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My wetplate camera has RC controlled guillotine shutter! / Vlog 88

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In this episode I’m showing my guillotine shutter for my ultra large format camera, size 40x50cm. It was made already in December, but it wasn’t reliable at all and I needed lots of support from my friends.

Thanks to Anže Grabeljšek and Oto Žan.

Oto’s main business is slide reproductions and send him inquiry on the email: and his website is His website is at the moment only in Slovenian, but soon it will be in English.

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Written by Borut Peterlin

15 April, 2020 at 21:27

Announcement, workshops, guillotine shutter, give away gift and the vlog #62

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My next photo project will be about the zeitgeist, the nature and a man. I will talk / show more about it in my next vlog. For now, I wanted to share some technical solutions I’ve made and show thanks to my followers and especuially my patreons. On this link you can see new workshop dates: On this link you can buy my book A Father’s Tale:… If you would want to buy me a cup of tea or even pizza every month, you can become my patreon at One time donation is possible through Thank you for your attention!

Written by Borut Peterlin

29 April, 2019 at 08:21

Bushcraft Photography / Vlog #60

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Screenshot 2019-04-02 09.53.20

In this part of Topshit Photography Vlog, I went to the woodland of Kočevski rog for two days and I did some collodion glass negatives and albumen prints. My main goal was to explore the possibility of staying away from the civilisation and still do my job as a professional photographer. In July 17th – 21st, 2019, I will organise an expedition with rafts down the river Krka and then in the woodland of Kočevski rog. The idea is that we make photography as we go. We don’t need a darkroom to make prints, we can do them in a tent in the middle of nowhere.

Anyway this experience was wonderful and in the future I will do that more often for longer periods of time.

If you wish to learn this noble topshit craft, I have a workshop every month. Visit:

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Wet wetplate photographer

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Weather is horrible everywhere and forecast is not promising, so when I saw that raining stopped for few hours, I packed my wetplate kit and head to the river Krka, to make new plates. In a month time I have an exhibition in Galerija Krka in Novo mesto, Slovenia, so I need to make a good use of every moment that is left. I had to work fast, so I decided to use my fuji darkbox and Kodak Folding Brownie 3A. I decided to go for wetplate negatives. It was quite cold, 4C degrees Celsius, so I was sensitizing plate for 7 minutes, but real problem was developing. The key to make a good negative is proper developing that goes from 1 to 3 minutes. I was developing in my dark-box, but while I was breathing, glass was starting to fog and after a minute I couldn’t see nothing, so I continued for a while, then I stopped. Consequentially negatives were weak. Then raining started again and I got all wet, but that’s appropriate for a wet plate photographer isn’t. At home I redeveloped the negative to build up some density. Now I’m looking the plates and I see the first one, that had a hole in the center of the image is actually more appealing then the second one that is technically better.

Before and after effect of redeveloping after fixing.

Before and after effect of redeveloping after fixing.

How to locate a leaking problem in a view camera

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My camera had a leaking problem and I’ve successfully locate it and fixed my camera. Now it’s working perfectly again! I lost lots of time with fixing my camera, but the hardest is to locate the leaking problem. I hope this video saved some time for you and for your camera’s leaking problem.

New camera, new view, new work #largeformatphotography

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Linhof Kardan Color camera and ShenHao camera

So, this is a follow up post from my latest post, when I had to return borrowed Linhof Master Technika, but now I’ve bought two 4×5″ cameras. Jure Breceljnik, my friend and classmate from FAMU Academy sold me Linhof Kardan Color camera and her little sister ShenHao camera. Jure bought Linhof camera from our classmate Ivana Tomanović (ex. Brezovac), so the camera remains in FAMU class 1998. But the best part are lenses! First league all of them! Carl Zeiss Jena 90mm f/4,5, Schneider 135mm f/3,5 and Rodenstock 210mm f/5,6. In a huge case I got also trillion of accessories for those ladies. I’m so happy this digital revolution is raging (Digital Hysteria?), so I can run my own analog counter-revolution in photography.

I’m not sure if you know this term counter-revolutionary, but in former Yugoslavia under communism it was the nastiest allegation ever! A remark that you were a capitalist pig was a compliment comparing to a contra-revolutionist remark. Anyhow now we’re upgraded from revolutionaries to consumers and we all live under one bright capitalist sky and there is no such thing as revolution nor contra-revolution and a remark capitalist pig sounds more as an expression of envy then an insult word.

Bellow are few test images that I’ve shot few days ago. My wife Alenka Peterlin shot a great portrait of me! She is also a photographer and you can check her site. Currently I’m still testing the equipment doing a weekend art project. More to follow…

PS: Check a trailer of Jure Breceljnik’s movie Chalk & Chocolate!
Torej, kje sem oni dan ostal? Potem ko sem moral vrniti kamero Linhof Master Tehnika sem kupil dve 4×5″ kameri! Jure Breceljnik, moj prijatelj in sošolec s praške FAMU, mi je prodal Linhof Kardan Color in njeno malo sestro ShenHao kamero. Jure pa je kupil kamero od najine sošolke Ivane Tomanović (ex. Brezovac), tako vse ostane v FAMU familiji 🙂 Ampak najjači pa so objektivi: Carl Zeiss Jena 90mm f/4,5, Schneider 135mm f/3,5 and Rodenstock 210mm f/5,6! Poleg tega sem v ogromnem kufru dobil še en milijon dodatkov, za optimalno ježo teh zveri. Kako sem vesel, da vlada digitalna revolucija, ki meji že na histerijo, tako lahko v miru zganjam svojo osebno kontra-revolucijo. Kdo bi si mislil, da bom bil kdaj kontrarevolucionar! To je bila včasih v Jugoslaviji najbolj žaljiva opazka, poleg katere je kapitalistična svija zvenela kot kompliment. A sedaj vsi povišani iz revolucionarjev v potrošnike in živimo v svetlem kapitalizmu, revolucija in kotra-revolucija več ne obstajata in opazka kapitalistična svinja zveni bolj kot izraz zavidanja kot žaljenja.

Spodaj je nekaj posnetkov, ki sem jih naredil in portret mene, ki ga je posnela moja žena Alenka Peterlin. Tudi ona je odlična fotografinja, poglejte si njeno stran. Trenutno še vedno testiram in se privajam na novo opremo, tako delam en umetniški vikend projekt.

PS: Oglejte si film in pa trailer Juretovega filma Chalk & Chocolate!

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