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5am project at #occupywallstreet / Ljubljana

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This morning I got up before 4am and drove to Ljubljana to photograph protestors infront of Ljubljana stock exchange as a part #occupywallstreet movement. For eleven years I’m working on a 5am project where I take pictures around 5am in different places of Europe and hopefully once it’ll be a book. Actually in this years I’ve made almost a dozen versions of book dummies, but new images are keep on appearing and I can’t finish it. Here is a multi-vision version from year 2009. And HERE is a post with 5am images from Poland, Lithuania and Czech Republic.

New 5am pictures from Czech Republic, Poland and Lithuania

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On Wednesday I took a train to Lithuania, to Kaunas Photo festival where I’m exhibiting my Flower Power project. My itinerary was that I should change a train at Warsaw East, but train was one hour late and the connection to Lithuania was at Warsaw Central. I showed even my itinerary to conductor but he just read Warsaw East, so I missed the train for Lithuania. Women at information office didn’t spoke English or German, so I tried to communicate in Russian. I never learned Russian, but I speak Slovenian, Serbian, Czech and I then I mix all together and try to communicate in “Russian” 🙂 It worked several times, but it did not this time. I took a train to Białystok hoping for a connection further, but without luck. I was stuck in Poland for a day with a huge headache. I took a room at the hotel and rest whole day. I decided that next morning I’ll take beautiful images at 5am and that will turn the whole incident into jackpot for my photography. I’m not superstitious, but this is one of the ways to get trough stressful situations in a decent manner. So above are images from Czech Republic (in train), Białystok / Poland and Kaunas / Lithuania and you judge if my tactics work 🙂
Link to my project 5am
LINK of the trip.

Written by Borut Peterlin

27 August, 2011 at 09:49

New book 5am available @

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A photography edit…
By Borut Peterlin

OK. After two weeks of hard work I’ve finished with my 5am book. You can see the whole content on my site just click HERE. Let me know what do you think.

I uploaded pdf to and ordered two versions of the same book. One will be with classic paper and soft covers (arround €20) and second will be with hard covers and premium paper (€36,95). It has 144 pages and it’s 18 x 18 cm format. For first twenty copies I’ll charge no fee (just Blurb’s production and shipping). I’m discussing with few publishing houses and it might be that they’ll ask me to stop selling the book via blurb. But until then, twenty copies are at your disposal.

PS: Yes, soft cover is still in process of Blurb’s preparation. It takes unusual long. It should be available in the evening. Sorry for that!