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Crazy December has expired!

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Oh man, I’m so happy that this year is finished. Actually it was an amazing year, just I hate this “Merry” December. So much stress, it can’t be true, but I’ve done few things that I’m really proud of and since I didn’t had time to blog, here is an overview for last two months. Where should I start? This year I didn’t had no holidays. We moved to our new house and three weeks of summer holidays were invested in moving our stuff. When I went back to job it felt like a holiday. I sort out my working suite with dedicated storage room. A great luxury. It’s magnificent! I call it a chapel of Art.

My first great resolution for 2011 is that I quit my job as a photo-editor of Mladina weekly. The main reason is the road NM – LJ – NM. I calculated that I’m spending 70 hours a month on a road. The second reason is that I was doing the work for four years and in this work I don’t see any progress and no challenges for the future. Mladina doesn’t publish reportages anymore. I want to make reportages and documentary projects again. Of course I’ll still work as a photographer for Mladina.

Written by Borut Peterlin

25 December, 2010 at 11:40

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