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Pharmaceutical calendar 2010 for Krka d.d.

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Here is a pharmaceutical calendar 2010 of Krka d.d. that I’ve made it together with my wife Alenka Peterlin. It’s a table top photography selectively illuminated with a small torch. Basically the same technique as I’ve apply it on A Gorjanci Fairy-tale. Who would have thought that I’ll be a table-top photographer, but since Slovenia is a very very small market, I need to do all sorts of photography to make it profitable. I don’t mind. Actually I enjoy it if results are good, but it does take an extra effort to switch to different kind of thinking and working. Already on 5th of January 2010 I had a meeting with invitation to take part in a selection process among several authors, with my proposal for a calendar 2011. That’s what I call planning!