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After Fotopub festival

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A group picture participants and mentors of Fotopub 2012 festival. Photo: Borut Peterlin & Miša Keskenović

Last week we had the 12th edition of Fotopub festival with many exhibitions, lectures and foremost workshops. All together we had 61 participants of different workshops. Miša Keskenović and myself we were running a workshop of Wet Plate Collodion photographic technique. Everything went well and smooth and here are few pictures that we’ve made on the workshop. We had 11 participants working with five cameras, from my Kodak Folding Brownie 3A, Plaubel 13x18cm, Shen Hao 4×5″, antique wooden camera 18 x 24cm to Miša’s mammoth camera 40x40cm. We had two sets of chemicals so the work was really intense and people created many, many plates that they took home. On the last day we decided that we’ll be making more weekend workshops on alternative printing process from gum-print, cyanotype, salt print, albumen print to digital print and camera obscura. fun, fun, fun…

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Learn Wet Plate Collodion @ Fotopub festival

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Dear reader,
if you enjoy my work and you would like to learn and try out yourself Wet Plate Collodion photography, you can join us at Fotopub Festival from 25 to 28 of July 2012. If you sign in before 1.6.2012 you’ll get 20% discount! Marcus, Mike and others, don’t miss this discount! And the number of participants is limited, so don’t wait too long.

We will be making Wet Plate Collodion ambrotypes, tintypes and collodion glass negatives. On the second half of the workshop we will be making also salt print and cyanotype. On the end we’ll learn how to print a digital file on genuine salt print or cyanotype. You’ll get all the receipts for mixing collodion, developer, varnish,…

For participation to the workshop no previous knowledge is needed. Workshop will be conducted under mentorship of Miša Keskenović (RS), a true master in photography techniques of 19th Century and Borut Peterlin (SLO).

All info on

Dragi bralec,
če ti je všeč moje delo s tehniko mokri kolodij, te vabim na delavnico, da se poizkusiš v tej tehniki in se sam/a naučiš tega postopka. Pridruži se nam na delavnici Fotopub od od 25. do 28. julija 2012. Če se prijaviš pred 1.6. dobiš dodaten 20% popust! Vsi, ki ste me spraševali o tem, ne zamudite dodatnega popusta!

S postopkom mokri kolodij na steklu bomo delali ambrotipije, ferotipije in negativ na steklu. Drugi del delavnice bomo delali pozitiv fotografije po postopku slani print in pa cianotipijo. Dobili boste tudi vse recepture za mešanje kolodija, razvijalca, laka…

Delavnica bo potekala štiri dni, in sicer od 25. do 28. julija pod mentorstvom Miša Keskenovića (RS), pravega mojstra tehnik 19. stoletja in Borutom Peterlinom (SLO). To je tudi prva taka delavnica v Sloveniji.

Vse informacije na

Written by Borut Peterlin

30 May, 2012 at 11:32

My best photo-movie / Fotopub Festival 2011

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This is a photo-movie I’ve done at the Fotopub festival, multimedia workshop tutored by Mike Lusmore and Rebecca Harley. For you who don’t understand the proper language, I know subtitles are not “reader friendly”, but I’ll fix that soon.
As for a Fotopub assessment, I thought I know something about multimedia, but I learned just how little do I know. I learned hugely about sound, how to recored it properly, edit it, narrative of sound recording and of course how to stick it together in a photo-movie. I find photo-movie a really huge genre that I’m planning to devote my attention also in the future (so much fun).

Fotopub 2011 – interview with Mike Lusmore and Rebecca Harley

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Fotopub festival of documentary photography is starting in ten days and this is an interview with mentors for multimedia Mike Lusmore and Rebecca Harley from UK.

PS: Few days ago I’ve forgot to embed a video podcast on Mladina’s special issue “Interviews 2011“. I’ve updated the post and if you didn’t saw it on Youtube or on Facebook, I recommend to check it out. LINK.

Fotopub 2011 / enroll now, learn for eternity

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Fotopub festival of documentary photography 2011 from Dušan Josip Smodej on Vimeo.

Fotopub Festival of documentary photography is starting soon! See you there!

What would we do without an army – a short film from Fotopub 2010

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This is a video that I’ve made on Fotopub workshop under mentorship of Anna Stevens and Ervin Hladnik Milharčič. Anna Stevens is responsible for multi-vision production of PANOS pictures and Ervin Hladnik Milharčič is a journalistic legend. I learn greatly working with Anna and her direction in narration of movie and technical tips were really valuable. Ervin Hladnih Milharčič had a workshop on how to write a reportage and although I didn’t succeed in writing a reportage text, I used his tips in shaping narration of the story. One of his great tips was to write a reportage in a shape of scorpion. First pair of pincers to grab readers attention, followed (organically) with the rest of the body; head, body, legs and on the end a sting, that in reportage should be something worth remembering. I made this video with that in mind. I intend to develop it more, since it’s going along with a petition of Mladina weekly to demilitarize Slovenia.

I used Nikon D3s, iMovie, Garage Band and QuickTime.

Fotopub Festival 2010 – sneak peak

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Written by Borut Peterlin

26 July, 2010 at 14:07

Fotopub Festival starts tomorrow, Monday 26th of Jully 2010

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Tomorrow is an opening of Fotopub 2010, Festival of documentary photography. Here is a program of the festival.

Monday, 26.7.2010
19.00 – Opening of Fotopub Festival
Gallery Simulaker, Vrhovčeva ul. 1a, Novo mesto
21.00 – talk by Espen Rasmussen
Atrij LokalPatriot

Tuesday, 27.7.2010
20.30 – talk by Rombout Oomen
21.30 – talk by Jocelyn Bain Hogg
Atrij LokalPatriot

Wednesday, 28.7.2010
20.30 – talk by Stefan Verwer
21.30 – talk by Arne Hodalič
Atrij LokalPatriot

Thursday, 29.7.2010
16.00 – Tribunal
Galerija Simulaker
20.30 – Multivision projection
Muzejski vrtovi

Friday, 30.7.2010
20.30 – talk by Bruno de Cock
21.30 – talk by Philip Blenkinsop
Atrij LokalPatriot

Sathurday, 31.7.2010
20.30 – Final projection of Fotopub workshop
Atrij LokalPatriot

HERE is a link for more information about exhibition and FOtopub.

Fotopub 2010 – interview with Chris de Bode

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Fotopub 2010 – announcement

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Fotopub Festival 2010 will happen between 26 – 31 July!

It will be tenth edition of Festival in a row, so expect even more then we delivered in last years. For the first time Fotopub will offer two masterclasses. In addition to Fotopub masterclass, we will host the masterclass of the famous UK Photo agency Panos Pictures, leading in documentary photography.
Apart from that various exhibitions will be shown from the Balkans, Cold war relics, Africans telling African stories and a number of multimedia productions.
Applications will be open in May, so please visit our website for registration and information:

Here are few Fotopub souvenirs from last years. (Hoover over the image for a caption. )
Many more images on Flickr…

chris de bode and Fotopub workshop by 20090720_1724George Georgiou with Fotopub 2005 T-shirt
FotopubFotopubArne Hodalič and his project for National Geographic FotopubMajda Širca, Minister of Culture  Fotopub 2009 festivalScreening on Fotopub Festival 2009Robert Knoth on Fotopub Festival 2008Steve Forrest talk at Fotopub FestivalFotopub Festival screening at Goga bookstoreMartin Parr talk organized by Fotopub Festival photo: Bostjan Pucelj

Pep bonet at Fotopub FestivalPep bonet at Fotopub Festival