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Topshit photographer’s journal – July, 2015

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Dear topshit readers,
Here are some updates. I’ve just came back from family vacations and I don’t have a habit to post that my house is empty. Not that is anything to steal from it, but still.

What do you do for a living people are very frequently asking me. Hm… Not so easy to answer. Well, I do have two regular clients that all together make three to four monthly salaries per year but everything else is freelancing. I’ve been fortunate enough that I’m freelance photographer from 1998 and ever since I have burned only handful bridges, so people know me and I do not need to promote myself as a commercial photographer. The other Friday it was a crazy day. Three clients wanted to do the shoot in one day. Good, three flies in one stroke.

In the morning it was Janez Bršec, a poet. He wanted that I make a portrait of him for a cover of his book. I’ve done as he imagine it, but then I’ve made one more as I’ve understood it. He picked my version 🙂

Next it was Corcoras quartet with and without actor Branko Jordan and then a solo portrait of Branko Jordan. At 3pm it was really hot, but we’ve met beside a river that offered some fresh breeze. I didn’t had any problems, aside some oyster stains on the edges, which I like in the first place.

The last shoot was in Ljubljana, that’s an hour drive from where I live. We started at 7pm and finished at 11 pm. Maja Smrekar is a contemporary artist dealing with futuristic visions of humanism. Or at least that’s my interpretation of her work. Nevertheless she explained me her new project. It’s a survival kit for 21st Century. It has many features, it could be a weapon, a tool, or protective gear. So my task was to illustrate her using the set. I was using Balcar studio flashes, a Profot Flash Feeder, some “nothing special” gadgets, excellent Nikon D4 and three lenses. Interesting thing is that the last picture was taken almost at midnight with full moon behind. I had to illustrate that the kit has also a feature to offer a shade, so I’ve used the moon as futuristic sun. I was asked if I could have a workshop on these kind of creative lightning, but with – pardon my French – digital photography. Of course we will, stay tuned.

Written by Borut Peterlin

14 July, 2015 at 00:17

New Stripitz portrait, Robert Prebil, an actor as a sculptoror

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robert_prebil_Borut PeTerlin.com_3818Robert Prebil is an renown actor, but for last few years he dived into sculpture making. Next week he has an opening of an exhibition of his sculptures. The assignment from Mladina forStripitz rubric came in the time when I’m totally flooded by work and I contact him on Thursday to find out that only that day he has a day off and a lot of time to make the portrait. So I said why not and went to Ljubljana without any preconception how to make a portrait. I leaned to my notorious banzai tactic that basically means I have no clue what I’m doing, but I’ll do it in the best way possible!

Robert wanted to have his sculpture in the front plane so that him as an actor will be in a second plane. He wanted to distinguish his role as an actor from his sculpture making. I said that’s good enough for me, let’s build a story around that! We took a walk around the near area, looking for a proper place to set his sculpture and I was astonished by graveyard of writers and poets Navje in Ljubljana! We have chosen Plečnik‘s archers. We had a great discussion about art, how him as an actor is a medium for a director and writer of theater act, whereas in sculpture making he is a casting his vision to material medium.

So we were watching his sculpture under Plečnik’s architecture and he stated quite loudly: “THIS! This is what Plečnik left out from his architecture! This feminine principle!” I agreed completely. We admired the view on the sculpture and think how we should embed the author in this perfect scenery… We tried many options and on the end I decided to place Robert far in the back and with lightning establish the relation between each other. We worked for an hour and a half. I know I can make a good picture if I only have enough time and patience from the person portrayed.

Portrait of Primož Ekart and Štefka Drolc, actors of theater show Ella

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Štefka Drolc and Primož Ekart 20081010_9746Štefka Drolc and Primož Ekart 20081010_9741Štefka Drolc and Primož Ekart 20081010_9738
Primož Ekart and Štefka Drolc are legends of Slovenian theater. Few days ago they had a premiere of cult theater show Ella of author Herbert Achternbusch in Cankarjev dom.

Ella theater show is super charged with emotions and I was confronted how to picture that. Primož Ekart is playing son of Ella and he is her memory in a form of a voice in her head. Also scenography of Ella is really nice, sort of chicken cage and I was tempted to take a shortcut and use it for the picture, but then Primož commented that the scenography was photographed many times and if I have my own idea I should stick with it. When I was driving to Ljubljana I visualized a portrait lit from behind with minimum depth of field. I wanted a picture that is uncomfortable to watch, sort of charged with emotions. Text will be written by Deja Crnović and published by Mladina weekly next Friday.

Zvezdana Mlakar and Jure Henigman in a theater show Vincent River

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Zvezdana Mlakar in Jure Henigman foto 20081007_9626
For Mladina‘s creative portrait rubric Striptiz I did a portrait of famous Zvezdana Mlakar and Jure Henigman. They have a theater show Vincent River in theater Glej.

For this portrait I had an unrest. I’m in the not the most creative period of my life. I failed to prepare for a Frankfurt book fair that will happen next week and that is a big blow for me. I’m not making any excuses. Anyhow I didn’t had a good idea how to photograph them, but two hours before the shoot I visited flower shop and Glej theater. I like flower shop, but it was too much of everything. I wanted clean scenography. Something simple, so all attention will be on actors. I decided to do it in Glej theater. I saw a shadow on the floor that was casting by one pillar. I liked that dark shadow on dark wall and I was inspired by that. I thought I could build up something with black on black. Oh… I didn’t mention that Vincent river is really heavy psychological drama between two actors, full of love, hate and FEAR. So I liked the black on black visual element. 20 min before the shoot I was preparing for the shoot and on the end I even simplified the idea and did a picture as you see it. I used 200 mm lens and three flashes. One on the wall, one discretely on Jure’s face and one with softbox on Zvezdana Mlakar. It’s is great to photograph actors. I usually just prepare the surrounding and actors will make a picture with their expressions.

Written by Borut Peterlin

7 October, 2008 at 22:39