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Contemporary art project in wet plate collodion negative and carbon print » 20140131_2363

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Wet Plate Collodion negative on glass format 10×12″

Wet plate collodion negative exposed and developed for the right density for albumen and salt printing. This is not redeveloped negative. Format 10×12″, Voigtlander Helliar 300mm, f/32, illuminated by 60 bursts of 7000Ws flash power from distance of one meter. Topshit happens… ///// mokrokolodijski negativ, osvetljen in razvit s kontrastom in gostoto primerno za beljačni in slani print. Format 25x30cm, objektiv Voigtlander Helliar 300mm, f/32, osvetljeno s 60 fleš bliski jakosti 7000Ws z razdalje cca 1 meter. Topshit…

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