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Two book covers by your favourite topshit photographer

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Here are two book covers I’ve done last month. OK, the philosopher Slavoj Žižek I photographed in 2008 (the blog post), but Danish publisher Samfunds Letteratur recently bought my portrait of Slavoj for the cover of Den nyttige idiot book.

Založba Goga hired me to make a cover of the newest book of rewarded writer Tadej Golob. I had completely open hands. The story is about a recreational boxer that is beaten by life, but he refuse and does not fall. It’s not a book about a champion, it’s a book about a fighter who fights in a ring called everyday life.

My concept for the cover was it has to look raw. Not brutal, but raw. Very raw. I do Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) and I have two pairs of boxing gloves, but mine are modern King boxing gloves, so it took me a while to find one that fited my idea. Of course I’ve done the cover in wet plate collodion technique with an old petzval lens on 4×5″ format to achieve the beautiful rawness.

With the same concept I’ve made the portrait of a writer Tadej Golob.

A cover page of a book Ali boma ye by a writer Tadej Golob, published by Založba Goga

A cover page of a book Ali boma ye by a writer Tadej Golob, published by Založba Goga


A cover of a book of a philosopher Slavoj Žižek by publishing house Samfunds Letteratur

A cover of a book of a philosopher Slavoj Žižek by publishing house Samfunds Letteratur

New cover of Mladina weekly

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Today’s coverpage of Mladina weekly. Creative director: Robert Botteri, Graphic design: Ivian Kan, Photo: Borut Peterlin
For my foreign friends; Current Slovenian government with PM Janša did ban the partisan’s star from national celebrations and at the same time is trying to apologize the Hitler’s collaborator’s Domobranci. Cukjati even read in Slovenian parliament Domobran’s pledge to Hitler on their birthday during II.WW. So this is why I’ve build the stake and burn the star, as yiou do in this new “Middle Ages”.

With my father we were building one hour this stack and making the star and when I light the fire it was all over in 20 seconds. The star was made out of cardboard so it caught fire right away. For the cover I made a montage of two shots. Here they are:

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Written by Borut Peterlin

29 June, 2012 at 10:05

Cover page of Mladina weekly 22/2012

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Let me publish the new cover of Mladina weekly, just so you don’t get an impression I discard my digital equipment. Perhaps it’s not very obvious to a foreigner, but the shape of the orange is as the silhouette of Slovenia. The text of the cover goes that after 20 years of transition Slovenia is like a squeezed orange.

I was working on this on my own and I didn’t had a model, so I dyed my hand black and with the other I was triggering the camera with autofocus. Complicating I tell you. Because of this my wrist is not black, I couldn’t rib it with dye.
Photo: Borut Peterlin
Graphic design: Damjan Ilić
Creative director: Robert Botteri

New coverpage of Mladina weekly

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Creative director: Robert Botteri,
Graphic design Damjan Ilic and Ivian Kan Mujezinovic,
Photography & production Alenka and Borut Peterlin

Ciao tutti,
here is a cover page of tomorrow’s Mladina weekly. Creative editor asked me if I can do a cover with vegetable on a theme of ecology, new mentality, etc… I was reluctant to go ahead with the whole thing, knowing it demands a lot of work and preparation, but since this is my last issue of Mladina weekly on a position of photoeditor I give it a try. (I’ll still work as a photographer for Mladina).

With a help of my lovely wife Alenka (check her site) we made an improvised table top studio. I needed clay to shape up a face on which I will lay vegetable. I got it from my neighbor Vesna Majes Klančičar (she makes fantastic pottery). And here is the result. I didn’t use almost no photoshop, just fine tunning. The most surprising thing was that when I send it to creative director, he asked me how (and why) did I portray a particular Slovenian politician? Did I?
So I’m asking you does it resemble to some Slovenian politician?
PS: Do you remember last vegetable art work by A5 and B5? LINK…


Tu je naslovnica jutrišnjega tednika Mladina. Kreativni urednik me je prosil, da bi naredil nekaj iz zelejave, nekaj na temo ekologije, nova miselnost, pa to. Predlagal sem mu portret človeka iz zelenjave. Kljub temu, da sem nisem bil navdušen, saj vem koliko dela in časa vzame takšen podvig, a glede na to, da je to moja zadnja številka Mladine, kjer sem še fotourednik, sem se odločil, da poizkusim. (saj bom še delal za Mladino, a samo kot fotograf)

