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90th birthday of Božena Pelikan, the youngest daughter of famous photographer Josip Pelikan

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Today, 16th of September 2012 is the 90th birthday of Božena Pelikan, the youngest daughter of famous photographer Josip Pelikan. As a homage to famous Pelikan family and a humble gratitude to the photographical heritage of Pelikan family, I’ve made portraits of Mrs. Pelikan. I used Vageeswari 10×12″ camera with sheet film of 8×10″ and a lens Voigtlander Heliar 300mm, f/4,5. For Wet Plate Collodion portraits I used a Plaubel 5×7″ camera and I’ve made some quick takes also with Mamiya C330, format 6×6.

With Museum of Recent History Celje, we’re discussing projects that we might do together and I’m all excited since potentials are enormous! The studio is without a doubt one of the best preserved luxurious glass photographic ateliers in Europe with original equipment used by the famous Slovene photographer Josip Pelikan (1885–1977). More about it on the links bellow.

Museum of Recent History Celje / Josip Pelikan Photographic Studio
Panoramic view of Josip Pelikan Photographic Studio, Slovenia Landmarks by Boštjan Burger
Josip Pelikan’s photographies in the digital archive, – Digital Library of Slovenia

Borut Peterlin during photo-session with Mrs. Božena Pelikan. Assistent Tomaz Strmcnik. Photo Helena Vogelsang. Camera Plaubel 5×7″, Wet Plate Collodion, Flashes Balcar 1500Ws & ’50Ws.

Invitation to the exhibition of my Wet Plate Collodion photographs

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Dear reader, I invite you to the opening of my exhibition Family Album that will be in Galerija Laterna in Črnomelj, Slovenia on Friday 25.5.2012, at 19:00. I’ll exhibit a series of portraits of my family that I’ve made in last half a year. Some of it are made in Wet Plate Collodion technique, others are taken of sheet film format 4×5″. Large format rules! I’ll also make a live demonstration of Wet Plate Collodion portraiture. Fun it will be! Here are some previews from the show.
Dragi bralec, predraga bralka, vabim te na otvoritev razstave Družinski album, ki bo ta petek, ob 19. uri v Galeriji Laterna, v Črnomlju. Razstavil bom portrete svoje družine, ki sem jih naredil v zadnjem obdobju, v tehniki mokri kolodij na steklu in na velikoformatnem plan filmu. Na otvoritvi bom izvedel tudi demonstracijo tehnike mokri kolodij. Bo zabavno! Tu je nekaj predogledov z razstave.

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Stitching is a really crazy alternative printing photography process

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Company Ercigoj contacted me if I want to be involved in the new printing process, that is stitching. They developed some kind of hi-tech CNC computer guided sewing machine. I never heard about that so of course I’ve was very interested. I’ve sent them two files and after:

50 working hours,
826.920 stitches,
7.000 meters of thread,
of 21 different threads,
the picture size 116x39cm was done!

The result is amazing. I’m sorry because the scan or reproduction of the print can’t show true quality of three dimensional material that thread is. Nevertheless with zooming in details, you can imagine how does it feel like in real. I’m publishing few more pictures from their gallery. More info on the procedure you can see on their site or write them an email.

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Portraits with a classic view camera Linhof Technika 9×12

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I borrowed from a friend and a colleague a view camera a classic Linhof Technika format 9×12 cm and I love it! I photographed in shade just like Richard Avedon did his book In the American West and he was doing it like old masters of 19th Century, that is to photograph with “northen night”.

I have also a Plaubel Peco view camera format 13x18cm, that’s 5×7″, but I’m readjusting it, so I could expose glass plates for my Wet plate Collodion project. It takes quite a while and I’m not near finishing. In meanwhile I’m doing some portraits of my family with Linhof and I just let my friend now, I’m buying the camera. I love it! I’m publishing few portraits that I’ve done yesterday and today. I’m back into developing films and the other day I was driving a car and smelling fixer on my fingers, just like an ex-smoker would enjoy a smell of tobacco. I decided I’m going to build a darkroom in my house. THIS is the darkroom I used to have and I still have all the stuff, so why not make some good use of it!
Comments, ratings and old cameras welcome!

Exhibition Flower Power

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Flower Power exhibition. Photo: Alenka Peterlin

Flower Power exhibition. Photo: Alenka Peterlin

Flower Power exhibition. Photo: Alenka Peterlin

Last two weeks there was a lot of stuff happening with such intensity that I didn’t had time to blog about it. So, Flower Power exhibition in Sokolski dom, Škofja Loka was a success, exhibition looks great. I exhibited 35 images and it works really well if they are many images together. If it would be just a single or just few images, it would be a gag, but all together works really well, raising issues of news making, objectivity, spin public relation,…
The exhibition is open until 7th of March 2012. Here is a video about the project if you haven’t see it yet.

