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Scouting for future workshops

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Kočevski rog, Ribnik

Kočevski rog, Ribnik

Last two days I was looking for new locations for workshops and even a festival of analogue photography. In the part of Slovenia where I live, there is an area with vast forest called Kočevski rog. If I remember correctly it’s about 500 square kilometres large and it’s a part of a larger chain of forests going through Alps, Slovenia, Croatia and down to Bosnia. In this forest there are three virgin forests reservats that are the largest virgin forest in Europe. This is the home of bears, wolfs, lynx and many other endangered species.

Under this post there are many photographs of many cottages, some of them in perfect, mint condition and some are in ruins. In this area there was a strong community of Germans that conquered this wilderness 600 years ago. Even hundred years ago here was a large community of foresters, but after second world war, these people were chased away from their homes, so there are many many villages that are in total ruins.

At the moment I’m looking for a partner that would rent me a cottage where I would have a workshop for about 10 people. I think I found several potential places where we would sleep, eat and live photography. The last week of July 2016 I’m planning to have a real festival and why does it need to be in downtown city centre? Why not have it in deep forest far, far from civilisation.

To be honest I fall in love in the place of Kočevski rog, the peacefulness, the tranquilness I feel there. This is even beyond the reach of GSM signal, so you do not need to worry for your boss or wife to call you. I admit on the end I was daydreaming to buy an abandoned cottage and restore it, so some images bellow are of cottages in very bad state, but in a year everything could change. Most of this objects are closed or even abandoned so they would need to be cleaned, add new furniture and do lots of maintenance work. But hey, who is afraid of some hard work?

For historical photography processes of 19th Century you need only chemistry, water and sun, so I’ve also checked for possible sources of water. On the photographs you can see some water springs and of course that water is perfect for drinking.

I feel very good about the idea to have a photo festival in deep forest of Kočevski rog and the idea received very warm welcome by municipality, owners and local community on general. Fingers crossed!

The end of my location scouting was a simple soup with bread. There is no restaurant like this. The best cook in the world is hunger!

The end of my location scouting was a simple soup with bread. There is no restaurant like this. The best cook in the world is hunger!

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10 September, 2015 at 23:37

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  1. Excellent idea! A 19th century photographic process really doesn’t need many modern conveniences.

    Chemical waste can be carted out of the location in those palletised ‘cubitainers’, just fill them via intermediate smaller containers while the big ones stay on the back of a truck, then there is no heavy-lifting problem. You might need to hire portable-toilets as well, although that visitor-center place looks positively ‘modern’ and could still have a working system? Really a potentially back-to-basics workshop.

    A small genny and a hired beamer for the inevitable presentations might also be not totally essential, although any guest speakers would work extra-hard ;o)

    If the forested area is within easy travel of the photo-house which you mentioned in an earlier post, then maybe use that as a base and do a couple of single-night trips in the trees with the course? That may reduce the logistics footprint that needs physically arranging and, of course, make it simpler for gaining local-authority permissions and permits.

    I look forwards to hearing more of your plans.

    Greetings from NL,


    Martin Price

    13 September, 2015 at 18:54

  2. Thank you Martin, I am working very intensively to make that happen. First lodging and workshop is happening very soon. Hope to see you in summer!

    Borut Peterlin

    17 September, 2015 at 09:38

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