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Portrait of a painter Aleksij Kobal

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Aleksij Kobal, a painter

Aleksij Kobal is one of my favourite Slovenian painters and I was very happy to portray him again. Two years ago I portrayed him behind a large glass window (link). We discussed about possible scenarios for the portrait and he suggested to take me to his favorite place on the suburb of Ljubljana. In his work he’s applying modernistic urban architecture that are creating his dreamscape, so I wanted to catch this feeling in my portrait of him. After the main portrait I’ve made few more shots with my Mamiya C330. I like them just as much, if not more. I love the last frame. The rectangular it resembles so much to the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Not to mention this diffused northern light after sun set. Eternal beauty.

Written by Borut Peterlin

25 September, 2012 at 21:08

My weirdest project

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In the beginning of this year 2012, I borrowed a large format camera Linhof Technika and soon I fall in love in this kind of work. I decided I want to buy one and in April I bought two 4×5″ cameras. HERE is a link to the post. My first resolution was to shoot about 50 films and make every possible mistake that you can do with large format camera. I was photographing my children, but not as much as I wanted to, so I decided I’ll make portraits of trees. And not just any kind of trees, only an apple trees. I’m publishing just few of them, since I never bothered to scan them all.

This project started as a joke, as a topic that is easy accessible, doesn’t complain and gives you a good excuse for a bike ride, but with a surprise I learned that there is a potential in this topic. Every tree is different, of course, but if you look closely, you see that a tree is reflecting it’s owner’s personality. I’ve photographed neglected trees, farm apple trees, neat garden apple trees and so on. One apple tree looked like a bush. A farmer cut it above it’s roots, but tree didn’t die and now it looks like a mess. I didn’t continue with this project, because I realized that black and white technique is totally inappropriate. It should be either in full color to emphasize the tree and not a photographer or in Wet Plate Collodion technique to emphasize the photographer. By the end of the weekend I’ve learned more about people then about apple trees.

The purpose of this exercise was to establish a routine in working with large format camera and it was a success. Now it’s August and I’ve shot more then 200 plan films and I feel very comfortable with the camera and it’s workflow.

I’ve used my ShenHao 4×5″ camera for my work as a photojournalist. For weekly magazine Mladina I do portraits that accompany interviews in the magazine. Here are few examples:

27_194-Miha Kovač

27_191-rajko-pirnat-borutpeterlin.com27_187 gregor virant

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13 August, 2012 at 00:54

New creative portrait, Lucija Stepančič

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Lucija Stepančič, a painter and a writer
Photo: Darko Sintič,
Koncept and post-process: Borut Peterlin

Last week I had super fever with body temperature up to 39,6C and I couldn’t go to Ljubljana and make a portrait for Mladina. I asked a student of mine Darko Sintič to take a portrait and I explained him what I need. I took his images and chop them into pieces and polaroids from them. I used poladroid software. After I finished with post-process I was in a state of high fever dreaming whole night this images. I realized I should use dropshadow on polaroids and probably I should use some sort of texture for background. I wasn’t really sure if it’s OK, but now, with time distance I’m satisfied with the result. Ladies and Gentleman, Lucija Stepančič, a painter and a writer.

PS: I’m healthy now. Today I’ve carefully jogged few kilometers and I’m great. Great feeling, great energy!

Red Star T-shirt – Mladinina mikica z rdečo zvezdo

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Last week I had to make an advertisement for Mladina’s new T-shirt with a red star. Lately in the peak of recession when Slovenia is mentioned to be the sixth EU country that will need to ask for financial help, Prime Minister Janša started his campaign to trivialize National Liberation Front (Red star) and his right wing colleagues are openly glorifying Hitler’s collaborators Domobranci. Mladina decided to start selling the T-shirts with red star and trusted me to make a good picture for their campaign. My first idea was to go to Dolenjski muzej and on the exhibition dedicated to partisan resistance find some appropriate angle around guns. But guns were all in show windows and that was not possible. I decided I’ll make a very simple image and use the wall with names of over 3000 fallen partisans, activists and victims of o fascistic violence. I’m really happy that this photograph is not only opposing stupid remarks that Slovene Home Guard (Domobranci) soldiers who pledged their service to Hitler and were capturing allied pilots and handing them to SS, were fighting for democracy, but also reminding what red star really represents in history. If you want to buy one HERE is the link.


