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Headrest for sale

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Dear readers,
more then a year ago, I’ve ordered a headrest from a master blacksmith, Miha Krištof and he made an astonishing product. In the post from December 2012, I even published links of the bleuprints that I gave to the blacksmith with intention that everybody can take this blue print to a local craftsman and order a headrest. I was receiving several requests if I can order one more headrest, but the blacksmith was clear that if I want to make a new order, I need to order four at the same time. It happened that few months ago I did received three orders at about the same time and I did order four more headrests. So for now, I’m selling one headrest and gathering orders for more headrests. After I submit the order, it takes about a month time that blacksmith finishes his masterpiece. So the price for the headrest is 500 EUR, free shipping. If you’re interested to become a keeper of one of this sturdy headrest for a century or so, please send me a private mail on

I’m also coming to European Collodion Weekend so I can bring you one. Or two. Month of May is not that far and remember that it takes a month to make it.

Head Rest for Wet Plate Collodion portraits

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Finally I have a good and solid headrest for my wetplate portraits. I was looking for a headrest and in USA they costs about 600 USD + shipping + customs. I tried to use a microphone stand and that’s useless since it’s not solid enough. Some time ago I was doing a portrait of a traditional blacksmith Miha Krištof from Maribor, Slovenia and I knew he was able to make a good headrest. It’s really good, solid and it looks slick! I payed 300 EUR, which is not cheap, but when I saw the result I was very happy. It’s an excellent investment! I’ve made this videolog to show it to you. If you want to order it as well, I can give you a contact, his wife speaks perfectly German and his apprentice speaks English as well. On the click HERE you can download patents for Head Rest from 19th Century that were gathered by Miša Keskenović. With this plans and pictures of my head rest you can find a local craftsman and order it locally.

Miha Krištof, blacksmith

Miha Krištof, blacksmith

head rest for wetplate portraits made by Miha Krištof

head rest for wetplate portraits made by Miha Krištof