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I was a guest at The United Art Gallery

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Dear readers, followers and supporters,
Markus Hofstätter is a fellow wet plate photographer from Vienna and he runs a project The United Art Gallery, promoting wet plate photographers and their work. I was a guest on his podcast Behind The United Art Gallery.

I enjoyed the conversation very much and I’m very impressed how well the final result came out. I hope you’ll enjoy it too.
Thank you Markus!

Written by Borut Peterlin

3 July, 2020 at 09:53

TopSheet Photography Book Review – Peter Koštrun

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In this Topsheet Photography Book Review I’m featuring Peter Koštrun, a Slovenian photographer and professor at Academy ALOU in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The book is available for purchase in Gallery Photon on the link bellow:

If you like this vlog, you may support me by buying my book or by becoming my patreon. Links bellow:

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4 July, 2018 at 14:04

A theater performance Dom za igralce from Anton Podbevšek Teater

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I’m proud to present my new photo-movie on theater performance Dom za igralce, directed by Matjaž Farič and produced by Anton Podbevšek Teater. I’ve shot tons of photographs and then I was asked to make a teaser that will include also video. It’s challenging to make a video and I know what weakness and advantages are if you are shooting video with a video camera or if you’re making it with a photo-camera (nikon D3s and D7000). I was checking videos from other theater performances, but I soon decided I’ll make my own narrative. I mixed ambient sound from the performance, clean studio sound recording from the performance, an interview with the theater director Matjaž Farič, video recording from the performance and last but not least, photographs. I am foremost a photographer 🙂
How do you like it? Does it work? I know if you don’t speak the proper language it’s hard to get the full impression, but still.

Rate, comment, rock and roll!

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Photo-Movie as a teaser before a theater performance by Bertolt Brecht

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Tomorrow the theater Anton Podbevšek Teater is having a premier theater performance OD-LOČITEV V MUKDENU / Bertolt Brecht: Dajevec. Nejevec in Ukrep. This is a theater performance by Bertolt Brecht and few days before his death he was asked which of his works present a theater of the future and he without hesitation answered Die Maßnahme. Theater director Matjaž Berger was intrigued by this statement and made this performance. The central theme of all three parts is dealing with a sacrifice of an individual in relation to a collective. The most touching moment is a statement of Peter Čeferin, the famous lawyer that defended Albanian miner workers from Stari trg in year 1989. This was the most notorious trial in former Yugoslavia, a huge violation of human rights and obvious political trial. Theater director Matjaž Berger draw a correlation of Bertolt’s abstract idea into real life event that happened in our former country in relative recent times.

I’ve made this photo-movie with photographs, an interview with the theater director, sound from the show and a theme song. It is a sort of teaser before the premier of the show and I think this kind of Photo-movies are having a great potential in the future. I hope you’ll enjoy it even if you don’t speak my language.

Chess is my (another) passion

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Last week I was playing on a chess tournament in my town of Dolenjske Toplice. I wasn’t feeling very good and I was playing even worse, but the level was really high. It was 110 participants from at least four countries and three of them were chess Grandmasters! When I lost a game fast (quite few times) I did some photography and here is the result.

New set of portraits for Mladina’s summer issue “Interviews 2011”

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Mladina issued a special summer issue “Interviews 2011”. I’ve made these portraits. I hope you’ll like the portraits, the videolog and the reading. Don’t forget to rate & comment. THX, B5
Renata Salecl 8077_photo_borutpeterlinMirko Kovač 20110606_6328_photo_borutpeterlin.comLila Prap 20110516_0787Luciano Benetton 20110506_8418Franc Planinšek 20110505_7964goran bregović  photo_borutpeterlin.com20110422_6491

A video podcast an insight of my Tour de Dayton project

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A video podcast an insight of my Tour de Dayton work in progress project.

Tour de Dayton / part two

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Thx for all the feedback on my last video podcast, so here is a new one. I’m going to cycle about a 1000 km in Bosnia and Herzegovina on a ethnic border between Republic Srbska and Federation side (Muslims and Croatians). This project is on my chest for a very long time and few days ago I decided to start my tour on Thursday, that’s day after tomorrow. I mean if I don’t do personal projects then what’s the point anyhow. At the moment we’re making a facade on our house and you can imagine that my budget is very tight, so I decided I’ll use all the muscles that I gained with Muay Thai sit on a bike and peddle the project through.

Panorama head in my mind (manfrotto 303 plus)

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Ciao tutti,
yesterday I’ve bought a panoramic head Manfrotto 303 plus for my tripod and done few good images already! I hope you’ll like the video, and leave a comment if you prefer a videolog or typed weblog on photography. Or if you rate high or low, I’ll get the idea.

20110616_9268_panorama with manfrotto 303plus

20110616_9262-67_panorama with manfrotto 303plus

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17 June, 2011 at 16:51

Fotopub 2010 – interview with Chris de Bode

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