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Portrait of Primož Ekart and Štefka Drolc, actors of theater show Ella

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Štefka Drolc and Primož Ekart 20081010_9746Štefka Drolc and Primož Ekart 20081010_9741Štefka Drolc and Primož Ekart 20081010_9738
Primož Ekart and Štefka Drolc are legends of Slovenian theater. Few days ago they had a premiere of cult theater show Ella of author Herbert Achternbusch in Cankarjev dom.

Ella theater show is super charged with emotions and I was confronted how to picture that. Primož Ekart is playing son of Ella and he is her memory in a form of a voice in her head. Also scenography of Ella is really nice, sort of chicken cage and I was tempted to take a shortcut and use it for the picture, but then Primož commented that the scenography was photographed many times and if I have my own idea I should stick with it. When I was driving to Ljubljana I visualized a portrait lit from behind with minimum depth of field. I wanted a picture that is uncomfortable to watch, sort of charged with emotions. Text will be written by Deja Crnović and published by Mladina weekly next Friday.