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Inspiration & manipulation photography

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I confess, I always fancied manipulation of photography. Paradoxically with introduction of Photoshop (I’ve learned PS 3.0 in year 1994) I’ve lost all the interest in this field and my work in the last 15 years is more or less documentarian nature, meaning, 99,9% of my digital images would pass world press photo standards.  I can’t explain why.

About a year ago I’ve made a video about my work and analog manipulation of photography, it’s embedded at the bottom of this post. All the work mentioned is very old, like my last project Fairy Tales was done in 2001-02 and let me state that is not photoshoped at all! That was selectively illuminated landscape scenes, taken on colour negative film, format 6×7. Yes, it was very hard to wait for developed proof prints to see what have I’ve done last week and often go back and redo them.

About a year ago I was at a workshop on collodion glass negative retouching in George Eastman House and beside the techniques I’ve learned I’ve seen also some fascinating examples of retouched photographs. I mean authentic photographs that you may see only in books. Mentor Mark Osterman have shown us an examples from a collection of George Eastman House and that was really inspiring.

Anyway the time has come to start a new project, dealing with nature and image manipulation. I’ve picked few books from authors Peter Župnik, Pavel Pecha, Herman Pivk and Regina Anzenberger. Intentionally I’ve picked authors that are based in East Europe and although the quality of their work does not fall behind known western authors, you probably never heard about them. East-European photography is so underrated! It is so underrated by their own countries to start with! I hope you will appreciate my suggestions and their work.

In this video I’m presenting a print I’ve made from a retouched collodion negative. About a year ago I’ve made a video how I’m making the wet plate collodion negative and the salt print and now I’m publishing the result upgraded by my knowledge gained at George Eastman House. I will talk about my next project in the next videos, but for now I’m sharing with you my creative process, my inspiration and the aesthetic I admire. I think that on youtube there is way too much camera-review videos and photographers on general are putting too much emphasising on gear and not enough on photography and the creative process of photography, so this one is a little different. Very different.

Screenshot 2016-03-27 22.40.20


I’m putting my retouched print on ebay, as an auction and by your bidding and buying my work, you support my endeavour in art. This blog is also crowd funded at Thank you guys, I appreciate it!!!

PS: I’ve started to use professional video-editing software and big thanks to Vid Klančičar for the crash course how to use it.

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New version of my 5am book project

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OK, if you know me or follow me for more then a week, then you’re probably familiar with my project 5am, a series of photographs taken around 5am around different places in the world. It’s my love affair with light.

Books that I've done with my photography. These are mainly handmade books, ten of them are different versions of 5am project.

Books that I’ve done with my photography. These are mainly handmade books, ten of them are different versions of 5am project.

I’m making this project for last 15 years and I will keep on working on it until it will be published, although that is not the guarantee I will really finish it, since that’s the most beautiful part of the day. It’s the surreal time when the night has finished already, but the day hasn’t started yet. Very intriguing it is. With years it became my morning routine, my walking meditation. I must say that I do not wake up every day at 4:20 and photograph until 5:59, but when I travel, I do my 5am routine and in certain periods I did that every day.

In the video I’m mentioning that the only merit I follow is the question, have I done it the best I can? And this is the only true merit there is. Sure, there are many competitions and just because the main reward has a high recognition and huge numbers of artists apply to it, that does not make it more absolutely objective.

OK, the word objective is a ficticious one, nothing in the universe can be declared as an universal objective thing or process, it does not exist, there are just subjective views and the view that is supported by many people is declared to be an objective one – for that circle of people.

What I’m trying to say is that I do not count how many people agrees with my views and I do not count how many likes have I received (although my mother counts them, so press LIKE!!!), the bottom line is that my personal credo is always to ask myself have I done it the best I could? Of course things can always be done better, but then there are circumstances… Sometimes circumstances are just overwhelming and you can not do it like you imagined to be done. We are not born equal and some of us are just more fortunate then others.

I feel and know that I am the fortunate one. I make my art and although financially is very challenging (read – shitty) I know it’s what I will be doing for the rest of my life. Of course I’m struggling to publish the book and I know that the book which is not published, it’s not a “real” book. But I also know that someday I will publish it. I know that the day when it will be published will happen and when it will happen, I want it to be the best as I could do it.

Let me share an anecdote of Goran Dragić. He is a NBA player coming from Ljubljana, Slovenia. He is super talented player, but when he arrived in NBA, the coach was ignoring him. He didn’t get a chance to play on the court. He was desperate, but he got the best advice from a friend. He said, you are in NBA. Your minutes on court will come. You don’t know if coach will call you at the next game or in half a year, but coach will call and when he will call you you want to be ready! What you can do today, is to train hard, so when your minutes will come, you will be in the best shape possible. The coach left him sitting for almost a year, his nickname became Goran Tragic. It took almost a year, but when the old coach left and the new coach send to play and he proved himself to be one of the best NBA players! His career high was 40 points in 38 minutes!

So the bottom line of this post is that I know the 5am book will be published eventually and when the time will happen, I want to be ready 😉

Let’s finish it with the highlights of the main president Goran Dragić! Goran Dragić.

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6 October, 2015 at 22:57

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