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Theater performance of Siddharta & Anton Podbevšek Teater

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Last week an amazing theater performance happened. Theater group Anton Podbevšek Teater and Siddharta rock band made a theater performance ČlovekA z bombami / de-tonacija with author of the concept and director of the show Matjaž Berger. The theater act was devoted to two avantgarde artists from the beginning of 20th century Anton Podbevšek and Srečko Kosovel. Siddharta wrote new music for this occasion and it’s fantastic! I hope they will issue a CD with this material! The event happened as an introductory event to a Rock Otočec festival.
The performance was a blast and I hope my photographs do share some vibes with you. More info about the show you can find on Anton Podbevšek Teater site.

PS: For those who understand Slovenian, HERE is a fantastic post about the show.

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Anže Kopitar / LA Kings, back in Slovenia

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A bouquet of white roses with Anže Kopitar and fans. Ljubljana Airport, Slovenia.

To keep my promise to post pics more regulary, here is a picture that I’ve shot few hours ago. It’s taken when Anže Kopitar famous hockey player that won with LA Kings the Stanly Cup. Picture belongs to my Flower Power series, where I document flowers on news events in a way that I don’t celebrate politician or a famous person, but I focus on a flower and the famous person on the picture is degraded to a disturbing background. If you don’t see the concept in this picture, please take a look on my site where Flower power project contains flowers with Putin, Bush, DalaiLama, Mubarak, Merkel, Powel, Jnaša, Drnovšek, Turk,…

PS: Actually the picture above is straight from the camera. Here is a bit fine tuned version.

New pictures for my Family Album

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I haven’t been blogging much lately, since I am in a very productive period of my life. Unfortunately I can’t afford to be focused and I work on many, many different fields, mostly for commercial clients, but in this days I can’t complain about that, right. Also this blog gained quite some attention, although you don’t comment much 😦 so I think twice what am I publishing. But this formula just doesn’t work. Now this is my only second post this month and I decided to go back to my old habit to publish what I make during the day.

My niece Enja had a birthday party so I took few photographs on collodion and on film. I used my ShenHao 4×5″ camera with a fast lens Linhof 135mm f/3,5. How do you like it? Leave a comment, rate, like and Rock&Roll!

PS: More family portraits on my site



Cover page of Mladina weekly 22/2012

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Let me publish the new cover of Mladina weekly, just so you don’t get an impression I discard my digital equipment. Perhaps it’s not very obvious to a foreigner, but the shape of the orange is as the silhouette of Slovenia. The text of the cover goes that after 20 years of transition Slovenia is like a squeezed orange.

I was working on this on my own and I didn’t had a model, so I dyed my hand black and with the other I was triggering the camera with autofocus. Complicating I tell you. Because of this my wrist is not black, I couldn’t rib it with dye.
Photo: Borut Peterlin
Graphic design: Damjan Ilić
Creative director: Robert Botteri

Learn Wet Plate Collodion @ Fotopub festival

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Dear reader,
if you enjoy my work and you would like to learn and try out yourself Wet Plate Collodion photography, you can join us at Fotopub Festival from 25 to 28 of July 2012. If you sign in before 1.6.2012 you’ll get 20% discount! Marcus, Mike and others, don’t miss this discount! And the number of participants is limited, so don’t wait too long.

We will be making Wet Plate Collodion ambrotypes, tintypes and collodion glass negatives. On the second half of the workshop we will be making also salt print and cyanotype. On the end we’ll learn how to print a digital file on genuine salt print or cyanotype. You’ll get all the receipts for mixing collodion, developer, varnish,…

For participation to the workshop no previous knowledge is needed. Workshop will be conducted under mentorship of Miša Keskenović (RS), a true master in photography techniques of 19th Century and Borut Peterlin (SLO).

All info on

Dragi bralec,
če ti je všeč moje delo s tehniko mokri kolodij, te vabim na delavnico, da se poizkusiš v tej tehniki in se sam/a naučiš tega postopka. Pridruži se nam na delavnici Fotopub od od 25. do 28. julija 2012. Če se prijaviš pred 1.6. dobiš dodaten 20% popust! Vsi, ki ste me spraševali o tem, ne zamudite dodatnega popusta!

S postopkom mokri kolodij na steklu bomo delali ambrotipije, ferotipije in negativ na steklu. Drugi del delavnice bomo delali pozitiv fotografije po postopku slani print in pa cianotipijo. Dobili boste tudi vse recepture za mešanje kolodija, razvijalca, laka…

Delavnica bo potekala štiri dni, in sicer od 25. do 28. julija pod mentorstvom Miša Keskenovića (RS), pravega mojstra tehnik 19. stoletja in Borutom Peterlinom (SLO). To je tudi prva taka delavnica v Sloveniji.

