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An apple tree with daffodils

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On my last post I published few images that were affected by light leaks in film holder. Yesterday I fixed the filmholder and gave it a go. I photographed an apple tree among daffodils by “Devil’s Tower” (Hudičev turn) in Soteska, Slovenia. At least I hope it’s an old apple tree. I’m already hearing my father how he’s showing off with his knowledge of latin names for trees and asking me for thousand times if we were not thought latin names for trees in secondary school for carpentry. I’m listening this question for last twenty years, and it all started with my secondary school degree in carpentry.
Anyhow, I’m happy that a film holder that I’ve bought on ebay for 15 EUR, is repaired and works nicely. I feel like a Camera Repair Man!
Na zadnjem postu sem objavil fotografije, kjer se vidi, da mi je kaseta za fim puščala svetlobo in včeraj sem jo dokončno popravil. Preizkusil sem jo pri hudičevem turnu v Soteski in naredil tale posnetek jablane. Vsaj mislim, da je stara jablana. Joj, že kar vidim očeta, kako se bo važil z svojim znanjem latinskih imen dreves in v tisočero vprašal kaj nas niso na lesno tehnični šoli naučili latinska imena dreves. namreč to vprašanje poslušam že zadnjih 20 let, takoj po končani srednji šoli za lesarskega tehnika…
No, kakorkoli že, kaseta deluje, je popravljena in ne pušča svetlobe tako se počutim svetsku, kot bi bil popravljalec kamer!


Wet Plate Collodion photography in the morning at 4C (39F)

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This morning it was temperature 4C (39F) and it was perfect to try out how does Wet Plate Collodion process work at this temperature. I had an alcohol burner (not my liver) with which I could heat up chemicals if I would need to, but it was surprisingly not needed. I did prolonged time of sensitizing a plate from 3min to 6 min and developing was a bit longer, but that was the only difference of usual procedure. I photographed an old apple tree that was sunbathing.

I used my Kodak Folding Brownie At my first exposure I didn’t fixed lens properly and it was out of focus. I repeated the shot, but I kind of like the un-fucused picture just as well. This two pics are tintypes then I repeat the shot, but I poured collodion on glass plate. I’m attaching a picture as a glass negative looks on a black velvet. That principle of backing a collodion negative with a black background it’s called an ambrotype. Check this negative bellow, half it’s on a black velvet and half is on a white paper. A pure magic, I tell you!

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7 January, 2012 at 23:02

Panorama head in my mind (manfrotto 303 plus)

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Ciao tutti,
yesterday I’ve bought a panoramic head Manfrotto 303 plus for my tripod and done few good images already! I hope you’ll like the video, and leave a comment if you prefer a videolog or typed weblog on photography. Or if you rate high or low, I’ll get the idea.

20110616_9268_panorama with manfrotto 303plus

20110616_9262-67_panorama with manfrotto 303plus

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17 June, 2011 at 16:51

Virgin forest Krakovski pragozd

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Today I haven’t photographed meeting of Prime Ministers of Slovenia and Croatia, I photographed something way more important. A virgin forest of reservation of Krakovski pragozd. I was playing around also with HDR technique. I haven’t overdone it. Just a tip if you’ll go to the forest, carry a compass with you (GPS doesn’t work in dense forest), because in that forest even locals do get lost. I usually go in there with a friend Hrvoje Oršanič, who is an active environmentalist, a forester by profession and a fantastic nature photographer. And even he got lost in it, time ago.

Here is a good article about that forest By Janez Božič (in Slovenian)
HERE is a Google Map of the place.

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23 October, 2010 at 22:52