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5am project at #occupywallstreet / Ljubljana

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This morning I got up before 4am and drove to Ljubljana to photograph protestors infront of Ljubljana stock exchange as a part #occupywallstreet movement. For eleven years I’m working on a 5am project where I take pictures around 5am in different places of Europe and hopefully once it’ll be a book. Actually in this years I’ve made almost a dozen versions of book dummies, but new images are keep on appearing and I can’t finish it. Here is a multi-vision version from year 2009. And HERE is a post with 5am images from Poland, Lithuania and Czech Republic.

Kewdr underground club

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Joko Ono, marathon of Radio Student in club Kewdr, Dolenjske Toplice, Slovenia.

Yesterday I visited the Kewdr club where Štef, the president of Punk Kura is the man. That night was scheduled an event Club’s Marathon of Radio Student where they pick six best young bands in Slovenia and then they tour in different clubs. It happened that this was the best Hardcore / Punk / Rock gig ever! Bends THE HOAX PROGRAM and Joko Ono were playing on full and public went bizerk and I couldn’t stop taking pictures! I think the picture above is the best concert image I’ve ever done! It reminds me on a famous picture of Garry Winogrand / Austin, Texas, 1974 (LINK), where he caught the chaos on the field and every player is in the frame.

For photographers: If you like the color cast of the images, I’ve made a preset for it and you can peek in my receipt and download it HERE. I guess you will use it more often then I will since I rarely photograph concerts and even if I do I mix a new preset based on the general light and mood. Leave a feedback, though.

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Photo of the week (Vizjak, Tanko, Janša and Hrovat)

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Yesterday I covered a political event. Since I’m not photoeditor at Mladina weekly anymore, I’m assigned to do more interviews then mainstream political events. This was not an important political event, it was just a local event of a public tribune of SDS party. President Janša and SDS party are right wing political orientated, very much against everything that might rhyme with past times in Yugoslavia, but their acts, rhetoric (and iconography) is very similar to communism, a party where their president Janez Janša begun his political career. In this picture they look like a leaders of Soviet Union isn’t. Photography sometimes does say more then words.

Written by Borut Peterlin

11 October, 2011 at 12:34

New refurbished site + Striptiz portraits collection + New project Tour de Dayton

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New website

Dear readers of my blog,
I’m proud to announce that I’ve refurbished my site, sort my collection of Striptiz creative portraits and upload my new project Tour de Dayton. Don’t miss my artist statement, I hope it’s a memorable one. Enjoy it in full screen resolution (bottom left corner) and make yourself a PDF portfolio from my images and download it! Pictures are still copyrighted, though.
Please let me know what you think and share the info in your social network.

PS: I’m using APhotofolio service for two years now and guys are great. I wrote them so many questions and requests, that we became friends and next summer we’re going together to an FKK camp in Mali raj, Dolenje Polje, Slovenia!

From Kaunas photo festival in Lithuania

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Last week I was in Lithuania at Kaunas Photo festival where I exhibited my Flower Power images upon invitation of Mindaugas Kavaliauskas. We’ve met at Viena Portfolio Review (a report from Vienna). The festival was great, I met so many great people from all over the world, exhibitions were great, I loved their evening talks and Kaunas Photo Star projection. My Flower Power exhibition looked fantastic. Organizers of the exhibition Mindaugas Kavaliauskas and Donatas Stankevičius did a fantastic job. The exhibition was in the Kaunas botanical garden, indoors and also outdoors. It was really great to see my pictures among flowers, trees, bushes 🙂

Eric Freedman, an associate professor of Journalism and a Pulitzer Prize-winner wrote an article on my exhibition. YOU GOT TO READ IT. His blog is so well written, I would like to be his student!

Few more images from the festival:

Fotopub 2011 – interview with Mike Lusmore and Rebecca Harley

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Fotopub festival of documentary photography is starting in ten days and this is an interview with mentors for multimedia Mike Lusmore and Rebecca Harley from UK.

PS: Few days ago I’ve forgot to embed a video podcast on Mladina’s special issue “Interviews 2011“. I’ve updated the post and if you didn’t saw it on Youtube or on Facebook, I recommend to check it out. LINK.

New set of portraits for Mladina’s summer issue “Interviews 2011”

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Mladina issued a special summer issue “Interviews 2011”. I’ve made these portraits. I hope you’ll like the portraits, the videolog and the reading. Don’t forget to rate & comment. THX, B5
Renata Salecl 8077_photo_borutpeterlinMirko Kovač 20110606_6328_photo_borutpeterlin.comLila Prap 20110516_0787Luciano Benetton 20110506_8418Franc Planinšek 20110505_7964goran bregović  photo_borutpeterlin.com20110422_6491

Creative portrait MC Mirko

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mirko vorkapić 20110621_0908

In today’s issue of Mladina my portrait of Mirko Vorkapić is published. He has a new CD out with his wicked rap rhymes. He is also Mauy Thai fighter and we did this portrait on the end of training. We train together in Scorpion Gym Novo mesto.

A video podcast an insight of my Tour de Dayton project

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A video podcast an insight of my Tour de Dayton work in progress project.

Fotopub 2011 / enroll now, learn for eternity

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Fotopub festival of documentary photography 2011 from Dušan Josip Smodej on Vimeo.

Fotopub Festival of documentary photography is starting soon! See you there!