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Exhibition of Wet Plate collodion landscapes

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In September 2014 I had an exhibition in Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana. I’ve enjoyed that period of life a lot, taking wet plate negatives, photographing river, defeating summer heat by a swim in a river together with my kids. What a privilege to be alive! I’ve recorded a lot a videos to pass on the knowledge I’ve generously received from Mark Osterman and the Collodion community. I’ve enjoyed the work so much I never found time to edit the video material and unfortunately the material just piled up. In the last few months I haven’t record any videos, because I knew I must edit the old material first and yesterday I’ve started at 9pm, finished at 3am and 12 hours later it’s live on youtube. I hope you will find some useful information and some inspiration in it.

The exhibition represents a path that I walked through in the last two years, while learning the process. But the exhibition started with the tintype of frozen river Krka, that I’ve made two months after I’ve started to do wet plate collodion at the temperature of -17C. HERE is the post from February 2012.

The exhibition is devoted to a painter Božidar Jakac and the concept is inspired by words of a poet Tone Pavček, engraved in his gravestone:

You’ve remained part of the landscape, its pain and its beauties.

And this concept is mirrored in the images, I wanted that in every of image there would be a presence of beauty and pain. I’ve designed the exhibition to be dynamic. I’ve exhibited original tintypes, ambrotype glass plates, toned albumen prints, salt prints, carbon prints, toned cyanotypes and also some toned silver-gelatine enlargements and ink-jets from wet plate collodion negatives.

The most important result from the two years walk, it can not be shown directly, but it’s the most important result. I’ve learned the process, I have no open questions and I can make a good image in (almost) any conditions. I’ve learned many different processes and those tools will play a crucial role in my future art career.

Last but not least, if you want to learn some of that hands-on photography processes, I warmly recommend workshops in George Eastman House with Mark Osterman. It’s one thing to learn the process, but it’s something different to get an access to one of the most interesting and rich collection of photography and feel that you are a part of it.

I can not offer that, but I do offer individual workshops, so if you’re interested in buying a print from me or a workshop, please send me an email to

Corn fields of my childhood (wet plate collodion, carbon print process)

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I grew up in this valley and every September I loved to photograph corn fields. It’s something elegant and tranquil in a field of corn. It was a sunny afternoon and I had three plates ready and subbed with albumen, so I give it a go. The negative was done in the first attempt and although the density was not as thick as it could be, due to loosing quite a lot of developer (containing silver), but that was easily compensated by the second development after fixing, the redevelopment. I just had to redevelop longer, increasing the layer of silver and busting the contrast.

Screenshot 2014-10-10 10.34.49Screenshot 2014-10-10 10.36.12Here are two beautiful prints, I hope you will like them and as it is a tradition on this blog, I’m putting these two prints on ebay auction, starting from 0,99 US$. The auction will end in three days, because I’ve learned that my customers are readers of this blog and it doesn’t matter if the auction is listed for a week or only for few days. As a professional artist (and a father of two daughters) I need to sell my work or get a “proper” job, so thus the aggressive promotion. Things are going good, great, much better than I’ve expected.


This week Art Photo Budapest fair is happening and this fair is the only international fair in Eastern Europe dedicated to art photography. Gallery Photon is presenting me in a very generous way. I’ve been told that this event is a milestone in my career. Tomorrow at 3pm I was invited in the panel to discuss art market in East Europe. As one of my presented cases it will be also this blog and my experience with ebay auctions.

I have this feeling that I’m on the right track and although I know I will not do these ebay auctions forever, it’s a brilliant marketing tool!

733_01_borut_peterlinMartin Parr gave me the best advice ever! Do whatever you do and keep on doing it until people could not afford to ignore you any longer!

Isn’t that a brilliant advice? We artists have a very long history of being ignored and some of us even cut their ear off! Well I’m not cutting my ear or getting a “real job”. I enjoy what I do and thank you for all the attention. It truly helps to know that people have a harder and harder times to keep on ignoring me!

PS: My email box if stacked with questions about the processes I’m doing. I’ve answered some, but most of them I just can’t. SORRY! Please write the question here, as a comment and I will do much better job clarifying some details of the process. You can write a question anonymously, no problem.

A carbon print , format 10x12" (25x30cm) in a mat, size 40x50cm (16"x20"). Edition 1/12.

A carbon print , format 10×12″ (25x30cm) in a mat, size 40x50cm (16″x20″). Edition 1/12.

An albumen print toned with gold, format 10x12" (25x30cm) in a mat format 40x50cm (16"x20"). Edition 2/12.

An albumen print toned with gold, format 10×12″ (25x30cm) in a mat format 40x50cm (16″x20″). Edition 2/12.

Screenshot 2014-10-10 10.20.52

Screenshot 2014-10-10 10.20.39

Romas colectively cleaning their settlement Dobruška vas, Škocjan, Slovenia

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Today there was a cleansing action in Roma settlement Dobruška vas, Slovenia. After Škocjan municipality got a new major, a plan was accepted to improve living conditions for Roma settlement. First action was to clean the Roma settlement and municipality supplied trash bags and containers, while Roma cleaned the trash. Next action is a supply of drinking water. These Romas have nearest access to drinking water on 5km distanced graveyard. During the winter also this pipe is closed so they melt snow or drink from a stream that is polluted from farm fields and landfill. The stream serves also as a canalization for the settlement. This Roma settlement suffered a lot. Six years ago Slovenian terrorists throw a hand grenade through a window of last house in the settlement, killing a teacher’s assistant and her mother. Of course this terrorists are still unconvicted, since court can not agree about evidence.

