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Wet Plate Collodion + digital illustration = a creative portrait of Kaja Avberšek

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Kaja Avberšek, an illustrator

Kaja Avberšek, an illustrator

Month ago I’ve made this portrait, but haven’t published it on my blog. Kaja Avberšek is an illustrator, so I suggested her that I’ll make a wet plate and then she’ll draw on it. Unfortunately I was doing small 4×5″ plates, on the field, so she didn’t draw directly on the plate, but did it on her computer. This is the result. It was published in Mladina weekly and I love how it turned out. Sometimes the publication is an icing on a cake and many times it’s just the opposite, but this time it’s definitely presenting my picture in the best way. Is it a bird? Is it Superman? Or is it topshit?

OK, I’m introducing a new rubric on my blog. It’s a quizzzzzz!!! I’ll be publishing my mistakes I have done with a question what is the cause of the mistake and few days later I’ll publish the answer. Of course if you will not guess it first. Let’s start with an easy one. Here are two plates. Problematic plate has some lines in blacks and in the right bottom corner even collodion lifted off. The other plate has perfect blacks, no peeling problems. What was the cause of those lines on the crappy plate?

Kaja Avberšek ilustratorka

Silence (great band) – Wet Plate Collodion portrait

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20120810 scilence band by

In last issue of Mladina weekly it was published my portrait of Silence band. I had this idea for a while, but some people were not feeling comfortable with it, but on the contrary with the duo Silence we had a good laugh and the result overpassed my expectation. My collodion needed a two pops of 2250Ws to illuminate it correctly, that is why Primož on the right side is a bit blurred. Later I find out that it could be done in one pop if I would raise pH of AgNO3 from 2,2 to 4pH as I did later on and described in THIS post.

Techs: ShenHao 4×5″, lens Linhof 135mm f/3,5; Flashes of 2250Ws – two bursts, AgNO3 pH 2,2.

Behind the scene. Photo: Vanja Pirc

Wet Plate Collodion portraits

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Tilen by the pool.

This portrait I’ve done yesterday. I’m still not satisfied with the quality of ambrotypes I’m getting, but this one is quite good. Actually I cheated a little and I add some blacks and some contrast – digitally 😦 But I didn’t altered the image. It’s sort of “I smoked pot but I didn’t inhale” excuse, I know. Anyhow today I managed to gather my large format portraits and wet plate collodion portraits of my family, so if you’re interested please take a look on my site. LINK. This series A Family Album is a series about love. Towards photography and towards people. It doesn’t pretend it will change the world, although I wouldn’t be surprised if it will. Depends on a viewer. It’s exhibited in Frančiškanski samostan as a part of Fotopub festival. Fotopub starts this Monday, don’t miss lectures and exhibitions, if you’ll not participate at the workshop!

My 901st post on this blog + new work that I love

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Ha, I can’t believe it, but this is my 901st post on this blog! I started this blog in September 2006 and since then I received 472,899 visits with busiest day of 1,474 visits. I know in blogosphere this statistics are nothing special, in fact it’s bellow average, but I’m still proud on it. I improved my English language, although I know my English is still pure. Or is is it correctly spelled poor? Anyhow most importantly, this blog gave me a feeling of being in touch with contemporary photography, exposing my work to critical audience and to my cynical friend JC. Now this blog won quite a number of followers that subscribed to updates and that makes me think twice what do I want to publish. I’m thinking that this year when I’ll post 1000th post I must make some sort of gift for you. What do you suggest? A nice print gift? To whom? Not to JC! Although he is the most frequent commentator of my blog, he owes me a print.

Last month I wasn’t publishing much since I had a avalanche of commercial jobs, which was very much needed after a winter drought. Anyhow here is my latest work done with my beloved Linhof Technika camera, format 9x12cm (almost 4×5″). One film holder is leaking light, so that’s why I have this mysterious rays of light 🙂 I’ll publish here my work that was rejected, by editors, but I love it and I hope you’ll appreciate it too.

Brane Koncilja, a famous punker,  but now he's making a living as a lumberjack. He's still an anarchist, proud on his tractor IMT - Made in Yugoslavia

Brane Koncilja, a famous punker, but now he's making a living as a lumberjack. He's still an anarchist, proud on his tractor IMT - Made in Yugoslavia

Bojan Brecelj, a friend and a photographer

Stanka Hrastelj, a writer.

Stanka Hrastelj, a writer.

Stanka Hrastelj, a writer.

Stanka Hrastelj, a writer.

Splashing creative portrait of Multipraktik collective

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Multipraktik is a creative collective and this is how we shot their portrait. This portrait was actually produced by Multipraktik group. Usually I take care about everything for the shoot, but this time guys did a fantastic work, from an idea to taping a studio in protecting plastic sheets, not to mention the sacrifice 🙂 Luckily I have quite some experience with this kind of splashing shoots as you can see it HERE or HERE. Commissioned by Mladina weekly. LINK to a series of my creative portraits.

Meta Krese, a portrait of a journalist

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Mladina made a redesign and from now on I have a square format for my portraits. It’s a stable composition and I have a prejudice that is a dull format, but I’ll see what can I do. I’m delighted to present a portrait of Meta Krese. Meta Krese is an editor, journalist and a photographer. As a journalist she made a critical reportage on life of a Roma in Slovenia. It was published in National Geographic magazine, Slovenian edition and accompanied by photographs of Arne Hodalič. Meta won a very important european journalistic prize “Writing for CEE” from Unicredit Bank with this story. Actually we both visited a location together near Semič. HERE is my post about that visit and I’m publishing an image of them working and Meta’s image of me, teaching Roma how to take pictures.

