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I’m alive and kicking!

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My dear readers,
I wasn’t blogging last month since an avalanche of obligations was collapsing on me from all sides. So chronological order:
19. April 2013, Group exhibition Materialnost in Kibla Portal, Maribor, Slovenia. I was presented there with one huge print that works really good! Exhibition is open until 15th of September 2013.

Group exhibition Materialnost in Kibla Portal, Maribor, Slovenia

My piece on group exhibition Materialnost in Kibla Portal, Maribor, Slovenia

Then Mladina magazine issued a special issue and I had to make 24 portraits of renown Slovenian opinion leaders. I was tempted to do it in wet plate collodion technique or at least on film, but under the time constraints I decided to go for digital and furthermore to find a visual concept that would be feasible in any location and would produce the same kind of portraits. I wanted to make studio portraits although I knew I will not have a studio. But since I graduated at FAMU, Prague’s Academy of Fine Arts and that also means I’ve earned a PhD in improvisation, so I resorted to improvisation. I’ve made a set up that I could apply anywhere and I could transport it on a bicycle. I wanted to get uniform kind of portraits either it would be taken in offices or outdoor location. I’m attaching the most wild behind the scene location 🙂 The issue looks fantastic and I received compliments by editors, because they are aware how much I needed to bend my back backwards to pull this out. Technically I was using Nikon D3, Nikkor 105mm macro lens, one Nikon Speedlight 900, a firefly softbox and two reflectors.

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Behind the scene on location shooting.

Behind the scene on location shooting.

Chronologically looking then I had solo exhibition opening in Krka Gallery. I’ve blog about that already. LINK. By the way, today is the last day that you can see the show.

Myself and Misa Keskenovic, doing chameleon thing, blending with the landscape.

Myself and Misa Keskenovic, doing chameleon thing, blending with the landscape.

Group photo of participants at European Collodion Weekend by Alex Timmermans

Group photo of participants at European Collodion Weekend by Alex Timmermans

Then we went to European Collodion weekend in Eindhoven, Nederland. The event was great, organized by Alex Timmermans. The concept was that we gather and make some plates together and hang around. We were about 37 artists from countries like UK, France, Belgium, Germany. Even Gerald Figal, President of Collodion Bastard association came from USA, although if you ask him, he will claim that he arrived from Tenesse. Also East side of Iron curtain was well represented by artists from Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech, Poland and of course Slovenia. I’m sure I missed some country, but you get the idea, pretty good group of creatives.

I learned a lot of small, but super important things. Like Kal Khogali showed me how is he redeveloping wet plate collodion negative and his method is much better then mine. Furthermore he used his gold toner to tone the salt print and I loved the effect. I would never buy a toner that cost 70 EUR if I would not see the effect that it makes. I showed him my little tricks, that I’ve mentioned on my blog already. Oh, the best thing that I’ve learned from Kal is how to seal a tent Eskimo Quickfish 3 to be 100% light proof. I will make a video about that. It’s simple and super efficient!

At European Collodion Weekend I tried to organize a Harlem Shake video, but people were not up for it, so I’ve made this video 🙂

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On Saturday it was really hot. In our darkroom tents it must have been like 30C. Because of the temperature there was a plague of fog. Plates were fogging like it’s English morning. There was a polemic what is going wrong. I solved the issue to cut down time in sensibilisation AgNO3 bath from 3 min to 2:15 min and I had no problem with fog. It was harsh sun light and people were blaming too much UV, but I’ve made this plate in direct sun, just to prove it’s temperature and excessive silver on the plate that ‘s causing the fog. There was a polemic about it on FB, but that ended by the comment of Mark Osterman: “Yes, the sensitizing is by inspection, not by time. So in heat it happens much faster… Otherwise you can get fog in hot weather”.
I went to Holland with Grega Cokan and we drove about 2500km (both ways). When I got home I got a commission from Mladina and had to go next day to Vienna (444km x2) and a week later I drove to Poland 980km and few days later to Novi Sad, Serbia 800km and then home 600km. I had another exhibition in Poland and another in Serbia, but more about that in the following post. Before going to Poland I had to finish photoediting for Global monthly magazine and also preparing everything for exhibitions. And in that week I got also two commercial jobs to be executed that week and since I was not only exhausted physically, but also financially, I had to do that as well. I’ve made great stuff though, I’ll publish it later.
Last month and a half was the most intense time in my career and I wasn’t sure if I will pull everything off. Actually I was just trying to keep my nose above water and not be suffocated by the avalanche of everything. To make things worse I didn’t had time for sport (running doesn’t count) because of all obligations that I had, but yesterday I’ve played in-line hockey for two hours. I’m not yet friend with hockey stick and puck doesn’t like me very much, but nevertheless I feel like million EUR! Full of oxygen. And I’ve done it! I pull everything off with a success! There is nothing better then a victory in a month long battle! More about it already tomorrow.

PS: The making of a group photo:


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  1. Only B5 is able to pull out a month like this! Pozdrav, Luka

    Luka Gorjup

    23 May, 2013 at 15:43

  2. Borut, you really did well. Congratulation my friend.
    I know how hard it is to work on adrenaline when exhaustion is chasing right behind you,

    John Fink Jr.

    23 May, 2013 at 15:49

  3. Thank you guys! This experience is giving me confidence for my future chalenges. Inspiring times.

    Borut Peterlin

    23 May, 2013 at 16:47

  4. Looks like you had one hell of a month 😉 Too bad I wasn’t able to come to Riethoven. Would have been great meeting you. Maybe next time!


    23 May, 2013 at 18:59

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