into the cabin. We were dragging a canoe behind us, so we rescued ourselves. Toyota is owned by Mladina weekly. They loved the pictures I brought back, so no harm done!


PS: Mladina has an old Fiat Punto and although I just persuaded them to buy me a Toyota 4×4, this pictures did ruin photographer’s “wet dream”. Marjan Jerele is the owner of the Toyota and is also a pilot of a hot air baloon. Actually he owns them few. If you need a great gift for your loved ones, call him. Half of my relatives already flew with him and all of them loved it totally.

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  1. It is strange how images with clear sky and sunlight looks less tragic and more like vacation adventure. Even the people on it are smiling (ok… some of them).
    It reminds me to video footage from recent Indonesia tsunami where beaches were wiped out in a second but upper part of the picture stayed the same – a nice clear and calm blue sky. Unreal.
    To be honest I don’t know how to interact with those images. Even I’m aware of tragedy, I heard about a girl who lost her life in flood water, people are left without their belongings and maybe some without their houses… but still… it seems unreal with all this sun and blue sky.

    Igor Motl

    28 September, 2010 at 01:07

  2. Well, not only Bosnians have a great sense for black humor. That shot with them having a toast in a water can be a controversial for somene, but this is Kostanjevica, also called Slovenian Venice, where people are used to all sorts of river problems.
    But I agree, blue sky is to be blamed that my pictures are “ruined” 🙂

    Borut Peterlin

    28 September, 2010 at 07:36

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