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I was a guest at The United Art Gallery

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Dear readers, followers and supporters,
Markus Hofstätter is a fellow wet plate photographer from Vienna and he runs a project The United Art Gallery, promoting wet plate photographers and their work. I was a guest on his podcast Behind The United Art Gallery.

I enjoyed the conversation very much and I’m very impressed how well the final result came out. I hope you’ll enjoy it too.
Thank you Markus!

Written by Borut Peterlin

3 July, 2020 at 09:53

Topshit interview with Josef Koudelka by Borut Peterlin

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This weekend I was at Vienna Photo Book Festival and it was great. So many photo-books and artists all believing the same thing as I do, that a book is an ideal medium for our photography! I’ve done topshit interview with none other than Josef Koudelka, who was the main star of the event. I hope you will like it. Big thanks to Uroš Počivalšek, the colorblind agent of mr. Koudelka, for making this interview possible!

PS: Because I’ve received few angry emails, let me explain it that all those stupid questions I’ve heard as a feedback to my work. I found it satiric when these questions are posed against one of the best photographers in the world. That said also my biography is written in satiric fictional way. I see things differently, don’t shoot me…

Written by Borut Peterlin

16 June, 2014 at 18:07

My best portrait in Wet Plate Collodion – Boris Cavazza

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Photo: Borut Peterlin

A special edition of Mladina with interviews was issued and I’ve done quite a few portraits. My best one is without a doubt, a portrait of Boris Cavazza, the legend of Slovenian theater. Recently his biography was published and his life’s story under pen of writer Vesna Milek is extraordinary indeed! It was sould out three times and eventually I’m sure it’ll be translated into English.

This portraits I’ve done with two cameras. Portraits on wet plate collodion on glass plate I’ve done on a Plaubel format 13x18cm and other B/W portraits I’ve done on a Shen Hao G45 format 4×5″. Wet Plate Collodion portrait I’ve done in VIST studio and Darko Sintič was assisting me. THX Dare! The portrait is so dead sharp because I illuminated with flashes. During portraying at Park Zvedza in Ljubljana, a photographer Marko Šinkovec came by and took few behind the shoot images. THX Marko!

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Photo-Movie as a teaser before a theater performance by Bertolt Brecht

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Tomorrow the theater Anton Podbevšek Teater is having a premier theater performance OD-LOČITEV V MUKDENU / Bertolt Brecht: Dajevec. Nejevec in Ukrep. This is a theater performance by Bertolt Brecht and few days before his death he was asked which of his works present a theater of the future and he without hesitation answered Die Maßnahme. Theater director Matjaž Berger was intrigued by this statement and made this performance. The central theme of all three parts is dealing with a sacrifice of an individual in relation to a collective. The most touching moment is a statement of Peter Čeferin, the famous lawyer that defended Albanian miner workers from Stari trg in year 1989. This was the most notorious trial in former Yugoslavia, a huge violation of human rights and obvious political trial. Theater director Matjaž Berger draw a correlation of Bertolt’s abstract idea into real life event that happened in our former country in relative recent times.

I’ve made this photo-movie with photographs, an interview with the theater director, sound from the show and a theme song. It is a sort of teaser before the premier of the show and I think this kind of Photo-movies are having a great potential in the future. I hope you’ll enjoy it even if you don’t speak my language.

Joe McNally interviewed by B5

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joe Mcnally in ljubljana photo 20100420_2457

Here is an interview with Joe McNally during his visit in Ljubljana. I’m truly inspired by his work and his open attitude. From day one in college every professor was preaching specialization in your work and as much as I admire photographers that developed a style that is recognizable, I somehow never succeed to impose a style on everything my lens focus on. I mean of course when you see my creative portraits, Flower Power, Tour de Dayton or any other project a style is recognizable, but every project I use different language. Not to mention that in my commercial career I do whatever kind of photography demands a job. When conversation comes to this topic I’m (almost) apologizing and explaining that it’s different if your marketplace is a nation of 60 million residents or if it’s less then 2 million. And it’s different if your photography pays your rent or if it funds your whole family + funding a construction of a house.

But that’s in the past. I met this great man, who openly says that he enjoys his time behind a camera and do the kind of photography that does the job. The best quote from the interview is “When you say YES to a client, their problems becomes your problems”. My thoughts exactly!

I showed him my Striptiz creative portraits and he really liked it and even mentioned me on his blog (here). Thanks JOE!!!

I hope you’ll enjoy the interview. Later during the day I’ll upload an mp3 version for your walkman 🙂

Jaka Tomc – new editorial portrait

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Jaka Tomc is a writer who just published his first book entitled Kdo je David Locke.

He established a Publishing house Manični poet.

The inspiration for this portrait was snow (it’s snowing even today) and Klevevž thermal spring. It’S a beautiful thermal spring in the middle of the forest with constant water temperature of 24 C. We often go and swim in the winter, but we jump also in an icy stream nearby like you can see HERE. Anyhow I had an idea of him as he is in the picture and books would be floating around with candles burning. We put many books in the water, but the water stream flush them behind the camera. It was getting dark really fast, so I discard the floating books idea.

Check the video Jaka made. And then he made also interview with me for on-line magazine (in Slovenian).

Video with new camera Nikon D3s

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Today there was a press conference on new camera Nikon D3s. I was commissioned by Nikon to do a test with the camera through my daily jobs. I7ll write more about it on Friday when I’ll have more time. As you can see from the movie I’m working many jobs at the same time and today I’m finishing this issue of Mladina weekly and tomorrow I have a lecture at Faculty in Sežana. Friday sounds sunny.

PS: Today at 20:00 in Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana there is an opening of exhibition “Photonic Luminatic – new Slovenian photography and video” and you’re all invited! Few of my pics are there as well.

Dragan Živadinov – new creative portrait

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dragan živadinov foto 20090901_2406
Dragan Živadinov is one of the most important active Slovenian artist. He is one of the founders of Neue Slowenische Kunst, in 1999 he was first theater director who made a «Zero Gravity Biomechanical Theater», he reveled to wider audience a work of Herman Potočnik Noordung (1892 – 1929) one of first great pioneers of space travel, Dragan is also a passionate promoter of Slovenian branch of European Space Agency and foremost Dragan is a very passionate person. Really joyful to share his vision of art, space and other bigger then life ideas. I had this idea for his portrait for a very long time and now Jure Aleksič wrote an excellent article about Dragan, so I got a chance to do the portrait for Mladina weekly.

If you’re interested in technical details of th picture click HERE. I’ve illuminated him with hand held flash SB-900 strength 1/32.

New issue of Mladina weekly 35/2009

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Written by Borut Peterlin

3 September, 2009 at 11:33

Pep Bonet on Fotopub Festival

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Pep Bonet / Noor agency gave an interview on the end of Fotopub festival of documentary photography in Novo mesto, Slovenia.