I’ve made a portrait of Meta four years ago and you can see it HERE. With yesterday’s square portrait I’m quite satisfied. What do you think? Rate, Comment…

HERE is a link to a video from Vienna.
Here is a link to an article in Slovenian.
HERE is a link to Unicredit Bank announcement.

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“Punk’s not dead” banner at graveyard / creative portrait

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Today’s first of November, a holiday of All Saints or as we in Slovenia call it, a day for all deceased. Yes, you are right, the inspiration for a hard-core punker’s portrait is just to good. Štef Grmek is a driving force of Punk Kura association that is organizing alternative culture events. Recently I published a post about a concert in Kewdr underground club and in friday’s Mladina weekly issue this portrait will be published.

Portrait commisioned by Mladina weekly and you can see more of my creative portraits on my site.

New creative portrait Jožica Curk and Mateja Panter

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Striptiz, creative portrait

Jožica Curk and Mateja Panter, architects and industrial designers, authors of a project Hi Konjiček / Giddy-up Rocking Horse. The inspiration for their rocking horse is a retro design from year 1956 and the principle re:use, re:design, re:think. I hope their concept is noted also in my portrait. I’ve made a portrait at Trnovo riding club in Ljubljana and in post-process I used split toning, adding grain, vignetting, displacing, warping and last but not least I combined two images in photoshop to get this cracks on the picture. I used a texture of a cracked stone.

If you want a video podcast on this kind of postprocess, I can do it, no problem, just leave a comment. I know that JC hates this explanations and since he makes most of the comments…
But seriously I learned a lot from Lesa Snider @CreativeLive. I’ve started working with Photoshop 3.0 in year 1995 and I feel comfortable with it, but exactly that’s why I’m keep on buying courses and books because there is so much more to learn and it’s fun to have more ways to express yourself.

Check my site for more creative portraits & stuff Commissioned by Mladina weekly.

Three creative portraits in a day and 350km in between

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majda koren, a writer 20110801_7716

Črnfest - organizers 20110801_7688trnfest - organizers as a band 20110801_7768

After Fotopub festival I wanted to go on holiday, but before I went, I needed to submit three portraits for my Striptiz rubric in Mladina weekly. From editorial I got two assignments one in Črnomelj and second in Ljubljana. That’s south and central of Slovenia and if you calculate a route NM-Črnomelj-Ljubljana-NM, you’ll get something more then 300km. On a road is also Semič where Majda Koren (a writer) lives. I arranged all the appointments of the shoot for the next day and off I jumped. No parachute in a form of a concept how will I do this portraits.

When I got to Črnomelj, I noticed an official vehicle of Črnfest and it was clear this will be a motif I’ll build the picture on. I walked around downtown of Črnomelj and chose the location and then I arranged people individually to set a pose. (I’m awfully good at that, I enjoy group portraits, it’s fun).

On the way back I stopped in Semič at writer, Majda Koren. She showed me around and I loved her unfinished terrace. At this stage it was only a plateau on which she will build a fence, table, chairs,… But that was so much better. Just a plateau and a sky. I took a portrait and there was something missing. Not much, but just a figure standing wasn’t enough. You know, how does it taste a dish without a salt? Well, that’s exactly how it looked like. I needed another element, but a settle one. A trivial, but still lovely. I found an aluminum ladder in a next room and the rest is history. Or actually it’s more then that. I was influenced by a ladder that is standing in Fabrica, where I used to work and a film of JC that was about a man climbing up the ladder into the sun (It looks much better then it sounds, but that goes for all his projects).

In Ljubljana I needed to photograph another production team of Trnfest. I called Simon I might come a bit late and guy said hurry, at half past a concert starts. Uau, we had only 15 minutes scheduled, fun, fun, fun… I guess I’ll not be late, then 🙂 Meanwhile Franci Grajš, a friend from Muay Thai Scorpion gym asked me to do an official portrait of him before he’ll go to Enfusion a reality show of Muay Thai and Kick box fighters. Side info, Franci is doing great, he won his last fight with KO. That was a message from our sponsors and now back to our portraiture. On a road I was thinking where and how will I do the portrait and I come to a conclusion that I’ll photograph them as a band. Sounds practical isn’t. But it was not. Band that was about to make their performance, ban us to touch any instruments, so I thought for a moment and I set every person as they are playing air guitars. We all had a good laugh and on the end it took us exactly 15 min.

I know this aren’t my best portraits, but I’m really pleased with them, especially in the circumstances I’ve created them. When I get in this kind of unflattering conditions for my work, I imagine a challenge for myself and I know I’ll do it, it’s not the question if I will, I know I will, but then if I’ll do it, then I’ll try to do it the best I can. Then I’m becoming intrigued in the question how good will it be? Will it be just another average portrait for the newspaper, or do I have a rendezvous with a good portrait?!?

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PS: August 27th I have an opening of an exhibition at Kaunas Photo, Lithuania, so please drop by.

A creative portrait inspired by a dream – Blaž Porenta

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Blaž Porenta is an illustrator that has an exhibition in Grossmann festival of fantastic film and I was assigned to do his portrait for Mladina weekly. I’ve been doing this kind of wacky portraits for five years now, every week (at least) one and I’ve done dozen portraits of illustrators and frankly I didn’t had a concept how will I photograph him. I was hoping for cataclysmic clouds that actually happened during the weekend, but on this Friday it was sunny time. I was thinking whole Thursday, but no good concept came along.

Before I woke up on Friday I had a dream where I saw the image exactly how I’ve done it later the day. He is doing his illustrations with computer and I thought to use a mouse as a jail ball and make his face as a tattoo on his leg. I’ve done it just the same way as it’s described in this tutorial. Although I knew the technique, I love to check youtube to see how other people are doing it. I recommend this approach. You learn a lot.

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PS: Fotopub Festival of Documentary Photography is starting today and I’ll do some reports from there. See you!