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Part 2 / Kodak D-76 the most famous film developer

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OK, finally here is the second part of my research on the most famous developer Kodak D-76 also sold as Ilford ID-11. It took me way too much time and energy and resources, but I am happy with the results and I believe this case will shine some light and inspiration for younger generations of photographers who would like to work in analogue photography.

I’m listing the print on EBay as an auction, starting from 0,99$. Not to get payed for the work that I’ve done, but to finance the future vlogs that I have in mind. Thank you for your attention and hopefully also the bidding.

You may support me in various ways:

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Either way, let us not forget…
Topshit happens!

ebay soteska 20x60cm

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  1. Thanks for all your hard work Borut! It’s nice to see you shooting film and holding off on wet plate for a while. I’ve been shooting wet plate for 6 years now and making Rawlins Oil prints and find it hard to go to the darkroom anymore. It’s just so much work to make a print! Not that what you’re doing isn’t hard. You’re making me want to get into medium format again!

    Thanks again,
    ps…when I shot film I used to develop with Rodinal at a 1 to 50 dilution.

    Jeff Michaels

    8 February, 2019 at 16:11

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