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Exhibition in Bratislava during Month of Photography

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During Month of Photography in Bratislava I was invited by Gallery Photon, to exhibit in the gallery of Embassy of Republic Slovenia. I decided to try something different, to present my work in old windows. I’m presenting a very intimate story of fears and delights being a parent and the window frames are emphasising hand made craft of my photographs and the effect of looking through window inside. I was very satisfied with the effect although needless to say I was full of doubts if this will actually work or make sense. I hope you agree, it does work.

I really wanted to exhibit this project, because as a teenager I saw the exhibition of Sally Mann and her project Immediate Family and this was for me very important personal motivation. Not only her work inspired me to photograph my family, but also it was in Sally Mann’s work I first time saw a 19th Century hand made photography used in contemporary art. On top of that, I am in the middle of divorce and setting up this work was so painful. I was totally ambushed by emotions from the past, while working on the exhibition. You don’t see that in the video, of course, but photographs are full of it.

Thank you to Gallery Photon, Dejan Sluga, Miha Colner, Embassy of R. Slovenia in Bratislava, Month of Photography in Bratislava and of course my family, Lučka, Brina and Alenka Peterlin.

On THIS link you can see the gallery of the images.

Here is a video few years old, where I’m talking about A Father’s Tale project, early version of the project.

Wet Collodion Photography workshop

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Ciao guys,
I’m at workshop at Academy of Fine Arts Novi Sad in Serbia learning how to do Wet Collodion Plate photography. I brought my Kodak Brownie with me and I’m surprised how good it works although it’s about 100 years old. HERE is a post that I’ve wrote when I got it, but then I never took time to figure out how it works. Rightly so, because on the workshop I’ve learned that that some silver nitrate is so dangerous that a drop in your eye will blind you forever. That’s why we work with safety goggles. Above I’m publishing my second Tintype photograph and the slideshow is from the workshop of Uglješa Dapćević and Mišo Keskenović. If you’re interested in this kind of workshop in Slovenia, rate this post and comment. It would be great to have a feedback.

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Written by Borut Peterlin

22 November, 2011 at 19:52