New creative portrait Jožica Curk and Mateja Panter

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Striptiz, creative portrait

Jožica Curk and Mateja Panter, architects and industrial designers, authors of a project Hi Konjiček / Giddy-up Rocking Horse. The inspiration for their rocking horse is a retro design from year 1956 and the principle re:use, re:design, re:think. I hope their concept is noted also in my portrait. I’ve made a portrait at Trnovo riding club in Ljubljana and in post-process I used split toning, adding grain, vignetting, displacing, warping and last but not least I combined two images in photoshop to get this cracks on the picture. I used a texture of a cracked stone.

If you want a video podcast on this kind of postprocess, I can do it, no problem, just leave a comment. I know that JC hates this explanations and since he makes most of the comments…
But seriously I learned a lot from Lesa Snider @CreativeLive. I’ve started working with Photoshop 3.0 in year 1995 and I feel comfortable with it, but exactly that’s why I’m keep on buying courses and books because there is so much more to learn and it’s fun to have more ways to express yourself.

Check my site for more creative portraits & stuff Commissioned by Mladina weekly.

New refurbished site + Striptiz portraits collection + New project Tour de Dayton

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New website

Dear readers of my blog,
I’m proud to announce that I’ve refurbished my site, sort my collection of Striptiz creative portraits and upload my new project Tour de Dayton. Don’t miss my artist statement, I hope it’s a memorable one. Enjoy it in full screen resolution (bottom left corner) and make yourself a PDF portfolio from my images and download it! Pictures are still copyrighted, though.
Please let me know what you think and share the info in your social network.

PS: I’m using APhotofolio service for two years now and guys are great. I wrote them so many questions and requests, that we became friends and next summer we’re going together to an FKK camp in Mali raj, Dolenje Polje, Slovenia!

Tour de Dayton / part two

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Thx for all the feedback on my last video podcast, so here is a new one. I’m going to cycle about a 1000 km in Bosnia and Herzegovina on a ethnic border between Republic Srbska and Federation side (Muslims and Croatians). This project is on my chest for a very long time and few days ago I decided to start my tour on Thursday, that’s day after tomorrow. I mean if I don’t do personal projects then what’s the point anyhow. At the moment we’re making a facade on our house and you can imagine that my budget is very tight, so I decided I’ll use all the muscles that I gained with Muay Thai sit on a bike and peddle the project through.

New creative portrait – no photomontage, straight from the lens. Mina Žabnikar

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mina žabnikar 20110225_5406

Mina Žabnikar is an illustrator and graphic designer. I’ve been commissioned by Mladina weekly to do her portrait and I was thinking how should I do a portrait as an illustration. I’ve done a really successful portraits of illustrators Katja Pal and Eva Vasari and many more illustrators. Just click search under keyword illustrator and you’ll be surprised as I was how many illustrators I’ve illustrated and that’s just a selection. I guess it’s good that I forget how I did my last portrait, so every time I start from the scratch and invent a new image.

Anyhow on a forum Lukka was wondering how I did the portrait. Easy, without a photomontage. Do you remember my picture series Zombies? I know JC does, it’s from 1997. I did this picture on a sidewalk in the beginning of my studies in Prague (1994) and I love it and I was keep on shooting in the same manner for the rest three years.

The portrait of Mina is done in this manner, with a small flash burst in her face, since it is a portrait after all. So technically as you can see in EXIF I used a long lens, an exposure of 1/10 and a door as a light shaft, so light is directed in one direction and not scattered through out the space. Basically I needed a silhouette and if that silhouette is moving, it does a slimming ghost effect as you see it. Last I needed s flashburst directed by a honeycomb onto her face. In postproduction I just level out the contrast on her face. Simple as pasulj.

Today’s premiere of avantgarde theater Anton Podbevšek Teater

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Today is a premiere of a theater show Paradigma Italo Calvino – smer: Nevidna mesta by an avantgarde theater Anton Podbevšek Teater. The building of the theater is under renovation so they made this show in a storage hall of pharmaceutical company Krka d.d. Here is a glimpse of their art. It’s very inspiring to witness a work of creation by such a dedicated team of artists orchestrated by Matjaž Berger. More info on their SITE.

Krka d.d., Skladišče končnih izdelkov Gotna vas, Novo mesto, Slovenia
Premiere: 27 December 2010 at 20:00
Also: 28, 29, 30 December 2010 at 20:00

Danes je premiera gledališke predstave Paradigma Italo Calvino – smer: Nevidna mesta, gledališča Anton Podbevšek Teater. Ker prenavljajo stavbo Anton Podbevšek Teatra, so tokratno predstavo priredili v skladišču farmacevtske tovarne Krka d.d. Tu je utrinek iz njihovih vaj. Zelo navdihujoče je bili priča delu tako predanega tima umetnikov, pod taktirko režiserja Matjaža Bergerja. Več informacij na njihovi strani.