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Barbed wired final frontier of EU

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Dear readers,
I’ve started a new project. I’m foremost documentary photography and ever since I got myself devoted to wet plate collodion process, I regretted the fact that I’ve parted with the spontaneity and playfulness of 35 mm photography. I desperately wanted to smooth my workflow, so the complexity of wet plate collodion process will not stand in my vision of documentary photographer, going around, taking pictures. That’s why I’ve made this invincible wet-plate mobile! If you are wet-plate practitioner you will appreciate a lot the content of this video, because wet-plate workflow has never been easier! Of course the dark-box is the key, as I’ve described in my LAST POST.

Now, finally, I can devote myself again to documentary photography I cherish so much. My theme is The Final Frontier of EU, more precisely the EU’s Schengen border. To prevent migration of refugees from Syria and immigrants from other places, Slovenian government decided to put barbed wire on our south border!


71WHId5NVOL._SL1500_Imagine that!?! I do not know what think and what will they solve with what? Imagine that thousands of refugees will flood across the river Kolpa to Slovenian soil and take a stand there! What will Slovenian government do then? I mean it’s not 1939, journalists are all around and on top of everything we should pretend to be civilised, so we set barbed wired fence. To stop what and who? Deers?

Most of my readers don’t know much of history of Slovenia and there is no reason why should you know, but in this context I will say few lines. Slovenia used to be part of Yugoslavia, governed by communistic regime that resist Stalin’s politic and therefore received a lot of


Deer that died in huge pain. Photo: Tine Lindič

sympathy from West and East. There was a very real threat that Soviet Union will invade Yugoslavia like they did to Czechoslovakia, Lithuania and others. Churchill delivered The Iron Curtain Speech in 1946 and its south-east border was actually Slovenia (that was part of Yugoslavia at the time). So what I’m trying to say is that in the past we experienced some really difficult times and inspire of being threatened with invasion, even when the Iron Curtain was being set on our borders with Italy and Austria, even in the dark times like this, our ancestors did not think of making our country like barbed wired concentration camp!

That said Slovenian nation, we deserve the finger up our asses, for being a faithful servants of our masters, support the imperialistic war in Iraq and dismantling Middle East, being quite at violation of human rights issues, buying particular arms and basically everything we supposed to do, to receive crumbs from the table. There is solely one good lesson to be learned from this refugee crisis. The whole Europe and the world has learned that whatever war happens wherever in the world, we will have in a month time refugees knocking at our door! USA is safe, they do not care, but people we have learned that you can not cross a border as a single person, but a flow of hundred thousands of refugees is unstoppable!

I say this in first person, because on the contrast to most of you, I do not exclude the scenario that I and my family might need to flea from a future war. I was 9 years old, I still remember very clearly, we had a lunch, I was being very picky and my grand father said, appreciate the food, because tomorrow it might be another war. I was laughing at him, thinking how silly he is, but not even ten years later we had a war!

President Mesić with T-shirt JADRAN JE NAŠ!

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predsjednik stipe mesic i t-shirt jadran je naš
For Mladina, Borut Mekina and myself we did an interview with president of Croatia Stjepan Mesić. On the end of the interview Mekina gave him a Mladina’s T-shirt with slogan “Jadran je naš!” (Adriatic sea is ours!). This T-shirt is Mladina‘s comment to a Slovenian / Croatia border dispute considering borderline on the sea, with paraphrasing famous Slovenian nationalistic slogan after second world war Trst je naš! that means: Trieste is ours!

Anyhow after president saw the T-shirt Mekina started to explain the T-shirt as a comment to a ridicules political dispute about the sea border, but president interrupted him and said: Of course I agree; Adriatic is ours, Slovenian and also Croatian!

If you want the T-shirt, you can get it HERE and it was commented also by Croatian newspaper Jutranji list. š

Sanader – Pahor coverpage of Mladina weekly 18_2009

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sanader - pahor coverpage of Mladina weekly 18_2009
New cover page of Mladina weekly with my picture from the meeting Pahor – Sanader @ Morkice castle. HERE are more images from that occasion.
Graphic design and montage: Ivian Mujezinović Kan & Damjan Ilić
Art director: Robert Botteri
Photography: Borut Peterlin

Fallen border – two years after (Gorizia – Nova Gorica)

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In the beginning of the week I did a feature reportage on the former border between Slovenia and Italy. It’s popular to say that border between Yugoslavia and Italy was a part of Iron Curtain, although it doesn’t deserve that name especially if you compare it to the border between Austria and Czechoslovakia. Anyhow border is gone, Nova Gorica and Gorizia are one town again and with journalist Toni Dugorepec we did a story on how is it 60 years after it was split between Italy and Yugoslavia and two years after it’s reunited. It’ll be published in Mladina.

PS: How do you like my new theme and bigger photos?

In Slovenia cigarettes and gasoline are still cheaper then in Italy.

A booth of former police control point is now a place where flowers grow (Slovenian side)

On Monday there was a concert on the border.
Boy sitting on the wall build on the border. Beneath him there is a sign Together on Europa.

The border.
On the border there is a joined city square that half of it is in Slovenia’s Nova Goriza half of it is in Italian Gorica, but it has two different names. Slovenian name for the square is EU square whereas Italian name is Transalpina square.
A night scene on the train station on the former border.

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