However today sun was shining in this settlement after a very long time. As a journalist I was personally surprised that no journalist covered the event, inspite that I’ve personally told them this will be happening. As a contrast let me show a picture from yesterday’s anti-Roma protest in front of town hall in Novo mesto. There were about 40 protesters and 13 journalists.

More about terrorists killing Romas you can read on THIS link.

Danes je bila delovna akcija v romskem naselju Dobruška vas. Po tem, ko se je župan Škocjana zamenjal, so se v občini odločili, da ukrenejo nekaj za izboljšanje razmer v romskem naselju Dobruška vas. Za začetek so sklicali čistilno akcijo pri kateri je občina priskrbela vreče in kontejnerje, Romi pa so očistili naselje odpadkov. Sledila bo akcija, da ljudem omogočijo dostop do pitne vode. Namreč ti Romi imajo najbližjo pipo na pet kilometrov oddaljenem pokopališču. Pozimi je tam vodovod zaprt, tako talijo sneg ali pa pijejo iz potoka v katerega se steka vsa svinjarija iz polj in smetišč, služi pa tudi kot kanalizacijski jašek za naselje. To je to naselje, kjer so pred šestimi leti slovenski teroristi vrgli bombo skozi okno zadnje hiše v naselju in ubili pomočnico učiteljice in njeno mamo. Seveda ti teroristi so še vedno neobsojeni in na prostosti, saj se strokovnjaki ne more zediniti glede dokazov. Kakorkoli že, danes je prvič po zelo zelo dolgem času posijalo sonce v to žalostno vas. Mene, kot novinarja je presenetilo, da te zgodbe ni nobena medijska hiša pokrivala, kljub temu, da sem novinarjem osebno povedal, da se to dogaja in da je vredno medijske pozornosti. Kot kontrast naj povem, da so včeraj imeli Silvo Mesojedec in krajani Bučne vasi protestni shod pred mestno hišo v Novem mestu in 40 protestnikom je pozornost namenilo 13 novinarjev.

Več o tej zgodbi slovenskih teroristov lahko preberete na tej povezavi.

Anti Roma protest in front of City Hall, Novo mesto.
Silvo Mesojedec in krajani Bučne vasi na protiromskem shodu, Glavni trg, Novo mesto. 20110310_8119

Manfred Willman and an exhibition in Novo mesto, Slovenia

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Manfred Willman is having an opening of his exhibition tomorrow 25.2.2011 at 18.00 in Dolenjski muzej, Novo mesto, Slovenia. He is one of the most important figures in photography in this part of the world. Beside his influential photography work, he was also a founder and an editor of the magazine “Camera Austria“. Don’t miss the first solo exhibition opening by this author in Slovenia and author’s talk on his work that will happen on Saturday 26.2.2011 at 11.00 in the gallery.

Manfred Willman ima otvoritev razstave jutri, 25.2.2011 ob 18. uri v Dolenjskem muzeju v Novem mestu. Gospod Willman je eden najpomembnejših figur v svetu fotografije v tem delu sveta, saj poleg njegovega vplivnega fotografskega opusa je bil ustanovitelj in urednik revije Camera Austria. Ne izpustite prve njegove solo rastave na slovenskem in avtorjevo vodstvo po razstavi, ki bo v soboto 26.2.2011 ob 11h.

Written by Borut Peterlin

24 February, 2011 at 18:00

Virgin forest Krakovski pragozd

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Today I haven’t photographed meeting of Prime Ministers of Slovenia and Croatia, I photographed something way more important. A virgin forest of reservation of Krakovski pragozd. I was playing around also with HDR technique. I haven’t overdone it. Just a tip if you’ll go to the forest, carry a compass with you (GPS doesn’t work in dense forest), because in that forest even locals do get lost. I usually go in there with a friend Hrvoje Oršanič, who is an active environmentalist, a forester by profession and a fantastic nature photographer. And even he got lost in it, time ago.

Here is a good article about that forest By Janez Božič (in Slovenian)
HERE is a Google Map of the place.

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This picture needs to be large!

Written by Borut Peterlin

23 October, 2010 at 22:52

We are selling our vineyard summer house in Slovenia, Dolenjska region

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My father is selling his vineyard house. My parents invested ten years of their life (plus some months of mine and my brother’s) and nowadays they don’t want to work in vineyard anymore. I helped him, but I also don’t have time and I rarely drink alcohol and I’m building a hose of my own, so it’s a burden for me to. It’s located 4 km of Dolenjske Toplice wellness center and 8km from Novo mesto.

HERE are more photos on
Here is an advertisment on
In vicinity is a grass field airport for smaller airplanes.
Price: 100.000 EUR
CONTACT: Branko Peterlin 00386 41 652 023 or