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Antonin Kratochvil, ty vole…

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antonin kratochvil by borut peterlin 20110304_7242

Yesterday there was a talk by Antonin Kratochvil and Markus Bleasdale (agency VII), in Ljubljana organized by SPP. It was a really cool night and I give both a catalog of my Flower Power project. Antonin was a bit ill, but his witty humor was sparking throughout the night. I talk with Antonin in Czech and told him that word “ty vole” is much cooler then fuck. Antonin, ty vole, asked me to sign a catalog for him 🙂 It was a short night sleep, but I woke up inspired.

PS: I’ll try to publish Anotnin’s portrait in Striptiz creative portraits rubric in Mladina weekly, although it’ll take some effort, because I’m not photoeditor anymore.

antonin_kratochvil_BorutPeterlin_foto_MMajcen markus bleasdale by borut peterlin20110304_7259


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  1. Ok, I will leave another comment because no one seems to do this anymore here. So Antonin came by to Slovenia and you got him with another ,ty vole, well done old friend. I had my TY VOLE exchange with him in NYC when I was attending a workshop at the ICP. Mind you I was also kicked out of that workshop because I was not enrolled at the school and was ratted out by an envious student. Antonin is a big deal in the world of reportage isn’t he? Well check this out: we exhibit at the same place. Igors (Leopard and non-leopard) make yourselves known! I haven’t see an insult from both of you in a long time. Iztok?? Where are you? have you gained weight? Isn’t it almost tax season somewhere? Please critize Slovenia again it’s been too long. I’m off to Bucharest (economy class motherfuckers!!!) tomorrow and will be working on my new project…and yes it will take a long time to do it.


    6 March, 2011 at 17:58

  2. In ICP? I guess he would agree that ICP do prdele. Actually I also got some tensions sparking when I said to Antonin why did he do Haiti in RGB if pictures aren’t using color. He asked me to stand up, so they could track me during the pause and I got up in guard and said I do Muay Thai. He laughed and said I like this guy. ha, ha… Young lens against the king 🙂

    Great that you’ll do the Bucharest project! I remember when we were still playing with girls (plural) at FAMU and you said you’re contemplating to create new picture, but you didn’t had an inspiration and I told you should just wait, it’ll happen. And you see… It will eventually. At least clients and Famu professors would have that kind of patience as you have! I think you are destined to be the king of Monte Negro.

    Borut Peterlin

    6 March, 2011 at 23:33

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