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Video with new camera Nikon D3s

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Today there was a press conference on new camera Nikon D3s. I was commissioned by Nikon to do a test with the camera through my daily jobs. I7ll write more about it on Friday when I’ll have more time. As you can see from the movie I’m working many jobs at the same time and today I’m finishing this issue of Mladina weekly and tomorrow I have a lecture at Faculty in Sežana. Friday sounds sunny.

PS: Today at 20:00 in Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana there is an opening of exhibition “Photonic Luminatic – new Slovenian photography and video” and you’re all invited! Few of my pics are there as well.

A slideshow ad for new issue of Mladina weekly

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Announcement of new issue of Mladina weekly.

Ecological protest of residents of Posavje against Lafarge

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eco protest zasavje against Lafarge cement factory 20090624_8528 A picture taken last week on an ecological protest of residents of Zasavje against Lafarge Cement factory in front of Ministry of Environment and Spatial planning.

New cover page of Mladina weekly 08/2009

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Mladina 08/2009 - 1_Mladina 08/2009 - 2Mladina 08/2009 - 3_Mladina 08/2009 - 4
This are four versons of cover page of Mladina weekly 08/2009, which theme is devoted to analyze of depression by former finance minister Dušan Mramor. Slogan "počilo bo" it means it’ll burst!
Which one is best for you? Cover page is printing already, but I want to know your opinion.

BOTTOM RIGHT VERSION WON!!! My favorite was upper right version, because in the bottom right version there was a hand, that I had to retouch out, but it wasn’t perfectly executed. In the morning I was told bottom left was chosen because on that picture balloon didn’t burst yet, but aesthetically it the weakest so I was kind of disappointed. Their explanation was exactly the same as Žan’s comment that the slogan “it will burst” suits the most bottom left picture. My main criteria is that cover must look good, so I was relieved that editors changed their mind and chosed bottom right version. THX FOR ALL THE VOTES!
Creative director: Robert Botteri
Design: Damjan Ilić
Photography: Borut Peterlin

PS: Before JC will ask how I did it… I bought water balloons for 3 EUR, fill it up with water and hang it on a rope that I tied on the balcony. I thought stronger the flash lite, shorter is the flash burst, but no. My Balcar 1500Ws made all blurry pictures, so I used Nikon SB 900 and that was perfect. I had a flash in left hand and spike in right hand. I was shooting at night and during exposure of 2 sec, I burst the balloon and fired the flash manually. It’s not that difficult, but it does need some training. I was not satisfied with my first try and next day I bought more balloons and redo the shoot. On the second try every image was perfect. Few small tricks: Use telelens and with your body you can cast shadow on the lens, so it’s perfectly illuminated. I did also pictures so flash was behind the balloon, but then picture was too flat. From side I got this kind of beautiful 3D illumination.

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25 February, 2009 at 10:58

Prime MInister Borut Pahor and Alexei Miller / GAZPROM

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Borut Pahor and Alexei MIller Gazprom 20090116_1484
Few hours ago there was a photo-term of a meeting of Slovenian Prime Minister Borut Pahor and CEO of Gazprom Alexei MIller. They are still a bit discrete what the conversation was about, but it’s logical it was about new pipeline for gas and probably about a possible gas terminal in Slovenian sea.

I did many photos. I’ve chosen side position from two reasons. First I hate straight flash4cash handshakes and second the position in front of them was already taken by about 30 photographers. So I knew that if I’ll get a picture it’ll be great, but my chances were slim. On top of everything because of cold temperatures, my flash battery was not as fast as usually. When they start to shake hands I took a picture just before hands touch and then several usual picture. I notice that my flash is filling slow, so I prolonged the shutter speed to 1/60 and I was “drinking” the flash light from other photographers. Many pictures were too dark, but three images were perfect. Of course when my flash filled up I had a usual flash4cash image.

I’m publishing the best image. Pahor and Miller are appearing like Vampires from Gorjanci hills.

Written by Borut Peterlin

16 January, 2009 at 19:24

Striptiz portrait of ethno band Jararaja

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jararaja foto 20081203_8003
Music band Jararaja is renown acoustics ethno band. I had a different idea for them in mind, but since days are so short and they could not meet together before the evening I decided to torture the guitar again.

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Greenpeace at Nuclear plant Krsko in Slovenia

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Greenpeace in Nuclear plant Krsko in SloveniaGreenpeace in Nuclear plant Krsko in SloveniaGreenpeace in Nuclear plant Krsko in SloveniaGreenpeace in Nuclear plant Krsko in SloveniaGreenpeace in Nuclear plant Krsko in SloveniaGreenpeace in Nuclear plant Krsko in SloveniaGreenpeace in Nuclear plant Krsko in Slovenia

As you all read there was a leak in one of the pipes at Nuclear plant in Krško, so the plant was slowly shut down and the event was reported to all nuclear institutions around Europe. Today I watched news and I can’t believe what a big circus happened around a faulty valve. Austrian TV even declared that a cloud of radiation could reach them. And then Austrian institutional for nuclear safety received a notice that it’s just an exercise whereas whole Europe had a nuclear alarm.

Anyhow today I was commissioned by Greenpeace from Hamburg to escort them and document their work. We met also a UGO group from Viena Greenpeace and Global2000 had Geiger counters and GPS so we were walking around nuclear plant, measuring radioactivity. The radiactivity level was zero or it was solely natural radioactivity.

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6 June, 2008 at 00:25