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Three creative portraits in a day and 350km in between

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majda koren, a writer 20110801_7716

Črnfest - organizers 20110801_7688trnfest - organizers as a band 20110801_7768

After Fotopub festival I wanted to go on holiday, but before I went, I needed to submit three portraits for my Striptiz rubric in Mladina weekly. From editorial I got two assignments one in Črnomelj and second in Ljubljana. That’s south and central of Slovenia and if you calculate a route NM-Črnomelj-Ljubljana-NM, you’ll get something more then 300km. On a road is also Semič where Majda Koren (a writer) lives. I arranged all the appointments of the shoot for the next day and off I jumped. No parachute in a form of a concept how will I do this portraits.

When I got to Črnomelj, I noticed an official vehicle of Črnfest and it was clear this will be a motif I’ll build the picture on. I walked around downtown of Črnomelj and chose the location and then I arranged people individually to set a pose. (I’m awfully good at that, I enjoy group portraits, it’s fun).

On the way back I stopped in Semič at writer, Majda Koren. She showed me around and I loved her unfinished terrace. At this stage it was only a plateau on which she will build a fence, table, chairs,… But that was so much better. Just a plateau and a sky. I took a portrait and there was something missing. Not much, but just a figure standing wasn’t enough. You know, how does it taste a dish without a salt? Well, that’s exactly how it looked like. I needed another element, but a settle one. A trivial, but still lovely. I found an aluminum ladder in a next room and the rest is history. Or actually it’s more then that. I was influenced by a ladder that is standing in Fabrica, where I used to work and a film of JC that was about a man climbing up the ladder into the sun (It looks much better then it sounds, but that goes for all his projects).

In Ljubljana I needed to photograph another production team of Trnfest. I called Simon I might come a bit late and guy said hurry, at half past a concert starts. Uau, we had only 15 minutes scheduled, fun, fun, fun… I guess I’ll not be late, then 🙂 Meanwhile Franci Grajš, a friend from Muay Thai Scorpion gym asked me to do an official portrait of him before he’ll go to Enfusion a reality show of Muay Thai and Kick box fighters. Side info, Franci is doing great, he won his last fight with KO. That was a message from our sponsors and now back to our portraiture. On a road I was thinking where and how will I do the portrait and I come to a conclusion that I’ll photograph them as a band. Sounds practical isn’t. But it was not. Band that was about to make their performance, ban us to touch any instruments, so I thought for a moment and I set every person as they are playing air guitars. We all had a good laugh and on the end it took us exactly 15 min.

I know this aren’t my best portraits, but I’m really pleased with them, especially in the circumstances I’ve created them. When I get in this kind of unflattering conditions for my work, I imagine a challenge for myself and I know I’ll do it, it’s not the question if I will, I know I will, but then if I’ll do it, then I’ll try to do it the best I can. Then I’m becoming intrigued in the question how good will it be? Will it be just another average portrait for the newspaper, or do I have a rendezvous with a good portrait?!?

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PS: August 27th I have an opening of an exhibition at Kaunas Photo, Lithuania, so please drop by.


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