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Being Cold / Topshit Photography Vlog, E 014

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Dearest followers,
here is my newest vlog. In December I’ve been travelling from Slovenia to Tuscany and then to Berlin and Hamburg. Proper south – north EU tour. I drove like 4000 km or so. Finally I’ve made the vlog from north part of the trip, but southern part is being edited. It takes whole lot of time, these videos.

This video  is kind of personal, not much photography tips&tricks involved. Is that OK? I’m thinking to do separate my personal vlogs and tutorial videos. Vlogs will be shorter and more funny, whereas tutorial videos will be longer and more detailed.

In this video I’m talking about the cold, that consist of two components. One is low temperature and the second is interpretation of the low temperature. It is talking about the reality and interpretation of the reality. Cold is perfect example how we love drama and how that drama is making us just more dependent on the comfort thqat seize to be comfort, but it becomes necessity and comfort becomes something else, like a super-car or something that is beyond our reach. Perfect formula for personal drama! But the bottom line is that what I’ve wrote about the cold goes for everything in the world. You may ask yourself which part of the circumstances are real concern and which part is a drama that I am addicted to. I am not pretending to be beyond it, on the contrary, these insights are very personal and very real life situations. Cold is just the easiest to be identified with so I leave you to ponder that for a moment and I’m challenging you to copy/paste the insight on whatever life situation you are in at this particular moment, at this particular drama.

OK, I’ve printed an edition of 50 prints and 14 are still on sale, that is from edition of 32/50 to 48/50, with exception of 36 and 42. Those copies I’m keeping them. The price is 50 EUR per print, it is signed, numbered, unmated, in a sleeve, with a sheet of data in the back.

HERE is the link to the listing. It is limited edition and only 13 are available. A big thanks to my patreons, who are gfenerlously supporting me every month. Perhaps you might join them and you will receive a print in the mail later this year! WWW.PATREON.COM/BORUTPETERLIN

Funeral of Božena Pelikan

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Today is funeral of Božena Pelikan, 95 year old youngest daughter of Josip Pelikan. I was privileged to spend some time with her, listen her advices how to do negative retouching, how to do portrait photography – properly and all the stories that were embedded in the old glass skylight Pelikan Studio. I’m glad I visited her just few days before her death. She had severe dementia, but she remembered me as the one who likes dogs! On her deathbed she was telling me how photography is a noble and nice profession. It has many downsides, but on the end of the day she is happy to be a photographer! This Saturday I have a portrait sessions in this studio, next weekend I have a workshop in the Pelikan studio. Božena lives in photography on!
Danes je pogreb Božene Pelikan, 95 letne, najmlajše hčere Josipa Pelikana. V čast mi je bilo poslušati njene nasvete kako se retušira steklene negative, kako se dela portretna fotografija, ampak ta spodobna portretna fotografija, in poslušati vse zgodbice prepojene s tem čarobnim steklenim studijom. Vesel sem, da sem jo obiskal par dni pred njeno smrtjo in kljub napredni demenci se me je spomnila, kot tistega, ki ima rad pse. Še na smrtni postelji mi je pripovedovala kako je fotografija lep poklic. Ima veliko slabih strani, a na konec koncev je srečna, da je bila fotografinja! V Studiju Pelikan, to soboto, zopet portretiram in naslednji vikend imam fotografsko delavnico. V fotografiji Božena živi naprej.


Written by Borut Peterlin

18 February, 2016 at 13:53

Topshit Photo Safari was a success!

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Dear readers of my blog, I’m back! Not that I’ve left anywhere, but I was working really hard to make my workshop happen. I organised a five days workshop, two days working outdoor and three days working indoor. We covered wet plate collodion negatives, albumen printing, salt printing and collodion chloride printing. After that I had another two days of individual workshop on carbon printing. Very intense indeed!

I’ve decided to set up our headquarters in Sitarjeva hiša, a house from 1886 and was abandoned for last 17 years. It did not had a running water or electricity, but with the generous help of Anže Grabeljšek, Sanja Gorišek, Nastja Frey Gorše and municipality of Dolenjske Toplice, we sorted things out! I had many concerns and I had two back up options, but the house with it’s charisma is destined to host more art events! In fact I’m exhibiting new work there, so let me invite you to the exhibition of my panoramas on 27th of August at 7pm.

