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Linhof Technorama 6×17 / Waiting For the Sun / Vlog 123

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In this vlog I’m waiting for the sun. I’ve learned a lot and what you’ve witnessed is how a new project is being formed. The images aren’t the project, but they are offering some solutions, pointing a direction to follow in my future work.

I’m off to Rome. This will be my first week of vacation this year. I love my work and as you can see, I am enjoying myself while working, so vacations are usually a burden for me. I might be the one who on his dead bed will regret not spend more time at work. Ha, ha, it’s funny, because it’s true. May the topshit be with you!

Editing by Miha Turk

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Written by Borut Peterlin

1 October, 2021 at 18:47

An apple tree with daffodils

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On my last post I published few images that were affected by light leaks in film holder. Yesterday I fixed the filmholder and gave it a go. I photographed an apple tree among daffodils by “Devil’s Tower” (Hudičev turn) in Soteska, Slovenia. At least I hope it’s an old apple tree. I’m already hearing my father how he’s showing off with his knowledge of latin names for trees and asking me for thousand times if we were not thought latin names for trees in secondary school for carpentry. I’m listening this question for last twenty years, and it all started with my secondary school degree in carpentry.
Anyhow, I’m happy that a film holder that I’ve bought on ebay for 15 EUR, is repaired and works nicely. I feel like a Camera Repair Man!
Na zadnjem postu sem objavil fotografije, kjer se vidi, da mi je kaseta za fim puščala svetlobo in včeraj sem jo dokončno popravil. Preizkusil sem jo pri hudičevem turnu v Soteski in naredil tale posnetek jablane. Vsaj mislim, da je stara jablana. Joj, že kar vidim očeta, kako se bo važil z svojim znanjem latinskih imen dreves in v tisočero vprašal kaj nas niso na lesno tehnični šoli naučili latinska imena dreves. namreč to vprašanje poslušam že zadnjih 20 let, takoj po končani srednji šoli za lesarskega tehnika…
No, kakorkoli že, kaseta deluje, je popravljena in ne pušča svetlobe tako se počutim svetsku, kot bi bil popravljalec kamer!


My 901st post on this blog + new work that I love

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Ha, I can’t believe it, but this is my 901st post on this blog! I started this blog in September 2006 and since then I received 472,899 visits with busiest day of 1,474 visits. I know in blogosphere this statistics are nothing special, in fact it’s bellow average, but I’m still proud on it. I improved my English language, although I know my English is still pure. Or is is it correctly spelled poor? Anyhow most importantly, this blog gave me a feeling of being in touch with contemporary photography, exposing my work to critical audience and to my cynical friend JC. Now this blog won quite a number of followers that subscribed to updates and that makes me think twice what do I want to publish. I’m thinking that this year when I’ll post 1000th post I must make some sort of gift for you. What do you suggest? A nice print gift? To whom? Not to JC! Although he is the most frequent commentator of my blog, he owes me a print.

Last month I wasn’t publishing much since I had a avalanche of commercial jobs, which was very much needed after a winter drought. Anyhow here is my latest work done with my beloved Linhof Technika camera, format 9x12cm (almost 4×5″). One film holder is leaking light, so that’s why I have this mysterious rays of light 🙂 I’ll publish here my work that was rejected, by editors, but I love it and I hope you’ll appreciate it too.

Brane Koncilja, a famous punker,  but now he's making a living as a lumberjack. He's still an anarchist, proud on his tractor IMT - Made in Yugoslavia

Brane Koncilja, a famous punker, but now he's making a living as a lumberjack. He's still an anarchist, proud on his tractor IMT - Made in Yugoslavia

Bojan Brecelj, a friend and a photographer

Stanka Hrastelj, a writer.

Stanka Hrastelj, a writer.

Stanka Hrastelj, a writer.

Stanka Hrastelj, a writer.

My Family portrayed with a Linhof Technika camera

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I just want to share with you my new pictures from series My Family. I’m using this lovely Linhof Technika and I’m all immersed back to analog photography! I’ll start offering a portraiture in a classic large format manner. I think I’ve figure out a business plan that might very well work, starting with a printed portrait for 36 EUR! But more about that in the following post.

Anyhow, my father and our neighbor carpenter Jaki were working on our terrace and I took their portrait. My daughters are growing fast.

Na hitro sem želel deliti z vami nove fotke iz serije Družina, ki jih delam s svojo “novo” staro Linhof Technika. Đizs kako sem čist not padu v velikoformatno analogno fotografijo! Začel bom ponujati portrete v tej maniri in mislim, da imam vzdržen poslovni model, kjer se bo cena portreta in printa začela pri 36 EUR-ih. A več o tem v naslednjih postih.

Kakorokoli že, danes sta moj oče in sosed Jaki delala na naši terasi in sem naredil njun portret. Pa hčerki rasteta sto na uro!!!

Portraits with a classic view camera Linhof Technika 9×12

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I borrowed from a friend and a colleague a view camera a classic Linhof Technika format 9×12 cm and I love it! I photographed in shade just like Richard Avedon did his book In the American West and he was doing it like old masters of 19th Century, that is to photograph with “northen night”.

I have also a Plaubel Peco view camera format 13x18cm, that’s 5×7″, but I’m readjusting it, so I could expose glass plates for my Wet plate Collodion project. It takes quite a while and I’m not near finishing. In meanwhile I’m doing some portraits of my family with Linhof and I just let my friend now, I’m buying the camera. I love it! I’m publishing few portraits that I’ve done yesterday and today. I’m back into developing films and the other day I was driving a car and smelling fixer on my fingers, just like an ex-smoker would enjoy a smell of tobacco. I decided I’m going to build a darkroom in my house. THIS is the darkroom I used to have and I still have all the stuff, so why not make some good use of it!
Comments, ratings and old cameras welcome!