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Homework on picking aesthetic for my next project

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Toned silver-gelatine photograph of a December day, contact printed from 8×10″ collodion negative. The print is split toned with sulphide toner, Fomalux silver-chloride paper was used for contact printing and the fiber based paper was ferrotyped for high glossy surface.

I’ve made this beautiful print from a horrible negative. The good things about negative / positive process is that you can get away with many things. Two weeks ago I got my silver bath heavily contaminated because of unfortunate event that I want to forget, I cleansed that silver with kaolin, sunning and filtering, but it still wasn’t good. The silver bath was good for ambrotypes, but for negatives, it was fogging. I’ve kept that negative and I love it a lot. When I came home I repeated the cleansing process and it’s OK now.

Next week I’m going to photograph EU border that is barb-wired to prevent crossings of immigrants and refugees. The so called schengen border is very near my home, few tens of kilometres and I will go there and document it. I decided to go with Petzval lens, because it’s not covering fully the format and it has such a eerie feeling and communicate well my feelings about it. I’m still lingering about the final printing process, should I go with silver-gelatine photo paper (like the one above) or with albumen printing process. I will make an albumen print from another eerie negative and compare them.

This is a homework for every artist before starting to do the project, but especially important for a wet plate photographer, because of the extensive and precise preparation to make one photograph. Good, this is a good side being a wet plate photographer 🙂

Advanced far out darkroom technique in black & white photography

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Jure Henigman, an actor, portrayed by Borut Peterlin

Jure Henigman, an actor, portrayed by Borut Peterlin

From Mladina weekly magazine I was commisioned to do a portrait of an actor, Jure Henigman. I’ve already made a portrait of him in 2008 with Zvezdana Mlakar, but I was planning to do something completely different. First of all we’ve met at the parking lot in Ribnica and my first resolution was, no background, just the face and expression. I’m always impressed how an actor can make a story (photograph in my case) just with an expression. I brought my newly made headrest stand about which I was blogging already. A friend and colleague from Ribnica Luka Ileršič show up and show started. He took behind the scene images. I’ve portrayed Jure facing a church, because I liked the light coming from behind. I used ShenHao 4×5″ camera with Rodenstock 210mm lens + a yellow filter. Yellow filter is perfect for B&W portraits I love it! The secret of series Family Album is in a yellow filter!

When I got home the true adventure really started and I’ve made a video about it. I hope you’ll like my exploration of photography down the rabbit hole.

An apple tree with daffodils

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On my last post I published few images that were affected by light leaks in film holder. Yesterday I fixed the filmholder and gave it a go. I photographed an apple tree among daffodils by “Devil’s Tower” (Hudičev turn) in Soteska, Slovenia. At least I hope it’s an old apple tree. I’m already hearing my father how he’s showing off with his knowledge of latin names for trees and asking me for thousand times if we were not thought latin names for trees in secondary school for carpentry. I’m listening this question for last twenty years, and it all started with my secondary school degree in carpentry.
Anyhow, I’m happy that a film holder that I’ve bought on ebay for 15 EUR, is repaired and works nicely. I feel like a Camera Repair Man!
Na zadnjem postu sem objavil fotografije, kjer se vidi, da mi je kaseta za fim puščala svetlobo in včeraj sem jo dokončno popravil. Preizkusil sem jo pri hudičevem turnu v Soteski in naredil tale posnetek jablane. Vsaj mislim, da je stara jablana. Joj, že kar vidim očeta, kako se bo važil z svojim znanjem latinskih imen dreves in v tisočero vprašal kaj nas niso na lesno tehnični šoli naučili latinska imena dreves. namreč to vprašanje poslušam že zadnjih 20 let, takoj po končani srednji šoli za lesarskega tehnika…
No, kakorkoli že, kaseta deluje, je popravljena in ne pušča svetlobe tako se počutim svetsku, kot bi bil popravljalec kamer!


THE REAL advantage of digital photography vs. black and white

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The real advantage of digital photography vs. black and white analog photography is that you can transform darkroom into sauna!