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What I’ve learned in 2020

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For me the 2019 was the third worst year of my life, after the years of my childhood accident with gasoline in 1984 and the divorce in 2016, the 2019 was an apocalyptic year for me. I had to rebuild my life from the ground up. The 2019, the year when I was left alone, I was forced to rethink who am I and reconsider where am I going. The period of 2016-2019 I can easily compare with 1984-1987 when I was recovering from the third degree gasoline burns. Except this time there was no medical doctors and no painkillers. Furthermore in the summer of 2018 I had my last beer and I don’t even drink alcohol anymore. Although to be fair, that was a small sacrifice, because I never was much of a drinker anyway. Plus I never tried any illegal drug, ever! Not even the cannabis. Due to my childhood trauma, at the age of 11 I started to fucking hate the fucking haze of my fucking mind! Once and for all, FUCK THAT!

Pain should not be ignored, it should be faced and dealt with it!
Then the 2020 came. I lost all the commercial work, all the workshops got cancelled, phone stopped ringing. In March 2020 I remember saying to myself that the time has come to start treating my own art as the most important client, my art is my dream client. Period. On top of that I expect from myself to apply the same professional standards that I have for any commercial job.

The year 2020 is the time when I started to believe in my own art and surprise, surprise my art began to sell. And it’s selling really well! On the first of January 2021, I’ve sold my first art piece for four digit price! Without a gallery or an agent, solely from a direct contact with people that believe in my art! I am living my dreams and at the moment, I’m buying a cottage in my favourite place on the planet, in the woodlands of Kočevski Rog, Slovenia. The cottage will be a photography resort, an artist residence, a place for people to find peace and do their art.

But, please, I want to finish this post by saying I feel really humbled by all the lessons of my life and I will share them one day. For now just an insight that the adversity is forcing us to rethink who we are and we can perish in the emotions of fear or we can move forward in the emotion of love. I am doing my best to live in the present moment, the eternal present moment that is just like as a river and us, jumping from a rock to a rock, from a day to a day, from a year to a year. So much jumping and still remaining in the present moment.

The crucial role are playing my patreons on
A plaquette with their names will be on the cottage!

Written by Borut Peterlin

4 January, 2021 at 16:37

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  1. Whenever peoples are forced to start a new start, as a rebirth, they usually success like they did never believe it was possible and what is the biggest thing in the journey is the path itself connected with deep gratitude.
    I need to work on that on my own life too, I mean I’m not there yet even, far away from it, but it feels the same.


    4 January, 2021 at 21:21

  2. hard work pays of my friend. Very well done!

    MH Photography

    4 January, 2021 at 21:25

  3. Dear Borut, Mad crazy in the middle of publishing something BUT I will return to this. I appreciate your honesty and the strength to be real…….you are one of the special people in my life………tho we have never ever met…………..PLUS you own/owned a LandRover. I will share this too on my FB wall. With all this connectivity the power of it is oft lost because we do not really stop to read each others words and lives………..


    5 January, 2021 at 03:07

  4. Hello Borut – Thank you for writing what you have…what a year. It has been a struggle for me to keep up…with your situation, or my own even. I feel fortunate to be teaching still. that could change anytime however. I would love to come to your place of refuge…it is much needed. Stay as strong as you can. You have that fire. JHicks, Idaho


    5 January, 2021 at 03:39

  5. love your positivity and forward motion: I too say that life is a series of stepping stones ~ sometimes wet feet but mostly onward to something new: looking forward to watching you create your new home and space: bonne annee Borut ~~~ Denise


    5 January, 2021 at 10:47

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