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Film developers Kodak D-76 vs. Rodinal vs. FX-1 vs.Pyrocat HD

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After the Lord of the Rings film trilogy, after the Matrix film triology, we finally have the triology on film developers! This vlog features two old developers, Rodinal and Kodak D-76 side by side with a new guns FX-1 and Pyrocat!

Oh, what a fortune that is! Enjoy the vlog and share your opinion on the topic, so others (me included) can learn from it. This research took way too much time and I do not know why I am always surprised on the amount of work that takes to make it through. But I’ve done it. I hope you will like it.

Part one of the saga: (no darkroom):…

Part two (mixing chemistry):…

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A Tribute to Ansel Adams workshop. Topshit workshop!

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Last weekend I had a workshop, A Tribute to Ansel Adams workshop. We were doing mostly analogue photography with large and middle format cameras. Next workshop is in two weeks, that’s 30., 31. of October and 1st of November 2015. I have two more places open. The same location, Baza 20, Kočevski rog, Slovenia. Photographers under 26 years and local photographers have a massive discount. My email is More info on:


Minuli vikend sem, v sodelovanju z Dolenjskim muzejem, priredil fotografsko delavnico in ta isti program ponavljam na delavnici zadnji vikend oktobra 2015. Slovenski fotografi in mlajši od 26 let imajo konkreten popust. Na voljo sta še dve prosti mesti. Več informacij na mojem emailu in strani:

Logotip Topshit Photography je kreiral Tomato Košir
Internet stran pa

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14 October, 2015 at 08:33

My love affair with middle format cameras (Mamiya, Bronica, Yashica, Fuji,…)

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As followers of my blog might know, I got into large format photography. First only with Wet Plate Collodion technique, but then when I run out of chemicals, I started to shoot also film. I got into it right away! I mean I’ve shoot 26 film folders with about 100 films in each before I started digital, so it’s not like I discovered America, but I must admit, that in this digital revolution I left out many things, that I didn’t know I’m missing them. Like the smell of fixir on your fingertips 🙂

But seriously in this digital revolution suddenly all images are the same. The same optics, the same flashes, printers, the same images… And when I started to rediscover the analog cameras again, I felt a child-like joy and things started happening. Like the other day I was walking through storage room of a friend and noticed Zenza Bronica ETRS, format 6×4,5 and I borrowed the camera that nobody was using for a very long time. Then another friend borrowed me a Mamiya C220, a twin-lens camera format 6×6 and I loved it. I was publishing pics by this camera and a Facebook friend offered me a Mamiya C330 camera for 200 EUR. That offer you can not refuse so I’ve bought it. It’s in mint condition! The seller told me a lot about the former owner of this camera and I’m feeling kind of guilty that I’m dragging this camera constantly with me, whereas the former owner was taking it out only on special occasions.

On the end of the day I’m suspecting it’s middle age crisis kicking in. When I was studying photography in 90’s this cameras were really expensive. Like a camera like that was half the price of a car and now, thanks to digital revolution, nobody wants them anymore! Thank you, very much!

Here are few recent pictures. Square ones are with Mamiya C220, lens 80mm, f/2,8 and rectangular ones are with Zenza Bronica ETRS, lens 150mm, f/3,5.

418765_10150962519275216_42172206_n 27_172_10

The last image: Daughters are delighted by father’s new camera!

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18 August, 2012 at 16:08

Prepisani – Striptiz creative portrait

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prepisani foto 20100306_2540

For this issue of Mladina weekly, Striptiz rubric I’ve made a portrait of a film crew of a movie Prepisani with Jonas as a driving force of the project in front. Director of the film is Klemen Dvornik and it’S shot in co-production of Vest, Filmservis and Nuframe.
Jonas wrote a really excellent post on Kubrick’s stare (HERE). Hi-Res image in my archive

Premiere of film by Jure Breceljnik

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This is a trailer of my dear friend Jure Breceljnik with whom I studied together at FAMU, Prague. He was always the best photographer at the academy, but he switched to film. This film Chalk & Chocolate is a documentary film about Natalija Gros. I was astonished to see his trailer and I’m already thinking about a Striptiz portrait worthy of his work.
So see you tomorrow, 18.3.2009 @ 20.00 in Cankarjev dom

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17 March, 2009 at 23:08

Damjan Kozole, a creative portrait for Striptiz rubric

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damjan kozole 20081114_3828Damjan Kozole one of the most recognized film director in Slovenia. His latest project is a theater show Noč ali klic v sili (Night or call of distress)in Slovensko Mladinsko Gledališče in Ljubljana. This portrait is commissioned by Mladina weekly. I imagined a portrait that is merging two worlds of Dajman Kozole, that is film and theater world. I decided for this concept and it’s summing up many layers. The theater act is called Night or Call in distress, so picture have an element of night, an element of distress and it has of course an element of comedy, that is also an important part of theater act Night. The silhouette is done by a famous Slovenian actor Ivo Godnič, who is also the main actor of the show and he resembles to Hitchcock silhouette.

Written by Borut Peterlin

15 November, 2008 at 11:38

Screening of documentary film Kino Sloga by Mojca Pungerčar in Samski dom

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20081006_957720081006_957220081006_956920081006_9609Irfan 20081006_9611Mojca Pungerčar foto 20081006_9584
Yesterday Mojca Pungerčar projected her documentary film Kino Sloga about migrant workers in Samski dom a home for migrant workers in Zalog. Workers really liked and on the end there was a speech by Irfan from Socialni center Rog and from Radio Študent about injustice that is going on toward this workers. For true injustice is going on and they got upset and after that I couldn’t ask them for another picture with Mojca.
Here are other screenings:
Torek, 7. 10. 2008 ob 20.00 h:
Delavsko naselje (dvorisce), Letaliska 2, Ljubljana – Moste
Sreda, 8. 10. 2008 ob 20.00 h (samo za stanovalce doma!)
Samski dom Cesta na Poljane 1, Ljubljana â?? Stegne
Cetrtek, 9. 10. 2008 ob 20.00 h:
Samski dom Snaga (dvorisce), Poljanska 66, Ljubljana â?? Poljane

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7 October, 2008 at 13:08