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Wet Plate Collodion photography at -17C

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A cityscape of Novo mesto with frozen river Krka.

Last week it was really cold in whole Eastern Europe and although in Slovenia was not as bad as in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia,… it was still really cold. River Krka has frozen! Last time that this happened it was in 1929 and 1846 before that. When I saw that river Krka was freezing I decided to make a photograph in Wet plate Collodion. Famous deceased painter Božidar Jakac painted a painting of a frozen river Krka in 1929 and that image impressed me deeply when I was still a child. So this is the result. I had a refrigerator bag with hot bottles of water, to keep chemicals and plates warm. After 2 hours working at temperature of -17C, I’ve made three successful images. On the end I was cleaning my stuff and have left a plate in destiled water and it was covered in ice in just a few minutes. I’ve sold one plate just few days after. This wet plate collodion adventure drained all my finances so I needed money and I’ve sold it pretty cheaply.

I’m planning to make an art-zine with this kind of photographs in edition of 99 and 36 of them will have an original tintype plate. I was thinking to sell an art-zine for 10 EUR and one art-zine with one original, unique tintype plate as a pre-order for 99EUR + VAT + shipping. That’s all together 130 EUR for an art-zine and one tintype plate. Size of the plate is 10×15 cm (about 6″x9″) If you’re interested, send me an email that you’re interested and I’ll send you a reproductions of my plates as I make them. My email is This image of frozen river Krka is not for sale, but new work will be.

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