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Jumping with Kayak over waterfalls with a 10 kg camera case! EPIC FAIL! / Vlog #121

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Jumping with Kayak over waterfalls with a 10 kg camera case! EPIC FAIL! / Vlog #121

Zdravo! In this episode I am learning how to jump with kayak on which I’ve installed 10 kg camera suitcase. It’s not the easiest, but persistence is my super-power, so I went back and learned how to make a recovery with the suitcase on board. I am going to the woodland this week and on the river.

Enjoy the summer and may the topshit be with you!

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14 July, 2021 at 11:23

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Swimming in a river, breaking focusing glass, bloody elbow, photographing in underwear,… Anything for a good wet plate negative

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Last week was a beautiful weather and I’ve decided to make some landscape plates. I live surrounded by very fascinating landscape so it’s hard to decide what to photograph but this time I went down to the river. This winter was wet and we had icy rain that made huge damage on trees and infrastructure. On THIS LINK you can see images of Iztok Medja from Postojna region where every single tree was damaged! So this icy rain made that many huge oak trees felt in a river.

The tree was stable enough to hold a camera and a tripod, but as you can see it was really hard to focus and compose the frame. After I’ve made a good negative I set myself a new frame. I went in a river, carrying a tripod, but I slipped and fell in the river fully dressed. The river Krka is very cold and wet even for a wet plate photographer! My tripod sunk and I had to find it, touching muddy riverbed with my feet. It’s Manfrotto, don’t worry. I’ve climbed out of the river, undressed and solely in my underpants I went back in the river, setting the tripod on the position. When I stretched to get my camera I was hanging with one hand on a branch while with the other I pulled the camera down and the camera swung and with focusing glass crashed in my elbow. U PIČKU MATERINU!!! I didn’t care much for the focusing glass or the cut on my elbow, but how will I make a photograph without a focusing glass? I took the largest piece of focusing glass adjust it in the approximate position and focus. I close down aperture to f/32, so I knew I’ve sorted the focusing problem. I didn’t know what is in my frame, but who would want to know that!?!

The result is pretty good. I’m publishing also a carbon print that I’ve made from it on glass and on Fabriano F5 paper that I’ve seized it with hardened gelatin. The carbon print is showing the potential this negative has, but I will make it better. You will see it in European Collodion Weekend, this weekend!

Oh, the story doesn’t end there. When I finish and packed everything and was ready to drive home, I was reluctant to dress wet cloths and drive home. On the end I did dress my wet clothes back and drive home. Luckily I did so, because as it happened our street was being asphalted and it was closed for car traffic. Imagine that I would walk beside them barefooted wearing only underwear and apron? I know East Europe is much more relaxed about nudity then West Europe, but not that much 🙂

PS: if you are wondering how to make a focusing glass, I’ve made a post HERE. It takes 15 minutes.

PPS: Here is another version of carbon print. It’s from the same wetplate negative that I’ve published few days ago, but now I’ve made new glop and followed all the instructions of Mark Osterman how to boost contrast to the limit. I’ve decreased amount of gelatin by 25%, increased pigment to 50ml of India Ink per one litter, cut sensibilization time by 50% and voila, the result is here! It’s even too contrasty. I’ve sensitized new tissues but with longer sensitizing time, so it’ll be more sensitive, but less contrasty. More to come, more to come…
Carbon print from a wet plate collodion negative

PPS: here is today’s version on glass!

Pharmaceutical calendar 2010 for Krka d.d.

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Here is a pharmaceutical calendar 2010 of Krka d.d. that I’ve made it together with my wife Alenka Peterlin. It’s a table top photography selectively illuminated with a small torch. Basically the same technique as I’ve apply it on A Gorjanci Fairy-tale. Who would have thought that I’ll be a table-top photographer, but since Slovenia is a very very small market, I need to do all sorts of photography to make it profitable. I don’t mind. Actually I enjoy it if results are good, but it does take an extra effort to switch to different kind of thinking and working. Already on 5th of January 2010 I had a meeting with invitation to take part in a selection process among several authors, with my proposal for a calendar 2011. That’s what I call planning!

Floods in Kostanjevica / Slovenia

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With huge delay I’m publishing pictures from floods that were happening last weekend in Kostanjevica, Slovenia. Also our Toyota 4×4 stuck in the water. This Toyota is actually a heavy duty proper terrain machine. It’s engine is waterproof, air is sucked from the pipe on the roof level and the engine was keep on going even if water was at window level. We had to stop because exhaustion gases were starting to get into the cabin. We were dragging a canoe behind us, so we rescued ourselves. Toyota is owned by Mladina weekly. They loved the pictures I brought back, so no harm done!


PS: Mladina has an old Fiat Punto and although I just persuaded them to buy me a Toyota 4×4, this pictures did ruin photographer’s “wet dream”. Marjan Jerele is the owner of the Toyota and is also a pilot of a hot air baloon. Actually he owns them few. If you need a great gift for your loved ones, call him. Half of my relatives already flew with him and all of them loved it totally.

B5 fights plastic bags

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20080702_0061_borut peterlin

I love my job, because I can do the pictures as I want to, but on other hand I’m very demanding, when I work with me, myself and I. I got a brief to do the picture that illustrates pollution with handbags. In my house we keep shopping bags, with intention reuse them when we go next time shopping. Of course we don’t so we have hundreds of bags in a huge bag. I took all the bags to my favorite place by the Krka river, dive into and make this installation. I illuminated with my flashes, so it’s not obvious. Krka is really cold for this time of season.

20080702_0050_borut peterlin
20080702_0049_borut peterlin20080702_0068_borut peterlin