S svojo blagorodno ženo Alenko (povezava do njene strani) sva postavila improviziran table-top studio in se lotila dela. Potreboval sem glino, kot osnovo modeliranje oblike obraza katero bom obložil z zelenjavo. Glino sem dobil pri sosedi Vesni Majes Klančičar, ki dela res fenomenalne ročne lončarske izdelke. In tu je rezultat. Nisem skoraj nič uporabljal photoshopa, le tu in tam sem kak detajl zgladil in blitvo očistil glinenih prstnih odtisov. Najbolj me je presenetil komentar urednika, ki me je vprašal kako (in zakaj) sem upodobil določenega politika. Kaj sem res, sem mu vrnil vprašanje.
Tako sprašujem vas. Komu je podoben ta obraz?

PS: Se še spomnite zadnje mojstrovine z zelenjavo, sirom, šunko, mlekom, keksi, tima A5 in B5? (POVEZAVA)

V petek izzide nov mesečnik Global

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Nov mesecnik: Global
This is the first issue of new monthly magazine Global, issued by Mladina d.d.
Editor in chief: Marcel Štefančič
Graphic design: Zvone Kukec
Photo editor: Borut Peterlin

It’s a collection of best articles from all over the world. From New York Times, Guardian, Corriera della Sera, Die Zeit, younameit,… My favourite article is an interview with Fidel Castro. Amazingly, in retrospect Castro is very critical to some of his own judgments in the Cuban Missile Crisis and also very critical to Ahmadinejad. Not to mention when Fidel breaks few jokes on his role as a dictator. No doubt, you can not afford to miss it.

Written by Borut Peterlin

28 October, 2010 at 08:39

New issue of Mladina weekly & Kosor / Pahor romance

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Mladina 44/2009

Here is a cover page of Mladina weekly done by
Graphic design: Ivian Kan Mujezinović
Photography: Borut Peterlin
Creative director: Robert Botteri

Picture was taken on Pahor / Kosor meeting in Zagreb and I love this settle gestures that are so revealing, but even more I love to see what my colleagues make it out of it.

TAXES – an illustration with photography

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davki - foto 3209
DAVKI means taxes in Slovenian language and for Mladina weekly I’ve made this picture illustrating new taxes for real-estate that will be introduced in Slovenia. We’ve planned to have a cover with this issue, but it’s too fragmented with too many small elements, but we used it as a large opening picture inside the magazine. You can see also the vertical version in my
Concept, typography, photography, styling by Borut Peterlin

Which cover page of Mladina do you prefer?

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Picture 7Picture 4Picture 2

Creative director: Robert Botteri
graphic design by Ivian Mujezinović Kan
Photography: Borut Peterlin

THANK YOU EVERYBODY FOR VOTING! In just few hours (from 8am – 3pm) you voted almost 100 times and this post received 500 726 visits/today. Final decision was made and it was a tough call! On the end editors decided to publish two cover pages, so next issue of Mladina will have two cover pages. In the shop you’ll have a pile of Mladinas and the content will be the same, only there will be two different covers. HA! I think that’s great idea! Bellow there are two chosen covers.

Tomorow’s cover page of Mladina weekly

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New cover page of Mladina weekly.
Creative director: Robert Botteri
Graphic design: Ivian Mujezinović Kan and Damjan Ilić
Photography: Borut Peterlin

I shot this image in Terme Dolenjske Toplice. I used Ewa Marin protection bag. When I was testing my equipment I’ve made an unplanned self portrait. It’s not flattering, but I love it!
Selfportrait by Borut Peterlin

Cover pages on Obama

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M45_08.indd This is a cover page of Mladina weekly and is a variation to a Lenin’s October revolution. Creative director Robert Botteri.

And is publishing hundreds of cover pages and is publishing 50 best cover pages.

I can’t believe it! Obama has a photostream on Flickr! (source aphotoeditor and Jackarony

Written by Borut Peterlin

9 November, 2008 at 20:39