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Doing photography ecologically responsible

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I’ve made this video about recycling silver from waste water after development of a wet plate collodion plate. Sure I heard comments before that silver is not poisonous, but that is not true. Silver is a noble metal and it’s antiseptic, which means two things. It does not disintegrate and it will get in the river and from there to organisms and will remain there forever!Silver is not poisioness to human, but it’s very toxic to marine life!

If I quote a marine scientist Flegal “Unlike mercury, silver is not a human health concern. But silver is second only to mercury in its toxicity to marine invertebrates,”. So we photographers have to treat this precious noble metal responsible with awareness for the environment!
I would like to thank you for subscribing to my blog, youtube channel and foremost my patreons on platform, that are supporting this content by crowdfounding.
Last but not least, this blog is financed also trough print sales via ebay auctions. The auction from the print is ending in few hours, so if you can afford, bid on it and if you can’t afford it, spread the love.
And remember, topshit happens!


Written by Borut Peterlin

26 November, 2015 at 16:22

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