Vse informacije na

Written by Borut Peterlin

30 May, 2012 at 11:32

The opening of the exhibition “Family Album” was fantastic :-)

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Yesterday I had an opening of my exhibition “Family Album” in Gallery Laterna in Črnomelj, Slovenia. It’s a small nice gallery with passionate public. The gallery was packed and at the opening not everybody could fit in. Even friends and colleagues from Novo mesto, Ljubljana and Zagreb came! On the end of the opening ceremonial I’ve made a demonstration of the Wet Plate Collodion and made a group portrait in front of the gallery. Unfortunately this was about half an hour after the opening, so not everybody are on the picture.

From the show I’m literally astonished what kind of quality does a small 9x12cm ambrotype contains! Bojan Radovič and Luminus made a print size 100x80cm and it’s perfect! I have some serious ideas with newly discovered potentials. What do I have in mind? Let me step back and describe a little the background inspiration for the show. About two years ago I saw an exhibition of Sally Mann in The Photographer’s Gallery in London. I immediately fall in love with Wet Plate Collodion process and this was also times when I had enough of my job as a photoeditor and news photography on general. I was looking for a person who would know something about it at the affordable price. Year later I’ve bought a kit from Bostick & Sullivan , but I had all the chemicals, plate and a camera, but still nobody to show me how to do it. In November 2011 I’ve finally met Miša Keskenović who taught me nearly everything that I know about this process. Since then I’m working almost every day with it and it’s Rock and Roll!

Motif-wise of course I was photographing mainly my family and finally I was indulging the need what Susan Sontag describes as a need of a parent to photograph child’s progress. The absence of photographs from your child’s childhood it gives us parents a feeling that you haven’t been a good parent. And I must admit I’ve took thousands of photographs of my children, but ony few of them are in our Family Album! Finally with Wet Plate Process I had a feeling I’m making pictures that are worth to keep for the future! With Wet Plate I was shooting also large format 4×5″ sheet film and I’ve totally fall in love with it!

When I got an invitation for the show, I was told that budget is no-budget, so if I had to finance the show from family’s budget, why not devote the exhibition to my family! This was the start, the inspiration. After working couple of months for the show, I discovered several potentials that will go beyond our family album pictures series. For instance. The photo of Lučka leaning on a tree is inspired by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson‘s (better known as Lewis Caroll) photograph of Alice Lidell (Alice in Wonderland) and when I developed the photo I said to my self this is sooo cool, I want to illustrate a whole book with this kind of images! I have many friends that are writing for children. If you have a tip for me, please contact me.

Anyhow, the exhibition will be open until 14th of June 2012, but before you visit, please call the keeper of the gallery Slavko on 040661802. He will be more then happy to open the space upon your visit.

Včeraj sem imel otvoritev razstave Družinski album v galeriji Laterna. To je majhna, čedna galerija v centru Črnomlja z zvesto, strastno publiko. Galerija je pokala po šivih in za časa otvoritvenega ceremoniala niti ni mogla sprejeti vseh obiskovalcev! Celo prijatelji in kolegi iz NM, Lj in celo iz Zagreba so prišli! Na koncu sem naredil skupinsko sliko in demonstriral tehniko mokri kolodij. Na žalost so nekateri že odšli, tako na fotki niso vsi obiskovalci, a se že tako vidi, da je bil žur!

Z razstave sem se mnogo naučil. Najbolj oprijemljivo je to, kakšno neverjetno tonaliteto, ostrino in nasploh kvaliteto vsebuje ena majhna ambrotipija velikosti 9x12cm! Bojan Radovič in Luminus je naredil inkjet povečavo velikosti 100x80cm in izgleda fenomenalno! Norišn’ca, vam prav’m!

Pa tudi sicer sem nenadejano naletel na potenciale, katere nisem vedel, da obstajajo. Naj malo pojasnim o čem govorim. Pred približno dvema letoma, sem si ogledal razstavo Sally Mann v The Photographer’s Gallery in se v trenutku zaljubil v proces mokri kolodij na steklu! Ta čas je sovpadal z mojim naraščajočim nezadovoljstvom poklica fotourednik in novičarske fotografije v obče. Iskal sem človeka, ki bi me lahko naučil o tem procesu, po sprejemljivi ceni. Leto kasneje sem kupil cel kit pri Bostick & Sullivan , a še vedno nisem vedel kako se s tem operira. Lani novembra sem spoznal Miša Keskenovića, ki me je naučil skoraj vse kar vem o mokrem kolodiju. Od takrt delam ali se učim o tem postopku vsak dan in je čisti Rock&Roll!

