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New coverpage of Mladina weekly

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Creative director: Robert Botteri,
Graphic design Damjan Ilic and Ivian Kan Mujezinovic,
Photography & production Alenka and Borut Peterlin

Ciao tutti,
here is a cover page of tomorrow’s Mladina weekly. Creative editor asked me if I can do a cover with vegetable on a theme of ecology, new mentality, etc… I was reluctant to go ahead with the whole thing, knowing it demands a lot of work and preparation, but since this is my last issue of Mladina weekly on a position of photoeditor I give it a try. (I’ll still work as a photographer for Mladina).

With a help of my lovely wife Alenka (check her site) we made an improvised table top studio. I needed clay to shape up a face on which I will lay vegetable. I got it from my neighbor Vesna Majes Klančičar (she makes fantastic pottery). And here is the result. I didn’t use almost no photoshop, just fine tunning. The most surprising thing was that when I send it to creative director, he asked me how (and why) did I portray a particular Slovenian politician? Did I?
So I’m asking you does it resemble to some Slovenian politician?
PS: Do you remember last vegetable art work by A5 and B5? LINK…


Tu je naslovnica jutrišnjega tednika Mladina. Kreativni urednik me je prosil, da bi naredil nekaj iz zelejave, nekaj na temo ekologije, nova miselnost, pa to. Predlagal sem mu portret človeka iz zelenjave. Kljub temu, da sem nisem bil navdušen, saj vem koliko dela in časa vzame takšen podvig, a glede na to, da je to moja zadnja številka Mladine, kjer sem še fotourednik, sem se odločil, da poizkusim. (saj bom še delal za Mladino, a samo kot fotograf)

S svojo blagorodno ženo Alenko (povezava do njene strani) sva postavila improviziran table-top studio in se lotila dela. Potreboval sem glino, kot osnovo modeliranje oblike obraza katero bom obložil z zelenjavo. Glino sem dobil pri sosedi Vesni Majes Klančičar, ki dela res fenomenalne ročne lončarske izdelke. In tu je rezultat. Nisem skoraj nič uporabljal photoshopa, le tu in tam sem kak detajl zgladil in blitvo očistil glinenih prstnih odtisov. Najbolj me je presenetil komentar urednika, ki me je vprašal kako (in zakaj) sem upodobil določenega politika. Kaj sem res, sem mu vrnil vprašanje.
Tako sprašujem vas. Komu je podoben ta obraz?

PS: Se še spomnite zadnje mojstrovine z zelenjavo, sirom, šunko, mlekom, keksi, tima A5 in B5? (POVEZAVA)

V petek izzide nov mesečnik Global

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Nov mesecnik: Global
This is the first issue of new monthly magazine Global, issued by Mladina d.d.
Editor in chief: Marcel Štefančič
Graphic design: Zvone Kukec
Photo editor: Borut Peterlin

It’s a collection of best articles from all over the world. From New York Times, Guardian, Corriera della Sera, Die Zeit, younameit,… My favourite article is an interview with Fidel Castro. Amazingly, in retrospect Castro is very critical to some of his own judgments in the Cuban Missile Crisis and also very critical to Ahmadinejad. Not to mention when Fidel breaks few jokes on his role as a dictator. No doubt, you can not afford to miss it.

Written by Borut Peterlin

28 October, 2010 at 08:39

Portrait of Tomaž Lavrič

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tomaž lavrič / mladina / foto borutpeterlin
Tomaž Lavrič is a legendary comic writer and illustrator. His books are selling throughout the world and he received tons of awards. You can find several in Striparnica Buch. On Tuesday he’s having an exhibition opening in Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana (more info). Although we’re colleagues working for the same magazine Mladina weekly, it was not as easy as you might think. Tomo doesn’t like that his pictures are taken and when I suggest him an idea, he wasn’t convinced and we delayed so long that we crossed the deadline. After a shout from a creative director I called Tomo and told him that the concept is to do the portrait ASAP. We met in Museum of Modern Art, hoping that his exhibition will be hanging already, but there were just blank walls. I thought on a portrait I’ve done long time ago of his colleague Darko Tomić (HERE) and I’ve made a remake of the picture. In 5 minutes this portrait was made and in next five we made a bunch more. Effectiveness of a photojournalist was always my advantage.

Updated site

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new website

Ciao tutti,
During December’s holidays I updated my site WWW.BORUTPETERLIN.COM and I’m inviting you for a visit. I added new Striptiz portraits, new Flower – Power pics, new tearsheets, new corporate work, new photojournalism category Photo of the week (with captions). I’m still preparing videos to be uploaded.

