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Daniel Miller, the founder of Mute Records

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Daniel Miller - MUTE Records
Few weeks ago a festival Slovenian week of music was happening and they hosted Daniel Miller in Ljubljana. He is the legendary founder and the big boss of legendary Mute records. He was (still is) collaborating with names in popular music like Nick Cave, Depeche Mode, Erasure, Laibach, Moby and many many others. Mladina weekly hired me to make his portrait to illustrate an interview with him. Creative editor called me and said, that in Mute Records they specifically asked Mladina that I should be making the portrait of Mr. Miller. Apparently that was a condition for the interview. I don’t know from whom exactly this email came from, but I’m quite in doubt that someone from Mute records in London expressed that wish. But what if so… Perhaps it’s time to finish my career as a photographer and become a rock star! Well, for that I have too healthy life style and on the end of the day all I really want is to be a hockey player.

Anyhow, for the shoot I brought with me a guitar that I found in a neighbor’s trash can. My concept was that Mr. Miller would demolished it, you know like a rock star. I’ve made few exposure tests and then we waited our turn for the interview. When our turn came, we had only 10 minutes for an interview and that was not enough not even enough for the photo shoot. I expected this might happen so I had a back up plan. I saw a potential angle that could work and that I could make an interesting picture in one minute that I had. I took this two frames and off we went. Journalist Goran Kompoš made an excellent interview the following day. Everybody was very pleased with the image and know I’m waiting that Nick Cave would call me for a portrait 🙂
PS: I have a concept for a portrait of Laibach
music group. It will materialize eventually…


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  1. Awesome captures and congratulations on a great shoot!

    BoJo Photo

    14 April, 2012 at 02:11

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