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The construction of our house started!

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20081204_8031 cviblje izkop 120081204_8043 izkop cviblje 2
Finally the construction of our house began with big steps as you can see. A months ago there was still nothing, but now there is a slope (škarpa) built and the hole for foundation dig. Last year we build a road to our house and you can compare with THIS POST.

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4 December, 2008 at 22:53

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New Striptiz portraits

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Last few weeks were exhausting indeed. Beside my daily work for Mladina I’ve been doing jobs for Peugeot / Futura, Talaso Strunjan | Terme Krka, and working at the construction of the house, so I haven’t blog much. Here are portraits that I haven’t publish it yet on this blog.

Aleksij Kobal by 20100329_8699
Aleksij Kobal, portrayed in a context of his last exhibition “Forbidden city” in Equrna Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Branko Lenart, creatively portrayed on his exhibition Hand:Work in Gallery Photon
Branko Lenart, creatively portrayed on his exhibition Hand:Work in Gallery Photon

Jiri bezljaj portrayed by 20100510_7962
Jiri Bezlaj, a scultpure maker

Aljana Primožič, an illustrator. She exhibited her political illustrations in Slovenian parliament and her work was censored by President of parliament.

Lucija Stupica - 20100503_6122
Lucija Stupica, a poet. I had a completely different idea for the portrait, but then I read the text that she wrote about her work, where she’s talking about coexisting in the same place and time, I decided to do this portrait. (Inspired by rebekka guðleifsdóttir)

Progress in building our house

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A huge progress in a construction of our house. I’m all days working and my wife Alenka is running this show. Two more months and we’ll be in.

PS: On Friday evening there was a night storm in Alps as seen from Dolenjska.
night storm 20100506_6844

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9 May, 2010 at 10:02

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Joe McNally interviewed by B5

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joe Mcnally in ljubljana photo 20100420_2457

Here is an interview with Joe McNally during his visit in Ljubljana. I’m truly inspired by his work and his open attitude. From day one in college every professor was preaching specialization in your work and as much as I admire photographers that developed a style that is recognizable, I somehow never succeed to impose a style on everything my lens focus on. I mean of course when you see my creative portraits, Flower Power, Tour de Dayton or any other project a style is recognizable, but every project I use different language. Not to mention that in my commercial career I do whatever kind of photography demands a job. When conversation comes to this topic I’m (almost) apologizing and explaining that it’s different if your marketplace is a nation of 60 million residents or if it’s less then 2 million. And it’s different if your photography pays your rent or if it funds your whole family + funding a construction of a house.

But that’s in the past. I met this great man, who openly says that he enjoys his time behind a camera and do the kind of photography that does the job. The best quote from the interview is “When you say YES to a client, their problems becomes your problems”. My thoughts exactly!

I showed him my Striptiz creative portraits and he really liked it and even mentioned me on his blog (here). Thanks JOE!!!

I hope you’ll enjoy the interview. Later during the day I’ll upload an mp3 version for your walkman 🙂

Hunger strike of Bosnian and Serbian workers in Slovenia

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This is a short film about Bosnian and Serbian workers that were working for Zoran Perkovič / Prenova construction company and they didn’t received a salary for more then a year. In Slovenia there is a law that a foreign worker (outside of EU) must work for two years for the same employer and only then he can receive a working visa that allow him to change his job (in Slovenia). If employer cancels the working permit for a day, they lose working visa and they need to return home. This modern slavery law was abused (among others also) by Zoran Perkovič, who employed foreign workers and then in a year, he payed them one or two monthly salary per year and after their yearly visa expired they had to leave the country. This scenario happened to 120 workers of Prenova. Last dozes workers claimed their right for a fair payment and they started a hunger strike. They were sleeping in a shed under freezing temperature and snowy weater. After 8 days they came to Ljubljana to Ministry of Labor where they claimed their right for fair treatment and support.

This is a short film with my images shot for Mladina weekly. I used Nikon D3, Nikon D300s and a dictaphone to record the happening. I hope the message will get accross even if you don’t speak Bosnian or Slovenian.

Striptiz creative portrait of actresses Teja Reba and Leja Jurišić

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Teja Reba and Leja Jurišić 20100112_1968

Teja Reba (infront) and Leja Jurišić are actresses that were performing in theater performance Med nama (Between us) in Stara Elektrarna theater, Ljubljana. New shows are scheduled for 3. & 4.2.2010 at 20.00.

Picture was made for Mladina weekly for a Striptiz rubric (more far out portraits HERE)

The idea for the picture comes from press material that I could read and I wanted to make a picture about dominance, control, harsh, but still female kind of picture. Sure erotic, but can you imagine the posture of man and women like that? hm… now I realized that the picture would work if man would be in front and female would be “hugging” him. Anyway in this case the picture works because there are two women and because of that the portrait can be harsher, more direct, less discreet, more brutal. My first intention was to retouch background out, but when I’ve set colors, I liked the pipes and door. It makes it even harsher, then it would be completely clean – studio like.

PS: Dear readers od my blog,
lately I don’t find enough time to write blog. Reasons are many. THe construction of our house is going really well, I’m finishing with teaching at Sežana faculty for photography for this year, working for Mladina, but also for a lot of corporate clients. Last, but not least I discovered that the quality of my life increase dramatically if I have enough sleep, so I’m not burning midnight oil for this blog. No doubt, I’ll keep on blogging, but I must admit I prefer Muay Thai and chess.

New faze in building our house

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20090909_3663 20090909_3664 20090909_3662 20090909_3655 20090909_3649 20090909_3647
YESSS! we continue to build our house. Recession is over, finally banks are working again and we’ve received a loan, so banzai-ii! This is the construction stage from midday and apparently in the evening ground floor was already build! Looking forward of tomorrow! You can see some retro images HERE.

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10 September, 2009 at 00:36

New steps in building a house

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20090321_930320090321_930020090321_931420090321_932020090321_932120090321_931820090321_9322 copy
Here is a new stage in constructing our house. Now terrain is more or less formed. One more stone wall needs to be build in front of terrace, but otherwise it’s as it should be. Also water tank of 7000 l volume is digged underground. It’s not meant for drinking water, but we’ll capture rain water and use it for sanitary water, washing cars and for the garden.

This pictures are from last weekend, 14th of March 2009.

HERE are pictures from 20th of May 2007 when we made a road to our propety.
HERE are pictures from 4th of December 2008 when we start to dig a hole.
HERE is from 13th of December 2008
HERE 21th of December 2008

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22 March, 2009 at 23:47

Building of our house is progessing fast

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_MG_8917_MG_8921_MG_8904Today’s pictures from the building site of our house. A huge progression in a week. Compare with THIS post from 4th of December. About 140 trucks of soil was driven away from our property. Guys from GRASS company are really good and hard working!

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13 December, 2008 at 23:59

New Striptiz portrait of painter Igor Ribič

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portrait of painter Igor Ribič

portrait of painter Igor Ribič
Here is a portrait of a painter Igor Ribič for a Striptiz rubric for Mladina weekly. For this portrait I wanted to photograph Igor on the construction yard of Opera. But I would need to get so much permmisions, I decided to simplify my ideas. I had in mind something organic, sort of the feeling as it is on his pictures. I especially liked the picture of vine with grapes and eyes of a hunter. Here are two versions of the shoot. Which one do you prefer? I prefer first one, because it’s simple, very simple and not so descriptive. Some people prefer second one. What do you think?

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28 May, 2007 at 22:33