Expect more topshit events like this! For now I’m going to organise a workshop with a theme: Tribute to Ansel Adams. I’m planning a workshop on analog photography, with medium and large format cameras, for about 8 people. We will do rafting, camping, off roading and developing contact prints. We will explain the zone system, have a talk in the middle of forrest about Adams’s work and legacy… It will be 4th and 5th of September. The price for it is 250 EUR and includes cameras, films, paper, chemistry and food while camping. (Če razumeš slovensko, si avtomatsko zaslužiš konkreten popust) I know it’s short notice, but I have friends who already booked, so only few spaces are available, so we will not wait for you, but don’t worry, I will have more workshops. More topshit workshops is what we need! I will make an official notice in the following days. My email is

I’m talking also with Nikon, we might make a photo-safari trip on digital photography during wine picking season. And I’m thinking to organise a collodion new year celebration in some cottage deep in the forrest of Slovenia (or is it properly written Slovakia?!?) What do you think, is it topshit enough idea?

Anyway, please check the images bellow and read captions and remember…
Topshit does happens!

An article in DELO magazin on reviving Studio Pelikan

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In yesterday’s issue of Delo, the most important Slovenian daily newspaper, a huge article was published about the project of reviving skylight Studio Pelikan. It was a joy to see again Jure Eržen, a colleague photojournalist and of course he made fantastic pics of me working. He is one of the best if not the best Slovenian photojournalist. Saša Bojc made a lovely article and by luck also Božena Pelikan joined us. She is 91 years old youngest daughter of Josip Pelikan and you can imagine her contribution to the article was very interesting indeed.

On this blog I’m publishing the negative I’ve done that day. It’s digitally inverted wet plate collodion negative, format 10×12″, that’s 25x30cm. I had big problems with dust, but I’ll retouch the negative before I’ll make a carbon print out of it. I’m learning how to retouch a wetplate collodion negative and with the help of Mark Osterman, I’m on a good path. More about that later. For now, just a quick note, if you missed the article.

If you are in Vermont, USA, you can see one of my salt prints that was chosen for the exhibition of handmade photographs. It’s exhibited in Vermont Center for Photography. These images are done by Terri Cappucci. THANK YOU!!

Video from skylight Studio Pelikan

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Wet Plate Collodion portraiture in skylight Studio Pelikan by Borut Peterlin from culturaesmorbo on Vimeo.

Markele Zid made this video about our daily life in Studio Pelikan. It’s a job, somebody’s got to do it… 🙂
We’re working on a website too. You must come to see this gem from our cultural heritage! It’s part of Museum of Recent History Celje and it’s located on Razlagova ulica 5, Celje, Slovenia, EU. The studio is open for public and I do make public portraiture sessions, but I’m not in the studio every day, so please send an email of inquiry to address tajnistvo(at) and then we’ll find a term.

Vintage studio backgrounds of Josip Pelikan, dated about 1930’s

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Vintage background from skylight studio Josip Pelikan, MNZC museum, Celje, Slovenia.

Vintage background from skylight studio Josip Pelikan, MNZC museum, Celje, Slovenia.

Vintage background from skylight studio Josip Pelikan, MNZC museum, Celje, Slovenia.

Vintage background from skylight studio Josip Pelikan, MNZC museum, Celje, Slovenia.

Astrid asked me if I could take a picture of fantastic vintage studio backgrounds that were using Josip Pelikan, so after I got a permission from the museum I’m publishing them on my blog. On Flickr you can download a hires file of the image, just click all sizes. Vintage backgrounds are dated about 1930’s. The skylight studio was built in 1898 and bought by Josip Pelikan in 1922. Nowadays Josip Pelikan Photographic Studio is a branch of the Celje Museum of Recent History. If you going to use the files to make your own vintage look studio background, just leave a note in the back that it was done on the basis of backgrounds from Josip Pelikan Studio, Celje, Slovenia, EU. A lot of people from MNZC museum worked hard to renovate the skylight studio and we owe them at least a credit. THX.

I’ve been thinking. My friend ordered a painted movie poster from India and if you know a painter’s service like that, share the info and good luck! Perhaps we can make a group order and get a discount. Just a thought…

Yesterday I was portraying in the studio and I’ve made this plate. Also a colleague photojournalist Andraž Purg came by and made a portrait of me.

Portrait by Borut Peterlin in wet plate collodion technique in skylight Studio Pelikan, Celje, Slovenia, EU.Borut Peterlin in Josip Pelikan Studio

Today’s wetplate session in Josip Pelikan skylight’s studio

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Christoph Staber, a photography student from Graz, Austria, portrayed in Studio Pelikan by Borut Peterlin. 6.4.2013, Celje, Slovenia, EU.

