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Small marketing steps in great recession

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This days my schedule got a bit loosen up, so I used the time for some marketing fine tunning. I needed new visit cards and first I wanted a visit card with a hole in the middle and an embossing, but that was just too much complicating and also quite expensive. Decided to simplify it. I wondered how much info can I strip out of visit card and on the end I decided for just a telephone number and a webaddress. My good friend Jure Kocuvan liked the idea and helped me out with typography.
borut_vizitka_prva stranvizitka_zadnjastranBPT_8463vizitka z luknjo This is the first – unrealized version.

Second small fine tunning I did with a help of Jure was a favicon icon on my site It’S really difficult to make an icon that makes sense and that the message comes across in the size of 16 x 16 pix. This is the first version, but the number 5 was blending too much with background so we did a surrounding white space in a shape of a shield. I love this small almost unnoticed fine tunning, although without a question I don’t devote enough attention to them, especially on this blog.
favicon prijefavicon poslije

Last but not least I have still few more new years gifts on my shelf and they are for sale @ recession prices 🙂 Small one 20 x 30 cm is for 50 EUR, panoramic picture 100 x 30 cm is for 90 EUR. Posting cost is not included, but it should not be more then 10 EUR. They are printed on archive inkjet print, plasticized and mounted on Dubond / alumount. The plastic wrapping is just for temporary protection. The plastification of the print is a standard archiving procedure, but that is not the wrapping that is seen on this pics. All inquiries on my email

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B5 fights plastic bags

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20080702_0061_borut peterlin

I love my job, because I can do the pictures as I want to, but on other hand I’m very demanding, when I work with me, myself and I. I got a brief to do the picture that illustrates pollution with handbags. In my house we keep shopping bags, with intention reuse them when we go next time shopping. Of course we don’t so we have hundreds of bags in a huge bag. I took all the bags to my favorite place by the Krka river, dive into and make this installation. I illuminated with my flashes, so it’s not obvious. Krka is really cold for this time of season.

20080702_0050_borut peterlin
20080702_0049_borut peterlin20080702_0068_borut peterlin