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The best camera for the job / Topshit Photography Vlog 018

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In this vlog I’m just enjoying spontenitivity of photography. Many of our colleagues are just buying more and more cameras and at the same time taking less and less photographs. I am no exception, I am not pointing on anybody (especially not on Jean-Christophe Quet)

So I intend to shoot ten rolls, make a selection and bind it in a book. Because I can do that. I love photography, just for the sake of doing it and I hope the inspiration will come across this video. Thank you for all the attention!

Batmanning as a job

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As a free-lance photographer I work for Mladina weekly, but I’m also a photo-editor of Global monthly. For december issue of Mladina I was assigned to make an advertisement for Global monthly. Inspired by batmanning video we made this ad. The original idea was that Dare would be hanging and I would photograph, but circumstances changed and we switched roles. On the video it looks like we tried only two times, but we did much more then that. It’s fun! This was my first batmanning. I found a new talent!

PS: I must admit that only now I saw on youtube some very gruesome batmanning falls, so don’t do this if you’re not payed for some huge amount of money like in my case.
PPS: To non Slovenians, this was a joke 😦
PPPS: If you like the music, check N’Toko’s myspace site.

Crazy creative portrait of a team Beli sladoled

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Beli sladoled by 20110509_9098

Beli sladoled (White ice cream) is a world-known painting group consisting of two academic painters, Miha Perne and Leon Zuodar. They develop drawing as an autonomous fine art medium. Beli sladoled acts on the principle of the »Kinder egg«, which means that their every exhibition is a surprise on its own.

I received a brief to do their portrait on Sunday, that’s the day before the shoot, but this paragraph above from their site is all that I needed to know. They act as by the “Kinder egg” principle, I act by the principle of Terrahawks – “expect the unexpected” which is a perfect concept to start from if you don’t have a concept at all.

They won this year’s OHO prize, so first we planned to make a photograph at Vžigalica Gallery with the podium, but it was Monday and the Gallery was closed and we couldn’t get the keys.

So we met at Metelkova. I was an hour early, so I was relaxing on a sun like a sand lizard then I walked around Metelkova and noticed a guy named Eddie that was building something with bricks and had a shopping trolley full of bricks. I asked him if we can borrow his bricks with a shopping trolley and of course there are no problems at Metelkova 🙂

My first concept was to present them as a brick dealers in a dark brick lane of Ljubljana and the ideal brick scenography was not far from Metelkova, just beside the Old Power Station. Miha and Leon dressed themselves in their official uniform and we walked down the street to the location. We had such a laugh on our way and even more when the trolley flipped. When we arrived on the location I tried a picture with a trolley, then I was wondering if I can do a simpler image without the trolley and you can see different takes until we came to a final scenario that you can see above.

More creative portraits you can see on my site, but since I wasn’t updating it lately I recommend also my flickr account. Anyhow don’t forget to rate, share, comment…

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Single pictures from single moments

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When I started with photography I was, like everyone, photographing everything that caught my eye. From nature, portraits, car, girls, parties, buildings, flowers, animals, younameit,… Then I become a professional and I was photographing on assignments, projects, themes, clients, younameit,… and a decade later I realized that most of spontaneity and excitement is gone. I’m overflooded by commercial and professional assignments, so in my free time I don’t think on photography any more. And that used to be my main, most fun, most exciting, most inspirational occupation. I remember I couldn’t sleep at night because I was to impatient to wait for a dawn. Now I’m all stressed out from photography.

But this is normal. To be sure your lens is in focus, you need to go over the best focused point into unsharpness and then move focus back a little. I’m happy I crossed the point when my talent was in maximum focus and now I’m in unsharp area. Time to readjust my settings 🙂

Here are few single pictures from single moments, without any great concept to save the world or to sell it to someone. This pictures are just for fun.

single picture 20090705_0177single picture 20101029_1970single picture 20101003_8701single picture 20101102_1450
single picture 20101030_2037

Picture of the day; Cleaning ladies observing art work of Tadej Pogačar

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I made this snapshot in front of Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana, where cleaning ladies got a break standing in front of artwork of Tadej Pogačar.

Fotopub 2010 – interview with Chris de Bode

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Fotopub 2010 – announcement

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Fotopub Festival 2010 will happen between 26 – 31 July!

It will be tenth edition of Festival in a row, so expect even more then we delivered in last years. For the first time Fotopub will offer two masterclasses. In addition to Fotopub masterclass, we will host the masterclass of the famous UK Photo agency Panos Pictures, leading in documentary photography.
Apart from that various exhibitions will be shown from the Balkans, Cold war relics, Africans telling African stories and a number of multimedia productions.
Applications will be open in May, so please visit our website for registration and information:

Here are few Fotopub souvenirs from last years. (Hoover over the image for a caption. )
Many more images on Flickr…

chris de bode and Fotopub workshop by 20090720_1724George Georgiou with Fotopub 2005 T-shirt
FotopubFotopubArne Hodalič and his project for National Geographic FotopubMajda Širca, Minister of Culture  Fotopub 2009 festivalScreening on Fotopub Festival 2009Robert Knoth on Fotopub Festival 2008Steve Forrest talk at Fotopub FestivalFotopub Festival screening at Goga bookstoreMartin Parr talk organized by Fotopub Festival photo: Bostjan Pucelj

Pep bonet at Fotopub FestivalPep bonet at Fotopub Festival

Striptiz portrait – Conny Blom

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Conny Blom portrayed by 20100127_4968-2

Conny Blom is a Swedish artist, portrayed in front of Ljubljana’s stock exchange market with his art piece from exhibition – carrots bound as a bomb. Portrayed for Mladina’s STRIPTIZ rubric with Nikon D3s and flash Balcar 1500Ws with a softbox.

PS: carrots bound as a bomb is an art piece of Conny Blom and he’s usually planting it in front of a gallery where he’s exhibiting.

Wondering what I’ve been doing while not blogging?

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Yes, this pictures are taken today at 1:30 am.

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11 February, 2010 at 12:34

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Short film dedicated to Slavko Avsenik

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Slavko Avsenik is a legendary author of Slovenian folk song Golica, that is THE SONG MOST OFTEN PLAYED BY EUROPEAN RADIO STATIONS! His band was famous especially in the region of Slovenia, Austria, Germany and Switzerland and he sold more then 32.000.000. records! On the same day Avsenik and Rolling stones had a concert in the same town and of course more people show up on Avsenik’s concert! Last week he celebrated his 80th birthday and on Tuesday he had a reception at Prime Minister of Slovenia Borut Pahor.

I made this video with my new camera Nikon D3s. Starring: Katarina Kresal – Minister of Internal affairs, Irma Pavlinič Krebs – Minister of Public administration, Boštjan Žekš – Minister without Portfolio Responsible For Slovenes Abroad, Borut Pahor – Prime Minister of Slovenia, Milan Kučan – former president of Slovenia, Radovan Žerjav – president of SLS party, Alfi Nipič – musican, Brigita Avsenik – wife of Slavko, Vilko Avsenik and Slavko Avsenik.

Here is the most played songs of all times on European radios: