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Severa Gjurin portrayed in wet plate collodion technique

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Severa Gjurin portrayed in Wet Plate Collodion technique by Borut Peterlin


Severa Gjurin portrayed in Wet Plate Collodion technique by Borut Peterlin

In today’s Mladina weekly my portrait of Severa Gjurin is published. Grega Cokan was assisting me and I’ve made a step test before Severa arrived. Expousure goes from 2 seconds strip to one minute epxposure strip.
PS: How much gay can a step test be? ha, ha…

Zebra Dots, music band photoshoot

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Few weeks ago I’ve made this shoot of a band Zebra Dots. They are fresh electro acoustic sound from Ljubljana. After I’ve done digital pics, I’ve shoot few more images with my new old Mamiya C330. Asistant was Luka Gorjup. THX!

2012-10-10 borut peterlin and mamiya c330 luka gorjup

Written by Borut Peterlin

25 October, 2012 at 11:35

Silence (great band) – Wet Plate Collodion portrait

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20120810 scilence band by

In last issue of Mladina weekly it was published my portrait of Silence band. I had this idea for a while, but some people were not feeling comfortable with it, but on the contrary with the duo Silence we had a good laugh and the result overpassed my expectation. My collodion needed a two pops of 2250Ws to illuminate it correctly, that is why Primož on the right side is a bit blurred. Later I find out that it could be done in one pop if I would raise pH of AgNO3 from 2,2 to 4pH as I did later on and described in THIS post.

Techs: ShenHao 4×5″, lens Linhof 135mm f/3,5; Flashes of 2250Ws – two bursts, AgNO3 pH 2,2.

Behind the scene. Photo: Vanja Pirc

Theater performance of Siddharta & Anton Podbevšek Teater

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Last week an amazing theater performance happened. Theater group Anton Podbevšek Teater and Siddharta rock band made a theater performance ČlovekA z bombami / de-tonacija with author of the concept and director of the show Matjaž Berger. The theater act was devoted to two avantgarde artists from the beginning of 20th century Anton Podbevšek and Srečko Kosovel. Siddharta wrote new music for this occasion and it’s fantastic! I hope they will issue a CD with this material! The event happened as an introductory event to a Rock Otočec festival.
The performance was a blast and I hope my photographs do share some vibes with you. More info about the show you can find on Anton Podbevšek Teater site.

PS: For those who understand Slovenian, HERE is a fantastic post about the show.

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Workshop of Wet Plate Collodion process in Trieste

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Bottomline, a music group from Novo mesto, Slovenia. Photo: Borut Peterlin

Today I’ve done portraits of a music band Bottomline from Novo mesto, Slovenia. It was a first time after I don’t know how many years  that I went to take pictures without taking a digital camera with me. I took my 13x18cm Plaubel camera for Wet Plate Collodion and a 4×5″ camera on normal B/W film. If I’m honest I forgot a digital camera at home. Is this normal? Anyhow, here are results. Dušan Smodej was helping me a lot and he’s soon abandoning his digital camera and his Leica M3 and start real photography 🙂

I’m excited to announce that together with my mentor for Wet Plate Collodion photograhy, Miša Keskenović we have a workshop in Trieste. It’s starting this Sunday, 6.5.2012 at 9:30 and it’s going on whole day. We’ll go through all aspects of Wet plate Collodion process, from mixing chemicals, cleaning plates, exposing, developing and varnishing a plate. All the secrets revealed for only Price 150,00€ and that includes also working material. More info with Dr. Photo or at email . Workshop is limited to 12 people and it’s almost full, so hurry!

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Concert of Siddharta in Anton Podbevšek Teater

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Anton Podbevšek Teater is one of my favorite clients and photographing theater performances is a real challenge. Last Friday in the theater there was a rock concert with one of best Slovenian rock bands Siddharta. Concert lasted for more then 2,5 hours without stopping. Really cool! Concert photography is not my main kind of photography, but if I’m taking pictures, then I want to do them really good. I’m really pleased with this set of images that I’ve done. Few of them are shot by my wife Alenka Peterlin. I’ll teach about postprocess in Lightroom on my workshop in Ribnica organized by Foto Inkubator on 17.3.2012.

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Batmanning as a job

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As a free-lance photographer I work for Mladina weekly, but I’m also a photo-editor of Global monthly. For december issue of Mladina I was assigned to make an advertisement for Global monthly. Inspired by batmanning video we made this ad. The original idea was that Dare would be hanging and I would photograph, but circumstances changed and we switched roles. On the video it looks like we tried only two times, but we did much more then that. It’s fun! This was my first batmanning. I found a new talent!

PS: I must admit that only now I saw on youtube some very gruesome batmanning falls, so don’t do this if you’re not payed for some huge amount of money like in my case.
PPS: To non Slovenians, this was a joke 😦
PPPS: If you like the music, check N’Toko’s myspace site.

“Punk’s not dead” banner at graveyard / creative portrait

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Today’s first of November, a holiday of All Saints or as we in Slovenia call it, a day for all deceased. Yes, you are right, the inspiration for a hard-core punker’s portrait is just to good. Štef Grmek is a driving force of Punk Kura association that is organizing alternative culture events. Recently I published a post about a concert in Kewdr underground club and in friday’s Mladina weekly issue this portrait will be published.

Portrait commisioned by Mladina weekly and you can see more of my creative portraits on my site.

Kewdr underground club

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Joko Ono, marathon of Radio Student in club Kewdr, Dolenjske Toplice, Slovenia.

Yesterday I visited the Kewdr club where Štef, the president of Punk Kura is the man. That night was scheduled an event Club’s Marathon of Radio Student where they pick six best young bands in Slovenia and then they tour in different clubs. It happened that this was the best Hardcore / Punk / Rock gig ever! Bends THE HOAX PROGRAM and Joko Ono were playing on full and public went bizerk and I couldn’t stop taking pictures! I think the picture above is the best concert image I’ve ever done! It reminds me on a famous picture of Garry Winogrand / Austin, Texas, 1974 (LINK), where he caught the chaos on the field and every player is in the frame.

For photographers: If you like the color cast of the images, I’ve made a preset for it and you can peek in my receipt and download it HERE. I guess you will use it more often then I will since I rarely photograph concerts and even if I do I mix a new preset based on the general light and mood. Leave a feedback, though.

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Jazz Slovenia 2011 with my portrait of Igor Lumpert

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Last week I received a CD of Jazz Slovenia 2011 compilation and in a booklet is my portrait of my friend Igor Lumpert. It’s great to see a portrait with a time distance of four years (link), that I even forgot that I’ve made it and judge it again. I’m pleased with it, it’s great, I love it! I’m overwhelmed when I meet pictures that I deliver them, but now they are grown ups, living their own lives 🙂

jazz slovenia 2011 DSC3441