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Flower Power and Vladimir Putin

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Flower - Power project

Regular readers of my blog know well my Flower Power project that is a personal rebellion against politics and news-photojournalistic-safaris. Instead glorifying politicians I’m focusing on plants and degrading politicians on disturbing background. It was exhibited on 6th U3 Slovenian art triennial in Gallery of Modern Art in Ljubljana, which I consider a Rock and Roll achievement. Yesterday Vladimir Putin was visiting Slovenia and I’ve made this pictures of beautiful plants. I hope you will enjoy it and let Flower Power be with you.

Redni bralci mojega bloga poznajo serijo Flower Power, kjer kot osebni protest proti politiki in novičarskim-fotosafarijem, fotografiram cvetlične aranžmaje in namesto, da bi glorificiral velmožje, jih degradiram na moteče ozadje. Serija je bila razstavljena na U3 – trienale sodobne umetnosti v Sloveniji v Moderni galeriji, kar si štejem za čisti rok in rol dosežek! Včeraj je bil Vladimir Putin na obisku in naredil sem te čudovite botanične fotke. Upam, da vam bodo všeč in naj vas Flower Power spremlja.

Flower - Power project Flower - Power project

Flower - Power project Flower - Power projectFlower - Power project

Darja Radić new minister (to become) and state of government

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Darja Radić in stanje na vladi 20100713_4754

Photo of the day; Darja Radić candidate for new Minister in Slovenian government. Does it resembles to a commercial bellow? Does it resembles to a state of government in Slovenia? (It stinks, stinks, it really stinks!)

Prime Minister Borut Pahor – be strong, be wrong

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Borut Pahor, Prime Minister of Slovenia 20100705_3956

My comment of government plan to save turbo capitalism by reduction of workers rights. It’s also this week’s photo of the week in Mladina weekly magazine.

Jandroković – Žbogar, photo of the day

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Here is a metaphor for what Slovenia and Croatia are fighting for – for a bowl of warm water! This issue was used and abused by political parties on both sides for last 19 years. However Žbogar and Jandroković are good guys. Hopefully this issue will be soon over since both government agreed for arbitration. Y.E.S. for arbitration!!!

Bay of Piran is cradle of Serbia! eeee… Slovenia! It looks like Slovenia is 20 years behind Serbia. National extremism that was there during Milošević’s regime is rising nowadays in Slovenia! The border dispute with Croatia is the most important tool for manipulation with voters emotions, so no doubt Janša, Podobnik and Jelinčič would do a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. to keep status quo and keep the dispute unsolved for another 20 years!

Boxing match: Dejan Zavec vs. Rodolfo Ezequiel Martinez

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Dejan Zavec vs. Rodolfo Ezequiel Martinez 20100409_8671
Dejan Zavec vs. Rodolfo Ezequiel Martinez 20100409_8800Dejan Zavec vs. Rodolfo Ezequiel Martinez 20100409_8807Dejan Zavec vs. Rodolfo Ezequiel Martinez 20100409_9260Dejan Zavec vs. Rodolfo Ezequiel Martinez 20100409_9575Dejan Zavec vs. Rodolfo Ezequiel Martinez 20100409_9626Dejan Zavec vs. Rodolfo Ezequiel Martinez 20100409_9632

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Boxing match between Dejan Zavec, Slovenia’s best professional boxer against Rodolfo Ezequiel Martinez of Argentina. Dejan Zavec defended his IBF welterweight title with a last-round technical knockout.

As you know I’m specialized in portraiture, so I rarely cover sport events, but since I intensively train Muay Thai, I decided to photograph this boxing spectacle. I’m satisfied with pictures, although they could be better. Photographically I learned few things: ISO at least 3200, preferably 6400. Shutter speed 350 or more. Aperture minimum f/4. Lens 70 – 200mm (under the ring viewpoint). Pictures that you see are taken with 1/250s, f 2,8 and ISO 1600, with Nikon D3 and D300s cameras. I took 2231 pictures. Next Saturday there is a Muay Thai fight in Črnomelj, so I’ll try my settings there.

More images in my on-line archive:
A video of the last, 12th round on RTV SLO.

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Cover page of Mladina weekly 14/2010

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New cover page of Mladina weekly. I took that picture when they signed the coalition contract 13.11.2008. Few more images of Prime Minister Pahor and Minister Kresal you can see in my on-line archive

Katarina Kresal – interview picture

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Katarina Kresal foto: Borut Peterlin 20100223_0756
In one before last issue of Mladina we had an interview with Katarina Kresal, Minister of Internal Affairs of Republic of Slovenia. She is very beautiful lady and that characteristic was photographed many times and for this interview I was thinking to make some different portrait. I turn off studio light with soft box and set a flashlight with a honeycomb (or how is it called) in far left position. I wanted to make a silhouette kind of portrait. I frame her against a window with curtains that vaguely remind on a prison. I love the expression. Very predator like. The best thing about the picture is that different people interpret it on different ways. You can interpret it in positive or negative way – your decision.

In my on-line archive you can see more portraits of Katarina Kresal. Here is also one video with Katarina Kresal, that you might appreciate it.

Short film dedicated to Slavko Avsenik

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Slavko Avsenik is a legendary author of Slovenian folk song Golica, that is THE SONG MOST OFTEN PLAYED BY EUROPEAN RADIO STATIONS! His band was famous especially in the region of Slovenia, Austria, Germany and Switzerland and he sold more then 32.000.000. records! On the same day Avsenik and Rolling stones had a concert in the same town and of course more people show up on Avsenik’s concert! Last week he celebrated his 80th birthday and on Tuesday he had a reception at Prime Minister of Slovenia Borut Pahor.

I made this video with my new camera Nikon D3s. Starring: Katarina Kresal – Minister of Internal affairs, Irma Pavlinič Krebs – Minister of Public administration, Boštjan Žekš – Minister without Portfolio Responsible For Slovenes Abroad, Borut Pahor – Prime Minister of Slovenia, Milan Kučan – former president of Slovenia, Radovan Žerjav – president of SLS party, Alfi Nipič – musican, Brigita Avsenik – wife of Slavko, Vilko Avsenik and Slavko Avsenik.

Here is the most played songs of all times on European radios:

New issue of Mladina weekly & Kosor / Pahor romance

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Mladina 44/2009

Here is a cover page of Mladina weekly done by
Graphic design: Ivian Kan Mujezinović
Photography: Borut Peterlin
Creative director: Robert Botteri

Picture was taken on Pahor / Kosor meeting in Zagreb and I love this settle gestures that are so revealing, but even more I love to see what my colleagues make it out of it.

New coverpage of Mladina weekly 39/2009

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Mladina cover page 39/2009

Mladina cover page 39/2009

This is new coverpage of Mladina weekly. You can see unretouched version in my archive HERE.
Graphic design: Ivian Kan Mujezinović
Photography: Borut Peterlin
Creative director: Robert Botteri