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Progress in building our house

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A huge progress in a construction of our house. I’m all days working and my wife Alenka is running this show. Two more months and we’ll be in.

PS: On Friday evening there was a night storm in Alps as seen from Dolenjska.
night storm 20100506_6844

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9 May, 2010 at 10:02

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New steps in building a house

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20090321_930320090321_930020090321_931420090321_932020090321_932120090321_931820090321_9322 copy
Here is a new stage in constructing our house. Now terrain is more or less formed. One more stone wall needs to be build in front of terrace, but otherwise it’s as it should be. Also water tank of 7000 l volume is digged underground. It’s not meant for drinking water, but we’ll capture rain water and use it for sanitary water, washing cars and for the garden.

This pictures are from last weekend, 14th of March 2009.

HERE are pictures from 20th of May 2007 when we made a road to our propety.
HERE are pictures from 4th of December 2008 when we start to dig a hole.
HERE is from 13th of December 2008
HERE 21th of December 2008

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22 March, 2009 at 23:47

New stage in building our house

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20081221_015820081221_017020081221_0173A week later all the walls in a basement are made.

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21 December, 2008 at 17:06

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Building of our house is progessing fast

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_MG_8917_MG_8921_MG_8904Today’s pictures from the building site of our house. A huge progression in a week. Compare with THIS post from 4th of December. About 140 trucks of soil was driven away from our property. Guys from GRASS company are really good and hard working!

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13 December, 2008 at 23:59

The construction of our house started!

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20081204_8031 cviblje izkop 120081204_8043 izkop cviblje 2
Finally the construction of our house began with big steps as you can see. A months ago there was still nothing, but now there is a slope (škarpa) built and the hole for foundation dig. Last year we build a road to our house and you can compare with THIS POST.

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4 December, 2008 at 22:53

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We are selling our vineyard summer house in Slovenia, Dolenjska region

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My father is selling his vineyard house. My parents invested ten years of their life (plus some months of mine and my brother’s) and nowadays they don’t want to work in vineyard anymore. I helped him, but I also don’t have time and I rarely drink alcohol and I’m building a hose of my own, so it’s a burden for me to. It’s located 4 km of Dolenjske Toplice wellness center and 8km from Novo mesto.

HERE are more photos on
Here is an advertisment on
In vicinity is a grass field airport for smaller airplanes.
Price: 100.000 EUR
CONTACT: Branko Peterlin 00386 41 652 023 or

Blue print for our house is about to be finished

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A blueprint of our house (7,5 x 11m) is about to be finished and here are side views. House was constructed by the idea of my lovely wife.
click all sizes for larger image

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23 April, 2008 at 12:56

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