Prejšen teden sem naredil reklamno fotografijo za Mladinino novo mikico z rdečo zvezdo. KOt veste, na višku recesije, ko je Slovenija omenjana kot potencaialno šesta država, ki bo prisiljena prostiti EU za finančno pomoč, je Premier Janša začel svojo kampanijo za razvrednotenje pomena narodno osvobodilnega boja in simbola rdeče zvezde. Kot veste, so janševci začeli na glas propagirati hitlerjance in Mladina se je odločila, da naredi mikico z rdečo zvezdo. Meni so zaupali, da naredim fotografijo, ki bo uporabljena za oglase. Moja prva ideja je bila, da bi šel v Dolenjski muzej in na razstavi NOB našel nek zorni kot kjer bi lahko posnel mikico in orožje. Na mojo žalost je bilo vse atraktivno orožje v izložbi, ki je nisem mogel odpreti, tako sem se odločil, da naredim popolnoma enostavno fotko, ob spominski plošči, kjer so imena padlih partizanov, aktivistov in drugih žrtev okupatorskega nasilja. Na ta način fotografija nasprotuje fiktivni ideji, da so se hitlerjanci borili za demokracijo, ampak tudi izpostavlja kaj je rdeča zvezda resnično pomenila ljudem!

Če jo hočete naročiti, je tu POVEZAVA do nje.

Written by Borut Peterlin

16 July, 2012 at 15:56

Govor veleposlanika ZDA Joseph Mussomeli, Križanke, Ljubljana, 3.7.2012,

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Joseph A. Mussomeli, US Ambassador to Slovenia.

Few hours ago I was photographing a news event, U.S. Independence Day Celebration in Ljubljana, where U.S. Ambassador to Slovenia Joseph Mussomeli gave a speech that should echo widely. Slovenia is ruled by politicians that are obsessed with ideological differences. They are very successful in their intention to divide Slovenian nation on those who are “with us” and those who are “against us”. That is why this speech of ambassador Mussomeli touched me deeply as a voice of reason, so I’m passing it on.

HERE is a link to the scan of the speech, so you can read it.


Pred nekaj urami sem fotografiral dogodek praznovanja obletnice ameriške neodvisnosti, kjer je imel veleposlanik ZDA, Joseph Mussomeli, govor, ki mora odmevati. V teh časih, ko Sloveniji vladajo politične elite, ki so obsedene z ideološkim pravdanjem in so zelo uspešne v razdvajanju ljudi na ta bele in ta rdeče, je prav, da si lahko v miru preberemo to sporočilo in se zamislimo. Ta govor sem dojel kot glas razuma, ki se me je dotaknil, tako ga posredujem naprej.

TUKAJ je povezava na slovenski prevod govora.


Written by Borut Peterlin

3 July, 2012 at 23:12

My best portrait in Wet Plate Collodion – Boris Cavazza

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Photo: Borut Peterlin

A special edition of Mladina with interviews was issued and I’ve done quite a few portraits. My best one is without a doubt, a portrait of Boris Cavazza, the legend of Slovenian theater. Recently his biography was published and his life’s story under pen of writer Vesna Milek is extraordinary indeed! It was sould out three times and eventually I’m sure it’ll be translated into English.

This portraits I’ve done with two cameras. Portraits on wet plate collodion on glass plate I’ve done on a Plaubel format 13x18cm and other B/W portraits I’ve done on a Shen Hao G45 format 4×5″. Wet Plate Collodion portrait I’ve done in VIST studio and Darko Sintič was assisting me. THX Dare! The portrait is so dead sharp because I illuminated with flashes. During portraying at Park Zvedza in Ljubljana, a photographer Marko Šinkovec came by and took few behind the shoot images. THX Marko!

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New cover of Mladina weekly

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Today’s coverpage of Mladina weekly. Creative director: Robert Botteri, Graphic design: Ivian Kan, Photo: Borut Peterlin
For my foreign friends; Current Slovenian government with PM Janša did ban the partisan’s star from national celebrations and at the same time is trying to apologize the Hitler’s collaborator’s Domobranci. Cukjati even read in Slovenian parliament Domobran’s pledge to Hitler on their birthday during II.WW. So this is why I’ve build the stake and burn the star, as yiou do in this new “Middle Ages”.

With my father we were building one hour this stack and making the star and when I light the fire it was all over in 20 seconds. The star was made out of cardboard so it caught fire right away. For the cover I made a montage of two shots. Here they are:

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Written by Borut Peterlin

29 June, 2012 at 10:05

Cover page of Mladina weekly 22/2012

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Let me publish the new cover of Mladina weekly, just so you don’t get an impression I discard my digital equipment. Perhaps it’s not very obvious to a foreigner, but the shape of the orange is as the silhouette of Slovenia. The text of the cover goes that after 20 years of transition Slovenia is like a squeezed orange.

