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Guess who won prize for best photography at SOF advertising festival?

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It wasn’t me, but it was Tomaž Planinšek, a 15 year old boy with autism. During a summer I had a photography workshop with him and on the end of the workshop under supervision of creative director Tomaž Apohal, we created an image for the poster attached. The poster won a prize for best usage of photography at SOF, Slovenian Advertising Festival. Poster is promoting a concert of Derek Paravicini and raising awareness of autism. I’m so happy for Tomaž and congratulations once more!!!

Ne, nisem jaz dobil nagrade omenjene v naslovu, ampak jo je Tomaž Planinšek, 15 letni fant z avtizmom. Med poletjem sva imela fotografski tečaj in na koncu najinega usposabljanja smo skupaj s kreativnim vodjo Tomažem Apohalom naredili poster, ki je potem na SOF-u dobil priznanje za najboljšo uporabo fotografije. Poster je promoviral koncert Dereka Paravicinija in dvigoval zavedanje o problemu avtizma. Zelo, zelo vesel za Tomaža in Rok in Rol še naprej,


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  1. Love the sweater (my girlfriend won’t let me wear that kind of sweaters anymore)the pants and the shoes…as for the award I’m happy for Tomaž Planinšek to have been in such proximity to the great Borut 5terlin.


    4 April, 2011 at 10:07

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