Christoph Staber, a photography student from Graz, Austria, portrayed in Studio Pelikan by Borut Peterlin. 6.4.2013, Celje, Slovenia, EU.

Here’s today’s portrait in Josip Pelikan skylight studio. The studio was built in 1898 and Josip Pelikan was working in it from 1920 to his death 1977. Now it’s a part of Museum of Recent History Celje.

On the plate I have some lines from not perfectly cleaned plate. I cleaned it several days ago and I thought it’ll be OK, but after few days, a plate in a box, needs to be cleaned again. I like it as it is but I strive to achieve Quinn’s perfection and then scratch it if I want 🙂
Those edges are from albumen coating, because I had that box prepared for wetplate negative. Nevertheless it’s kind of cool, I might use the effect in the future.

Below there is a wet plate collodion negative format 10×12″ (25x30cm), digitally inverted into positive. I wanted that everything would be sharp, so I had an exposure of 15 minutes at aperture f/32. It’s cool one, although I knew at the time that perfect exposure would be 25min, but I was afraid that the plate would get dry. It was quite warm in the studio.

The portrait was done with modified Plaubel Peco 5×7″ camera and Voigtlander Heliar 300mm f/4,5. Exposure 6 seconds, f/4.5

The studio was photographed with Vageeswari 10×12″ camera and same Voigtlander Heliar 300mm f/4,5. Exposure 15 minutes, f/32.

PS: Do you see the difference between collodion negative picture and the digital one? I didn’t notice that while I was developing the plate the keeper of the gallery changed a small detail and I don’t mean my 4×5″ camera. Leave a comment Internet!

Josip Pelikan skylight studio from 1898 is revived!

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Portreti narejeni v studiju Pelikan

Oh, man, I can’t express feelings that I have. Yesterday I’ve signed a contract with Museum of Recent History Celje, to offer my portrait services in skylight studio from 1898, where Josip Pelikan was working between 1920 and 1977. Yesterday we had a well visited press conference to announce the program. We also had guest, a renowned guest Stojan Kerbler, 75 years old photographer who is known for his superb work documenting his region Haloze. His work is often compared with Bresson’s and if you will click THIS Kerbler’s image and THIS Bresson’s image you will understand why.

To be fair, in the Josip Pelikan studio a lot of photographic activities were always going on, but in recent years solely with digital cameras. Our concept is to offer once again portraiture with nobel techniques of 19th and 20th Century. To break the ice we will start our offer with portraiture in Wet plate Collodion technique (an ambrotype) and portraiture on classic large format sheet film with enlargements on fiber based photo paper. In a month or so I’m planning to offer also cyanotypes, albumen and salt prints from wet plate negative, but I need first to make 100 plates before I will dare to include it in the offer. A huge honor for me to work in a studio that is inspiring photographers for 115 years! A big thanks goes to four women that are supporting the project. The director of the museum Tanja Roženbergar Šega, Andreja Rihter, Helena Vogelsang and last but not least Božena Pelikan, 90 year old daughter of Josip Pelikan, that took care for the heritage and inspire us with her photographical stories.

Pricing. We offer a portrait on a glass plate for 60 EUR and a classic portrait on sheet film for 50 EUR with enlargement on fiber based paper, toned in sepia and mounted on mat. Then we offer also an inkjet art prints on Hahnemuele photo rag paper (printed by Luminus) from an ambrotype portrait with or without framing. I’m not offering services every day, but on special occasions. Like holiday 8th of February day of culture and 2.March 2013 and so on. If you’re interested and you don’t like to wait, please make a reservation on email address or on phone number 00386 3 5485891. Studio Pelikan is located in Razlagova ulica 11 A, Celje, Slovenia, EU.

An inkjet print from a glass plate. Mat size 40x50cm. /// Inkjet print iz steklene plošče. Paspartu 40x50cm.

An inkjet print from a glass plate. Mat size 40x50cm. /// Inkjet print iz steklene plošče. Paspartu 40x50cm.

Wet Plate collodion on glass, size 13x18cm, framed. /// Mokri kolodij na steklu - ambrotipija, velikosti 13x18cm, v okvirju.

Wet Plate collodion on glass, framed. /// Mokri kolodij na steklu (ambrotipija) v okvirju.


