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Meet my new dog, Majk (Mike)

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Majk (Mike) with meMajk (Mike) burning midnight oil.

Long time no blogging and as you know, if I don’t blog, I’m working my ass off. A lot of stuff happened and I hope I can slowly describe everything. The biggest change that happened was that I got a dog Majk (Mike). He is two years old German Shepherd and it’s quite an interesting how I got it. I grew up with German Shepherds in a quite literal way 🙂 I was 6 years old when I got my first REX, then Rex no:2 lived for 13 years and then Rex no:3. Rex3 was really an exceptional dog. He wasn’t a pure breed, but he was so, smart, so, so smart… When I was 22 years old, he was about five, an accident happened and he drowned in a river. I was on a dam, he was under the dam in the water. River was too strong. Very traumatic experience and after him I didn’t want another German Shepherd, since I knew no dog can top Rex no:3, so I decided to buy a totally different kind of breed, a Siberian Husky. I named him Sker which is Reks written backwards. Nevertheless I called him Skar (Scar). When he got euthanized because of age decease (link to the post) I didn’t want another dog.

We build a new house, we moved in, but I still I didn’t want a dog. I knew I’ll strongly attach to a dog and my life is too busy already. But then my parents gave our old house for rent and new residents brought a dog. I remember very clearly, repeating a question to my mother, they brought a dog? Yes, he is in the old cage, go and take a look. I didn’t ask what breed he is, but certainly I didn’t thought on a German Shepherd. When I saw Majk in Rex’s old cage I couldn’t believe my eyes! Rex is back! Rex is back! Love on first sight, I took him for a walk immediately. After that day when I had some spare time I went to my parent’s place and took Majk for a walk.

Last week a burglar broke in our house between in the afternoon but obviously he was disturbed by our returning home and he flew without stealing anything. That night I decided we need the best anti-burglar system and that is a German Shepherd. I borrowed Majk and offered their owners a decent price to sell it. After few days they sold Majk to me. He is two years old, very smart and with a character that I need. He loves children and children loves him although he can be a bit rough while playing. And not to mention his notorious quality to defend his territory, so we have a warm welcome for our burglar if he/she comes back.


Written by Borut Peterlin

17 November, 2011 at 11:04

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  1. Big welcome to Majk/Mike! A wonderful addition to the family and a mighty looking creature. Allowed on the sofa I see! xxx

    Fiona E. Campbell

    17 November, 2011 at 11:28

  2. Majk, live long and prosper. 🙂

    Igor Petrović

    17 November, 2011 at 11:28

  3. Prelep pes, sem tudi sam oboževalec nemških ovčarjev. Malo čudno mi je bilo, da se ga je tista družina odločila prodat, jaz vem da 2 leti starega nebi dal iz rok za noben denar. Kakorkoli, vsak po svoje, uživaj z novim ljubljencem!


    22 November, 2011 at 20:24

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