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Screening of documentary film Kino Sloga by Mojca Pungerčar in Samski dom

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Yesterday Mojca Pungerčar projected her documentary film Kino Sloga about migrant workers in Samski dom a home for migrant workers in Zalog. Workers really liked and on the end there was a speech by Irfan from Socialni center Rog and from Radio Študent about injustice that is going on toward this workers. For true injustice is going on and they got upset and after that I couldn’t ask them for another picture with Mojca.
Here are other screenings:
Torek, 7. 10. 2008 ob 20.00 h:
Delavsko naselje (dvorisce), Letaliska 2, Ljubljana – Moste
Sreda, 8. 10. 2008 ob 20.00 h (samo za stanovalce doma!)
Samski dom Cesta na Poljane 1, Ljubljana â?? Stegne
Cetrtek, 9. 10. 2008 ob 20.00 h:
Samski dom Snaga (dvorisce), Poljanska 66, Ljubljana â?? Poljane

Written by Borut Peterlin

7 October, 2008 at 13:08