Uh, ne morem opisati čustev tako vznemirjen sem. Včeraj sem podpisal pogodbo z Muzejem novejše zgodovine Celje, da bom nudil svoje usluge portretiranja v steklenem studiju iz leta 1898, kjer je ustvarjal Josip Pelikan med leti 1920 in 1977. Včeraj smo imeli zelo obiskano novinarsko konferenco, kjer smo predstavili naš program. Imeli smo tudi gosta, mojstra Stojana Kerblerja, ki ga v slovenskem prostoru poznamo tako po navdihujočem delu, ki ga je opravil, kot po energiji, ki jo še vedno velikodušno deli z mlajšimi kolegi.

Naj kar takoj povem, da so se fotografske aktivnosti vedno dogajale v Studiju Pelikan, a zadnja leta zgolj v digitalni tehniki, naš namen pa je zopet oživeti žlahtne portretne fotografske tehnike 19. in 20. stoletja. Za začetek, da prebijamo led, ponujamo portretiranje v tehniki mokri kolodij na steklu (ambrotipija) in portretiranje na klasičen velikoformatni plan film, z analognimi povečavami na baritni foto papir (fiber base). Čez kak mesec ali nekaj takega nameravam ponuditi tudi cianotipije, jajčni print in slani print iz mokrokolodijskega negativa, a pred tem moram narediti vsaj 100 plošč in printov.

Zame je to velika čast, da lahko delam v studiju, ki je posvečen fotografski prostor že 115 let! Da pa je to možno, gre zahvala štirim ženskam. Najprej direktorici muzeja Tanja Roženbergar Šega, potem bivši direktorici Andreji Rihter, ki je zgledno uredila Pelikan zbirko in steklen studio, kustodinji Helena Vogelsang, ne nazadnje pa še Boženi Pelikan, 90 letni hčeri Josipa Pelikana, ki je skrbela za njegovo dediščino od njegove smrti in nas še vedno navdihuje s svojimi fotografskimi zgodbami.

Cenik. Ponujamo portrete narejene v tehniki mokri kolodij na steklu za 60 EUR (ddv vštet) in pa klasični portret na plan film narejen z velikoformatno mehovko. Povečave iz filma so narejene po analognem fotografskem postopku na baritni fotografski papir, toniran s sepia tonerjem in kaširane na paspartu. Cena takep povečave je 50 EUR. Iz steklene ambrotipije pa ponujamo tudi digitalne inkjet printe tiskane pri podjetju Luminus na Hahnemuele photo rag papir. Opcija je tudi okvirjanje. Portretne storitve v steklenem studiju ne ponujamo vsak dan, ampak začenjamo s prvo soboto v mesecu ali ob posebnih dnevih, kot je 8. februar, dan kulture. Torej, če vas zanima pridite pogledati, če pa ne marate čakati, se prosim prosim prej naročite na ali pa na telefonsko številko 00386 3 5485891. Studio se nahaja na naslovu Razlagova ulica 11 A, Celje, Slovenia, EU

Written by Borut Peterlin

3 February, 2013 at 02:03

Reviving skylight studio from year 1898, Josip Pelikan Studio

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Dear_readers_I’m_so_honored to announce that in collaboration with Museum of Recent History Celje we will revive portraiture sessions in one of the best preserved skylight studios in Europe. The glass studio was build in 1898 and from 1920 Josip Pelikan was working there. After his death in 1977 his youngest daughter Božena Pelikan took over the family busnis and when she retired in 90’s, the studio was donated to the museum that renovated it with great care for details.

In the following month of February we are planing to revive public portrait sessions in the studio in a noble manner of portrait photography of 19th and 20th Century. Well not every day, but on certain days. I was working really hard to achieve sufficient technical and aesthetic level. First step is to revive the studio, so people could enjoy the nobility that once portrait photography had.

Next is to have workshops on photography techniques of 19th Century and finally my greatest goal is to have a festival of Alternative Photography. I imagine that exhibitions and lectures on the topic would resonate perfectly in this space. I already founded Fotopub festival of documentary photography and I was the Art director of Fotopub during first seven years and the festival continues to thrive, so I’m confident that if I could do it at age 26, I could do it even better 12 years later! Especially because I have huge support in my mentor Miša Keskenović and wonderful people of Museum of Recent History Celje.

But step by step. And first step, first foundation stone is of course photography. Do you like it? Would you like to have a portrait of you in this manner? This is not my whole portfolio, this is just the beginning. Beside ambrotypes the studio will offer also wet plate collodion negative, printed on either salt print, albumen print, cyanotype, gelatin silver-bromide print and so on. But more about that in the following post. Josip Pelikan Studio is located in Celje, Slovenia, EU.

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