Also A Photo Folio (company of A Photo Editor – Rob Haggart) made slick new design changes. I really like large thumbnails in four rows and the navigation bar and that you can send an image from site to your email and everything else.

I would like to read your feedback. And please rate the post (stars on the bottom of the post) as you would rate my site.
Thank you,

Creative portrait Janez Bršec – a poet

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Janez Bršec, a poet, commisioned by Mladina, project STRIPTIZ. This portrait was inspired by one of his poems where he’s talking about God. If you’re religious you might not appreciate his work, but I especially liked the song Face of the God (Obraz Boga). You’re wondering how it was done?

Well I’ll tel to my client I ordered a custom made milky glass from Swarovski, then ordered a table with computer guided telescopic features on which I lay down the precisely sowed black velvet and the glass and then asked Janez to step behind it and take a shot against the stars. In this way I will issue an astronomical fee for the picture, but the truth is that you can order a Plexiglas from Akripol for 50 EUR and then put a table on a bench and it’s just as good.
I know what you’re thinking. No, it’s not cheating, it’s an art concept. I want to lead a concept of astronomical all the way to the end, so obviously I can’t issue a usual bill that could compete with a meal in a fancy restaurant, isn’t!

Here is one more version without the trees, but I prefer the one with treetops. I like disturbances – more God like.
PS: Don’t forget to rate (stars at the bottom of the post). God never forgets to rate!!!


New cover of Mladina issue

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A new cover page of Mladina Issue 49/2009
Authors: Robert Botteri - Creative director; Ivian Mujezinović Kan - Graphic design; Photography - Borut Peterlin

New Striptiz portrait + video with Nikon D3s

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Studio Botas - 20091130_6872

To my series of Striptiz portrait I added a video dimension. I have so much fun with Nikon D3s and Nikon D300s. Here is the portrait and video of the making of this issue of Striptiz portrait in Mladina weekly. For editing of this movie I used Quicktime-pro a software for 35$. I used also garage band to fade out music on the end. If you have any other questions – shoot.

New issue of Mladina weekly & Kosor / Pahor romance

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Mladina 44/2009

Here is a cover page of Mladina weekly done by
Graphic design: Ivian Kan Mujezinović
Photography: Borut Peterlin
Creative director: Robert Botteri

Picture was taken on Pahor / Kosor meeting in Zagreb and I love this settle gestures that are so revealing, but even more I love to see what my colleagues make it out of it.

New book 5am available @

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A photography edit…
By Borut Peterlin

OK. After two weeks of hard work I’ve finished with my 5am book. You can see the whole content on my site just click HERE. Let me know what do you think.

I uploaded pdf to and ordered two versions of the same book. One will be with classic paper and soft covers (arround €20) and second will be with hard covers and premium paper (€36,95). It has 144 pages and it’s 18 x 18 cm format. For first twenty copies I’ll charge no fee (just Blurb’s production and shipping). I’m discussing with few publishing houses and it might be that they’ll ask me to stop selling the book via blurb. But until then, twenty copies are at your disposal.

PS: Yes, soft cover is still in process of Blurb’s preparation. It takes unusual long. It should be available in the evening. Sorry for that!

New spectacular Striptiz portrait; Klemen Globočnik

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Klemen Globočnik, an artist and together with Matic Zorman an author of project Masacre of Average (Masaker povprečja). He was portrayed when a balloon of water burst behind his head. I had this idea already in the end of February, but we had to wait so the temperatures would be warmer. Readers of my blog will still remember that at the time I shot the cover page for Mladina weekly HERE and already at that time I learned all the tricks how to shoot bursting balloon. I knew Balcar 1500 Ws is not so fast flash that would freeze water drops and in this case that was a great effect.

Well this time it was much more difficult. I wanted to make picture more interesting by hiding gravity. As you can see water is evenly around his head. My camera was on the ground, Klemen was leaning above the camera and behind his head was a balloon and a studio flash with 1500 Ws. Then I asked Tina to burst a balloon and in that moment I triggered hand held flash Nikon SB900 that triggered Balcar as well. Of course we were all wet, but camera was in Ewa Marin bag and Nikon flash was wrapped in an ordinary plastic shopping bag. We made five tries, but second one was best. I’m publishing behind the shoot images. I would like to brag that it was high end production, but it’s not. As you know Striptiz is shot on no-budget policy, but at least in that way recession can not do any harm to my work 🙂

Portrait commissioned by Mladina weekly.
More Striptiz portraits on
Thanks to Klemen, Tina & Bojan Brecelj on who’s parking lot we wet it.

This is the image as camera recorded. You can see myself and Tina above Klemen.