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Working on a DVD

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Dear JC, Igor, Leopard man and other readers of my blog. I’m sorry for haven’t been posting much these days, but as you know that only means that I’m working even more, not less. Now I’m working on a DVD that will include a basic course of photography and user manual for Nikon D7000, D5100 and D3100. I hire few friends to help me with this enormous job and we’re few days from the final stage, that is a recording of a video. I’m really excited far more than you can imagine. I love the keynote and all the animations that is capable of. I know it does sound strange, but I love to do all the basic tests with equipment. Like I did a test at which aperture my lens 50mm f/1,4 is the sharpest and I realize it’s not the middle value 5,6, but it’s one before the last, f/11!!! Shocking I know…

I’m even more excited because the next stage is to start an on-line magazine on photography. That will be a perfect mix for me as a photographer / journalist. At the beginning it’ll be not be written in an imperialistic language, but later who knows…

Written by Borut Peterlin

28 April, 2011 at 06:37

Flashing like Joe McNally

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Few weeks ago Joe McNally was in town and today I tried out few of his tips. I bought a small Firefly softbox for my flash SB900 and I quite fancy the diffusion of the light from 1,5 meters away from subject. I usually use a 70 x 50 cm softbox with Balcar 1500Ws flash and of course the bigger the better, but also heavier…

Then I tried out a real good tip from Joe McNally. I illuminated our dinning room with a flash from outside the house and trigger it with airsync radio triggers. COOOOOL! Can’t wait to use this technique on next interview for Mladina weekly!


To get a proper morning light yellow color cast I just set white balance to 6500K.

Written by Borut Peterlin

17 May, 2010 at 22:03

Test of a lens Nikkor 85 mm f/1,4 – inspired by Annie Leibovitz

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Great grandmother (82 years) 20100328_5775grandmother (56years) 20100328_5997Enja (7 years) 20100328_5848

I’m planning to buy a Nikkor lens 85 f/1,4 (eventually) and I test it last Sunday. The inspiration was a book “At Work” by Annie Leibovitz , where on page 161 she’s describing how she took a portrait of Philip Johnson in his garage, so I decided to do something similar just before Sunday’s family lunch. I really like the result and I’ll take more pictures like that but in the meantime I hope you’ll enjoy the behind the scene movie & music of DMP, a song Otrok (A Child). On THAT link you can see also images of Enja, taken for DMP.

PS: More images on my on-line archive:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

New Striptiz portrait + video with Nikon D3s

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Studio Botas - 20091130_6872

To my series of Striptiz portrait I added a video dimension. I have so much fun with Nikon D3s and Nikon D300s. Here is the portrait and video of the making of this issue of Striptiz portrait in Mladina weekly. For editing of this movie I used Quicktime-pro a software for 35$. I used also garage band to fade out music on the end. If you have any other questions – shoot.

Video with new camera Nikon D3s

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Today there was a press conference on new camera Nikon D3s. I was commissioned by Nikon to do a test with the camera through my daily jobs. I7ll write more about it on Friday when I’ll have more time. As you can see from the movie I’m working many jobs at the same time and today I’m finishing this issue of Mladina weekly and tomorrow I have a lecture at Faculty in Sežana. Friday sounds sunny.

PS: Today at 20:00 in Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana there is an opening of exhibition “Photonic Luminatic – new Slovenian photography and video” and you’re all invited! Few of my pics are there as well.

Friendly basketball game between Slovenian Ministers Golobič and Lukšič against Croatian minister Dragan Primorac

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Today I was photographing a show basketball game between Slovenian Ministers Gregor Golobič and Igor Lukšič and Croatian Minister Dragan Primorac with their team made out of veteran basketball players, famous singers, young basketball players, teachers, etc… The most interesting pictures I’ve did when Minister Lukšič was covering the tank Franjo Arapović He was very persistent that’s for sure and it was very photogenic buzzing around the tank! 20090207_666220090207_677520090207_695320090207_700620090207_702120090207_701720090207_701520090207_702820090207_6632

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