I was working on this on my own and I didn’t had a model, so I dyed my hand black and with the other I was triggering the camera with autofocus. Complicating I tell you. Because of this my wrist is not black, I couldn’t rib it with dye.
Photo: Borut Peterlin
Graphic design: Damjan Ilić
Creative director: Robert Botteri

Portrait of Tanja Radež with Wet Plate Collodion technique

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Tanja Radez, a graphic designer

Here is yesterday’s portrait of Tanja Radež, a graphic designer. It will be published in Friday’s Mladina weekly. I portrayed her in park Tivoli in downtown of Ljubljana, Slovenia. It looks like she’s illuminated with some sort of soft lights, but she’s not. It’s just a diffuse light in a shade. I asked her to sit on the first stairs of the staircase, so there was a lot of light from the (northern) sky. I used a 4×5″ camera with a Linhof 135mm f/3,5 lens and exposure was 6 seconds. Look at the background at the top of the image. I love the bookeh of this lens. It’s just a poetry!

All my Wet Plate Collodion chemicals were in a cold box, to keep the temperature down and I add a small spoon of sugar to my developer, to prolong the developing time. Finally I’m getting good results during summer temperatures. I was photographing at -17C and it was no problem (aside that I was cold), but during summer it’s crazy to develop collodion plates. Well problem solved and my time machine will work on full power 😉


Tukaj je včerajšnji portret Tanje Radež, oblikovalke. Objavljen bo v petkovi Mladini. Portretiral sem jo v parku Tivoli, v Ljubljani. Izgleda, kot bi bila osvetljena s kako mega mehko lučjo, a je nisem doosvetljeval. Samo prosil sem jo, da sede na prve stopnice, kjer je bila svetloba severnega neba najlepša, najbolj difuzna in dokaj močna. Uporabil sem svojo 4×5″ kamero z objekivom Linhof 135mm f/3,5 in ekspozicija je bila 6 sekund. Poglejte neostrino v zgornjem robu fotografije. Kako obožujem ta bookeh objektiva! Čista poezija.

Vse moje kemikalije so bile v hladilni torbi in v razvijalec sem dal žličico sladkorja, da bi s tem podaljšal čas razvijanja. Končno dobivam dobre rezultate v poletnem vremenu! Sem že fotografiral pri -17C in ni bilo problema, razen tega, da me je zeblo, a razvijat plošče pri poletnih temperaturah je norišnica. No, sedaj je problem rešen in moja časovna mašinca dela na polno! 😉

My finest interview portrait – Jože Mencinger

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I’m commissioned by Mladina weekly to do many portraits and that’s either creative far out portraits of artists or portraits that illustrate interviews. This Monday I’ve made a portrait of Jože Mencinger, a former Slovenian minister of economic development and acknowledged economist. I’ve made few portraits with digital camera and then one more with Linhof Technika, a large format camera. I asked him to make a portrait outside although it was rainy, in fact since it was discussion about recession I wanted to make a portrait of him with umbrella. It turned out to be one of my best interview portraits. Usually Mladina’s magazine layout demands a square format of a portraits for interviews, but in this case creative director Robert Botteri made a custom design so the image was not cropped and it shines in full specter. THX!!!

On Wednesday I’ve returned the Linhof camera to the owner and it felt like breaking with a girlfriend so now I’m compulsively buying another Linhof Master Tehnika. I’ve published my intention on FB and Twitter and two friends offered me their camera to buy / borrow, so on Monday I’m back on saddle again.


Za Mladino običajno delam portete bodisi umetnikov na kreativen način ali pa portrete, ki ilustrirajo intervjuje. Minuli ponedeljek sem portretiral Jožeta Mencingerja, znanega ekonomista in bivšega ministra za gospodarstvo. Sprva sem naredil par običajnih digitalnih portretov, potem pa sem ga prosil, da narediva portret še z analogno kamero Linhof Master Tehnika, formata 9x12cm. Prosil sem, da narediva portret zunaj, na dežju z dežnikom. Pač v intervjuju je govor o recesiji in vladnih ukrepih, tako je bilo kislo vreme kar ustrezna kulisa. Portret je izjemno dobro izpadel, še posebej, ker se je še posebej potrudil kreativni urednik Botteri in prikrojil grafični design fotografiji. Namreč običajno se od nas zahteva portret kvadratnega formata, a tako postavljena, neizrezana fotografija zares zasije v vsem svojem sijaju. THX!

V sredo sem moral vrniti Linhofco lastniku in počutil sem se kot srednješolec, ki ga je zapustilo dekle, zato trenutno kompulzivno kupujem drugo Linhofco. Objavil sem zapis na FB in Twitterju in dva prijatelja sta se ponudila, da mi posodita / prodata svojo, tako sem v ponedeljek spet v sedlu!