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New Striptiz portrait – Nataša Živkovič

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Nataša živkovič - foto Borut Peterlin 20100517_9145

This is a new portrait for Striptiz rubric of Mladina weekly. Nataša Živkovič is an emerging actresses that recently had her first solo theater performance in which she invited her mother to play. I did this portraits in Tivoli park in Ljubljana. I used two Balcar flashes, one with honeycomb, one with softbox, powered by Elektrona’s Flash feeder and NIkon D3. Tjaša Zajc assisted me. Thx!

Nataša živkovič - foto Borut Peterlin 20100517_9162Nataša živkovič - foto Borut Peterlin 20100517_9137
Nataša živkovič - foto Borut Peterlin 20100517_9123Nataša živkovič - foto Borut Peterlin 20100517_9108

New Striptiz portrait od dancers Rosana Hribar in Gregor Luštek

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p-striptiz lustek in rosana 20080414_4168

Gregor Luštek and Rosana Hribar 20080414_4118

Here is a new portrait for Mladina’s Stripiz rubric. Rosana Hribar and Gregor Luštek are renown dancers that recently won an important international contest in Hanover. I now Gregor from secondary school but he moved to Ljubljana and I see him only on national celebrations where he performs. The image is shot on a parking lot beside Bežigrad stadium and it’s one of rare free parking lots in Ljubljana. And since it’s free it’s also not maintained and there are so many puddles it looks very surreal, so I wanted for a long time to make a portrait there. When I made first test shot I was surprised myself on blueness of the sky. It’s not artificially saturated, it’s just evening sky, that I underexposed it. Portrait of dancers was perfect occasion and I find a perfect metaphor in contrast between dirt, wet, earth, cold,… and air, sky, clean,…

It’s a metaphor of artist’s pursuit for beauty in everyday.

PS: Klemen Ilovar was assisting me. thx! Please choose one image! I need to submit it today, so quick! thx!

Written by Borut Peterlin

15 April, 2008 at 05:57