Jasno pri učenju postopka mokri kolodij, sem fotografiral predvsem svojo družino in končno sem potešil vzgib, ki ga Susan Sontag opisuje, kot potrebo starša, da dokumentira odraščanje svojega otroka. Pač v sodobni družbi se starša, ki ne fotografira svojega otroka smatra za malomarnega starša. Seveda to ne pomeni dejansko to, a v principu tako se počutimo starši. Sam sem posnel tisoče fotografij svojih otrok a le nekaj jih je dejansko v obliki fizične fotografij in v družinskem albumu.Končno s postopkom mokri kolodij delam fotografije imam občutek, da delam fotografije, ki so vredne hranjenja za prihodnost. Medtem, ko sem snemal na kolodijske plošče, sem tudi začel fotografirati na 4×5″ velikoformatni plan film in se čist zacopal v mehovke in fotografiranju na stojalu.

Ko sem dobil povabilo za razstavo mi je bilo povedano, da ni sredstev za produkcijo razstave, tako sem pomisli, če že moram razstavo financirati iz družinskega proračuna, zakaj jo ne bi posvetil svoji družini! To je bil prvi vzgib, inspiracija. Potem ko sem delal za to razstavo par mesecev, pa sem odkril kar nekaj potencialov, ki bodo daljnosežni! Na primer fotografija Lučke, ki se naslanja na drevo je bila inspirana s fotografijo Alice Lidell (Alica v čudežni deželi) fotografa Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, bolj znanega pod psevdonimom Lewis Caroll. Ko sem razvil to fotko sem bil tako navdušen, da sem takoj pomislil, da ilustriram kako knjigo za otroke po tem postopku. Poznam veliko pisateljic, ki pišejo za otroke, tako se bo že kaj našlo. Če imate nasvet me prosim kontaktirajte

Razstava bo odprta do 14.6.2012 in če boste šli pogledat, prosim pokličite prej skrbnika galerije slikarja Slavka na 040661802. Z veseljem vam odpre galerijo tudi zunaj urnika galerije.

Photo: Damir R.

Invitation to the exhibition of my Wet Plate Collodion photographs

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Dear reader, I invite you to the opening of my exhibition Family Album that will be in Galerija Laterna in Črnomelj, Slovenia on Friday 25.5.2012, at 19:00. I’ll exhibit a series of portraits of my family that I’ve made in last half a year. Some of it are made in Wet Plate Collodion technique, others are taken of sheet film format 4×5″. Large format rules! I’ll also make a live demonstration of Wet Plate Collodion portraiture. Fun it will be! Here are some previews from the show.
Dragi bralec, predraga bralka, vabim te na otvoritev razstave Družinski album, ki bo ta petek, ob 19. uri v Galeriji Laterna, v Črnomlju. Razstavil bom portrete svoje družine, ki sem jih naredil v zadnjem obdobju, v tehniki mokri kolodij na steklu in na velikoformatnem plan filmu. Na otvoritvi bom izvedel tudi demonstracijo tehnike mokri kolodij. Bo zabavno! Tu je nekaj predogledov z razstave.

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Workshop of Wet Plate Collodion process in Trieste

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Bottomline, a music group from Novo mesto, Slovenia. Photo: Borut Peterlin

Today I’ve done portraits of a music band Bottomline from Novo mesto, Slovenia. It was a first time after I don’t know how many years  that I went to take pictures without taking a digital camera with me. I took my 13x18cm Plaubel camera for Wet Plate Collodion and a 4×5″ camera on normal B/W film. If I’m honest I forgot a digital camera at home. Is this normal? Anyhow, here are results. Dušan Smodej was helping me a lot and he’s soon abandoning his digital camera and his Leica M3 and start real photography 🙂

I’m excited to announce that together with my mentor for Wet Plate Collodion photograhy, Miša Keskenović we have a workshop in Trieste. It’s starting this Sunday, 6.5.2012 at 9:30 and it’s going on whole day. We’ll go through all aspects of Wet plate Collodion process, from mixing chemicals, cleaning plates, exposing, developing and varnishing a plate. All the secrets revealed for only Price 150,00€ and that includes also working material. More info with Dr. Photo or at email . Workshop is limited to 12 people and it’s almost full, so hurry!

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New camera, new view, new work #largeformatphotography

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Linhof Kardan Color camera and ShenHao camera

So, this is a follow up post from my latest post, when I had to return borrowed Linhof Master Technika, but now I’ve bought two 4×5″ cameras. Jure Breceljnik, my friend and classmate from FAMU Academy sold me Linhof Kardan Color camera and her little sister ShenHao camera. Jure bought Linhof camera from our classmate Ivana Tomanović (ex. Brezovac), so the camera remains in FAMU class 1998. But the best part are lenses! First league all of them! Carl Zeiss Jena 90mm f/4,5, Schneider 135mm f/3,5 and Rodenstock 210mm f/5,6. In a huge case I got also trillion of accessories for those ladies. I’m so happy this digital revolution is raging (Digital Hysteria?), so I can run my own analog counter-revolution in photography.

I’m not sure if you know this term counter-revolutionary, but in former Yugoslavia under communism it was the nastiest allegation ever! A remark that you were a capitalist pig was a compliment comparing to a contra-revolutionist remark. Anyhow now we’re upgraded from revolutionaries to consumers and we all live under one bright capitalist sky and there is no such thing as revolution nor contra-revolution and a remark capitalist pig sounds more as an expression of envy then an insult word.

Bellow are few test images that I’ve shot few days ago. My wife Alenka Peterlin shot a great portrait of me! She is also a photographer and you can check her site. Currently I’m still testing the equipment doing a weekend art project. More to follow…

PS: Check a trailer of Jure Breceljnik’s movie Chalk & Chocolate!
Torej, kje sem oni dan ostal? Potem ko sem moral vrniti kamero Linhof Master Tehnika sem kupil dve 4×5″ kameri! Jure Breceljnik, moj prijatelj in sošolec s praške FAMU, mi je prodal Linhof Kardan Color in njeno malo sestro ShenHao kamero. Jure pa je kupil kamero od najine sošolke Ivane Tomanović (ex. Brezovac), tako vse ostane v FAMU familiji 🙂 Ampak najjači pa so objektivi: Carl Zeiss Jena 90mm f/4,5, Schneider 135mm f/3,5 and Rodenstock 210mm f/5,6! Poleg tega sem v ogromnem kufru dobil še en milijon dodatkov, za optimalno ježo teh zveri. Kako sem vesel, da vlada digitalna revolucija, ki meji že na histerijo, tako lahko v miru zganjam svojo osebno kontra-revolucijo. Kdo bi si mislil, da bom bil kdaj kontrarevolucionar! To je bila včasih v Jugoslaviji najbolj žaljiva opazka, poleg katere je kapitalistična svija zvenela kot kompliment. A sedaj vsi povišani iz revolucionarjev v potrošnike in živimo v svetlem kapitalizmu, revolucija in kotra-revolucija več ne obstajata in opazka kapitalistična svinja zveni bolj kot izraz zavidanja kot žaljenja.

Spodaj je nekaj posnetkov, ki sem jih naredil in portret mene, ki ga je posnela moja žena Alenka Peterlin. Tudi ona je odlična fotografinja, poglejte si njeno stran. Trenutno še vedno testiram in se privajam na novo opremo, tako delam en umetniški vikend projekt.

PS: Oglejte si film in pa trailer Juretovega filma Chalk & Chocolate!

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My finest interview portrait – Jože Mencinger

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I’m commissioned by Mladina weekly to do many portraits and that’s either creative far out portraits of artists or portraits that illustrate interviews. This Monday I’ve made a portrait of Jože Mencinger, a former Slovenian minister of economic development and acknowledged economist. I’ve made few portraits with digital camera and then one more with Linhof Technika, a large format camera. I asked him to make a portrait outside although it was rainy, in fact since it was discussion about recession I wanted to make a portrait of him with umbrella. It turned out to be one of my best interview portraits. Usually Mladina’s magazine layout demands a square format of a portraits for interviews, but in this case creative director Robert Botteri made a custom design so the image was not cropped and it shines in full specter. THX!!!

On Wednesday I’ve returned the Linhof camera to the owner and it felt like breaking with a girlfriend so now I’m compulsively buying another Linhof Master Tehnika. I’ve published my intention on FB and Twitter and two friends offered me their camera to buy / borrow, so on Monday I’m back on saddle again.


Za Mladino običajno delam portete bodisi umetnikov na kreativen način ali pa portrete, ki ilustrirajo intervjuje. Minuli ponedeljek sem portretiral Jožeta Mencingerja, znanega ekonomista in bivšega ministra za gospodarstvo. Sprva sem naredil par običajnih digitalnih portretov, potem pa sem ga prosil, da narediva portret še z analogno kamero Linhof Master Tehnika, formata 9x12cm. Prosil sem, da narediva portret zunaj, na dežju z dežnikom. Pač v intervjuju je govor o recesiji in vladnih ukrepih, tako je bilo kislo vreme kar ustrezna kulisa. Portret je izjemno dobro izpadel, še posebej, ker se je še posebej potrudil kreativni urednik Botteri in prikrojil grafični design fotografiji. Namreč običajno se od nas zahteva portret kvadratnega formata, a tako postavljena, neizrezana fotografija zares zasije v vsem svojem sijaju. THX!

V sredo sem moral vrniti Linhofco lastniku in počutil sem se kot srednješolec, ki ga je zapustilo dekle, zato trenutno kompulzivno kupujem drugo Linhofco. Objavil sem zapis na FB in Twitterju in dva prijatelja sta se ponudila, da mi posodita / prodata svojo, tako sem v ponedeljek spet v sedlu!